Bridal jewelry is constantly evolving. However, in 2023, we’re witnessing exciting new styles while still honoring traditions. The jewelry business in the U.S. generates about $60 billion every year. So it’s clear these new trends really matter to brides. Let’s look at the most popular jewelry choices for brides next year.

Today, brides are placing a greater emphasis on ‘green’ and ethical jewelry.. The market for eco-friendly jewelry will grow a lot by 2028. This shows that more brides want ethical, green choices. Brands now use recycled metals, conflict-free diamonds, and responsible mining. Opting for ethical wedding jewelry allows brides to align with their values.

Embracing Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Today’s brides are increasingly concerned with sustainability and ethics. The Global Sustainable Jewelry market is projected to reach significant growth by 2028, indicating the rising popularity of eco-friendly and ethical jewelry options.

According to a survey, 52% of couples wanted sustainable rings in 2021. That’s way up from 31% in 2018. More people want recycled metals and lab-made diamonds.

Ethical also means responsible mining and supply chains. Brilliant Earth leads here. They share where all their gems and metals come from. They only work with suppliers who protect workers and help communities. Choosing ethical brands makes your purchase meaningful.

Beyond materials, sustainability also means supporting responsible mining and supply chain transparency. Brilliant Earth is a leader in the ethical jewelry space, providing detailed sourcing information on their gems and precious metals. They also partner with suppliers committed to safe labor practices and giving back to local communities. Bario Neal similarly focuses on sustainable artisanal mining and community development in their supply chain. Choosing jewelers who align with your values makes your bridal purchase meaningful.

Key Trends in 2023 Bridal Jewelry

Modern brides desire personalized jewelry. The demand for custom bridal jewelry increased by 38% from 2019 to 2020. Here are top trends:

Mixed metals – Combining rose, yellow and white gold. This lets brides blend sleek white, vintage yellow, and romantic rose gold.

Custom pieces – Adding birthstones, initials, engraved dates. This adds sentimental meaning. 34% of couples in 2021 customized their bands.

Bold gems – Sapphires, rubies, emeralds. These colorful stones pop against white gowns. They’re also cheaper than diamonds.

Vintage looks, inspired by Art Deco and Edwardian styles. Vintage style has delicate details and glam shapes. Many vintage looks are eco-friendly too.

Stacking involves layering rings, necklaces, and bracelets. This creates a lush, opulent effect. Stacked bands surged 65% in 2021.

Minimalist – Simple, elegant solitaires or pearls. These are refined and work with minimalist gowns. Solitaires were the top ring style in 2021.

Bridal jewelry will keep growing. The global market may reach $308 billion by 2030. Top bridal pieces for 2023 include:

Alternative engagement rings – Unique shapes like square or pear diamonds. These shapes got way more popular in 2021.

Flower designs – Whimsical, floral earrings and necklaces. Perfect for garden weddings.

Dainty diamonds – Subtle sparkle. Great for minimalist looks and daily wear.

Timeless pearls – Classic earrings or strands. Pearls have been popular for decades.

Statement pieces – Bold cuffs, dramatic earrings, chokers. Make your accessories stand out.

Refined drops – Elongated diamond, gem, or crystal earrings. These flatter and add glam.

Versatile studs – Diamond or gemstone studs. Enjoy these even after your wedding.

Unique bands – Curved, twisted, or stacked with engagement ring. Make the rings a focal point.

Engraved heirlooms – Personalized messages or dates. Adds sentimental memories.

Heart jewelry – Interlocking hearts, heart accents. Symbolic of love and commitment.

When picking jewelry, choose pieces you love for your special day. Follow trends you like, but keep your style. Find inspiration from your venue, dress, flowers.

For a beach wedding, wear simple studs and a dainty necklace. For a ballroom, go dramatic with chandelier earrings, a bracelet, and a bold ring. Make sure your pieces work together. Balance bold earrings with simple pearls and petite jewelry. Incorporate meaningful family heirlooms to honor your heritage.

If you’re looking for a truly one-of-a-kind ring, check out sites like Krikawa that offer beautiful and completely custom unique engagement rings. Their service allows you to design your dream ring from scratch, choosing everything from the setting to the center stone. For brides seeking something unconventional and personal, this can be the perfect way to get a ring as unique as your love.

Most importantly, pick jewelry expressing your commitment in your own way. Choose stones or designs special to you. Engrave your spouse’s name or birthstone. Your jewelry marks the start of your new life together.

A romantic look could have delicate flowers, pearls, rose gold. An edgy style might mean chunky chokers, colorful gems, modern metals. Classic and formal could be pearls and diamond tennis bracelets. Eclectic and heirloom could be stacked vintage pieces. With so many choices, you can find jewelry to treasure forever!

