We all know it, earrings have the power to instantly transform any look. From bright and colorful birthstone earrings and statement hoops to chic and minimalist studs, there are plenty of designs on the market. Whatever your style may be, timelessly chic or modern and edgy, there is a pair out there for you. Check out our favorite 5 earring types worth investing in.

  1. Birthstone Earrings
Birthstone Earrings
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A birthstone is a gemstone associated with the month of birth, and there is one for each month of the calendar. Each of these beautiful gems comes with their own set of unique characteristics, charm, and legendary healing properties. From earrings featuring the rich and deep September gem to the delicate June birthstone earrings, birthstone jewelry designs are great investment pieces as they are both beautiful and symbolic. Moreover, a pair of birthstone earrings would make a great gift option, as they can hold personal meaning for the wearer.

  1. Hoops
Earring Types Worth Investing In: Hoops
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A circular type of earrings, the hoops come in many different styles and sizes, from dainty gold ones to thick and oversized.  These types of earrings are usually made from metals, but can sometimes come in plastic or other materials. They can be simple gold or silver or adorned with shiny stones and colorful gems. Depending on the style you choose, hoop earrings can be worn with many different looks, from your work attire to evening outfits and special occasions. The classic round hoop is the most popular design, but you can find these earrings in oval or even square shapes.

  1. Statement Earrings
Statement Earrings
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Statement earrings are big and bold pieces, designed to grab everyone’s attention and make a statement. These types of earrings are not defined by a particular shape or design. You can find them in almost any form, the only rule being that they are loud and full of personality. A pair of very oversized hoops or an extra-long sculptural pair of dangles would qualify as statement earrings. These types of artistic earrings are a great investment piece as they can transform any monotone outfit into a stylish look full of personality.

  1. Dangle Earrings
Dangle Earrings
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Dangles are a more complex version of drop earrings. While drop earrings hang below the earlobe and are stationary, dangle earrings are continuously moving and swinging when you walk or move your head. These types of earrings are long and vertical and come in a variety of different designs – from simple gold ones to the more elaborate earrings, adorned with sparkly gems.

  1. Studs
studs earrings
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The most popular type of earrings, studs are versatile and can be easily worn with a variety of different looks. From casual outfits or work attire to evening wear or even bridal looks, studs can take on many different faces.

Due to their minimalist construction and timeless appeal, studs are the perfect jewelry piece to invest in if you are looking for something that can stand the test of time. The most popular type of stud earring is the simple round one – elegant and discreet, this type of stud usually features a single stone like a pearl, a diamond, or other gems.

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