A diamond ring is perfect for couples looking to pledge love or celebrate the years to its fulfilment. Rings act as a symbol of love that has endured through the centuries. Nevertheless, you should not just select any diamond. Rather, select the one that stands out as a gem of distinction among others. But, it might be tricky sometimes to select the appropriate ring, especially if you lack knowledge. For this reason, it is important you familiarize yourself with the 5 C’s of diamonds, which will take you a long way in guaranteeing that you choose the perfect diamond for your spouse.  

Are you looking for engagement rings? Continue scrolling to discover the 5 C’s of diamonds that will enable you to select the ideal diamond ring for your anniversary or engagement.


Primarily, the cut grade of a diamond depicts how well it is capable of using light. Usually, a nicely-cut round brilliant diamond ring will allow light into the stone’s top. Additionally, it will bounce the light around the diamond’s inside while sending the light back from the diamond in scintillation, fire and a bright form. The scintillation includes flashes of light, while the fire involves rainbow colours.

On the other hand, poorly cut diamonds allow light to leak out, thus not enabling the light to return to your eye. Therefore, the sparkle that we all expect from a diamond will not be present. Generally, the main factors determining a diamond’s cut grade include proportions of the stone’s flat surfaces or facets, symmetry and polish. While there are 57 facets on a round brilliant diamond, they must all be in a certain proportion and meet certain angles. This allows them to reflect the most light. Also, when these factors are done perfectly, they combine efforts, thus improving the stone’s overall beauty.


Typically, the carat weight of a diamond aids in deciphering the stone’s size. One carat diamond will mainly have 100 points. So, when considering pennies to dollars, 1 carat would be 1 dollar. Therefore, ½ carat will equal to 50-point diamond.


The colour rating in a diamond is an elevation of the diamond’s lack of colour. This means that the more a diamond is colourless, the higher its grade on a scale. The colour scale usually includes an alphabetical grading scale starting with the letter D and moving downwards. The letter D means colourless, while colour increases as the downward alphabetical order.


A diamond certificate includes a report from an independent diamond laboratory of certified gemologists. These individuals objectively evaluate the stone and have no personal stake in it. The certificate will include a list of diamond C’s and other characteristics like measurements and shape.


Clarity includes measuring how the diamond’s internal marking affects its overall appearance. While it is very rare to find diamond stones without internal inclusions or characteristics, they are still present but very expensive. Clarity grades will evaluate the diamond’s natural inclusions based on the location, colour and size of the inclusions within the stone. The scale starts with flawless and internal flawless and moves through various grades, slightly included to included.

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