Popular Bridal Jewelry for 2023

With the global jewelry market projected to reach $308.36 billion by 2030, bridal trends are driving much of this growth. Some top bridal jewelry pieces for 2023 include:

  • Alternative Engagement Rings: Unique square or pear-shaped diamonds. Oval and pear-shaped diamonds rose significantly in popularity in 2021, up 29% and 27% respectively according to Brilliant Earth’s survey.
  • Floral Designs: Whimsical flower-inspired earrings and necklaces. Delicate floral motifs work beautifully for garden or boho-inspired weddings.
  • Dainty Diamonds: Subtle solitaires and micro-pave bands. Understated sparkle pairs perfectly with minimalist gowns and everyday wear.
  • Timeless Pearls: Classic pearl drop earrings or strands. The iconic bridal jewelry choice for decades, pearls add effortless elegance.
  • Statement Pieces: Bold cuffs, chandelier earrings, or chokers. Make a dramatic accessories statement on your wedding day. Chokers and shoulder dusters surged in popularity in 2021.
  • Refined Drop Earrings: Diamonds, gemstones, or crystal. Elongated earrings flatter the neckline and bring eye-catching gleam.
  • Versatile Studs: Diamonds or gemstone pairs suitable for daily wear. Stylish studs you can enjoy well after your wedding.
  • Distinctive Wedding Bands: Curved, twisted, or stacked with the engagement ring. Unique band silhouettes and bold textures make the rings a focal point.
  • Engraved Heirlooms: Pieces with personalized messages or dates. Engraving adds sentimental meaning and memories.
  • Heart Jewelry: Symbolic of love like interlocking heart rings. Sweet heart-shaped accents in rings or necklaces speak to commitment.

Finding Your Unique Bridal Style

When selecting your special day jewelry, choose pieces that align with your individual taste and wedding vision. While embracing on-trend mixed metals and customizable elements, maintain a cohesive style that reflects your personality. Find inspiration from your venue, dress details, and wedding flowers and colors to guide your bridal jewelry selections.

For a beachfront wedding, opt for understated jewelry that complements an airy chiffon dress, like dainty stud earrings and a simple necklace. But for a formal ballroom reception, dazzle in dramatic chandelier earrings, a tennis bracelet, and bold cocktail ring stacked with your wedding band.

Jewelry pieces should harmonize together. Balance trend-forward bold statement earrings with timelessly elegant pearl strands and dainty jewelry for a layered, dimensional look. If cultural traditions are important, incorporate meaningful heirloom jewels passed down that honor your heritage.

Most importantly, let your jewelry convey the significance of your commitment while still feeling uniquely you. Embrace colors, stones, or motifs that hold personal symbolism. Custom design a ring with your birthstone or get your spouse’s name engraved in your band. Your wedding jewelry commemorates the start of your lives together.

For a romantic look, opt for delicate floral designs, pearls, and rose gold. Or go for an edgy style with chunky chokers, colorful gemstones, and modern metals. If your wedding leans classic and formal, pearl drop earrings and diamond tennis bracelets add refined elegance. Or take an eclectic approach by stacking varied vintage pieces together for an heirloom aesthetic. With so many gorgeous options, you can dazzle on your big day while wearing pieces that hold meaningful memories for a lifetime.


1. How do I pick bridal jewelry to complement my dress?

Consider your dress’s silhouette and neckline when selecting wedding jewelry. Longer drop earrings and layered necklaces complement higher necklines, while statement cuffs and chokers pair well with strapless or sweetheart gowns. For intricate, embellished gowns, opt for simple jewelry so the details stand out. Match metals in your jewelry to hardware details on your dress like buttons or beading.

2. Can I mix metal types in my wedding jewelry?

Yes, mixing metals adds visual depth and interest. Stick to the same two or three complementary metals like white and yellow gold, or platinum and silver. Add contrast by varying metal finishes – combine polished white gold with brushed rose gold for texture. Just maintain cohesion in your overall bridal look.

3. What are the pros and cons of platinum versus gold for wedding bands?

Platinum is ultra-durable – it doesn’t chip, fade or tarnish over time. However, platinum costs almost twice as much as gold. Gold is softer and scratches more easily, but is more affordable and available in white, yellow and rose colors. Ultimately, choose the metal that aligns best with your budget and style.

Elegant bridal jewelry in 2023 is diverse, ethical, and meaningful. Embrace trends with a personalized flair to fully express your style on your wedding day. With so many exquisite and sustainable choices, you’re sure to find pieces to treasure forever.


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