Does Your Jewelry Depreciate Value when Repaired?

Does your jewelry require repair? Nowadays, professional jewelers employ special techniques and tools to restore the value of these personal items.

Jewelry pieces get damaged when exposed to water, the sun, heat, chemicals, cosmetic products, etc. Unless you take special care of your items, they will unquestionably deteriorate over time.

Nevertheless, jewelers are skilled and experienced in repairing prong damage, securing loose gemstones, replacing chains and clasps, as well as replacing stones. These professionals ensure the value of the pieces remains the same as beforehand.

The information below will introduce you to jewelry damage, repair, and value.

Why jewelry gets damaged?

Jewelry is susceptible to damage unless cared for properly. There are various causes of damage that occur due to the negligence of the individuals wearing the pieces, such as when getting in touch with water, the sun, and heat, chemicals, beauty products, etc. Jewelry materials like silver, gold, and gemstones cannot withstand exposure to moisture and water, which results in discoloration and rusting.

Moreover, saltwater is also capable of causing discoloration. Therefore, people are advised to protect their pieces by removing them when going for a swim. Additionally, the items should be stored in an airtight box or a bag to prevent damage done by moisture. Find out how to keep silver jewelry safe from tarnishing.

In addition, exposure of jewelry pieces to direct sunlight is likely to result in dullness and discoloration. Heat has the power to cause structural problems with these items, which results in quick deterioration. The color of gemstones can be distorted by heat as well. Consequently, individuals should pick a cool place to store their pieces.

Chemical damage is extremely common, as jewelry materials experience a reaction when exposed to different types of chemicals and bleaches, such as chlorine and those present in cleaning agents. Therefore, make sure to remove your pieces when having a swim, doing laundry, or cleaning the house.

Why jewelry gets damaged

Beauty products are also capable of doing damage to jewelry by dulling its appearance. Lotions, perfumes, and hairspray are likely to change its appearance and lead to deterioration over time. Make sure not to wear any of your pieces before applying beauty products.

Physical damage in the form of dents and scratches is common in everyday jewelry pieces. They can easily get damaged when doing outdoor activities or working. Fortunately, there are numerous Orange County jewelry repair stores, maintaining and restoring treasured items. Aging is also likely to deteriorate such precious items, as they lose their natural allure. Unless you take your pieces for regular cleaning, age will play its part in their deterioration.

Jewelry damage might occur because of poor DIY cleaning techniques, which individuals practice when caring for their items. Most people often end up using the wrong types of liquids and materials for this purpose, thus causing more damage than good.

Common repairs

Many people are in a panic when their jewelry pieces get damaged, as they are attached to a particular person or memory, which is dear to them. Fortunately, professionals can repair or restore the charm of rings, necklaces, earrings, and other pieces. For example, re-tipping or replacement of ring prongs is a common type of repair required when prongs wear down or break off completely.

Prongs have a habit of snagging on blankets, sweaters, and other types of clothing. When prongs break off, the stone is likely to fall out when a person isn’t looking. The more you snag a prong to your sweaters, the sooner you are supposed to see a jeweler. After inspecting the damage, the jeweler will either retip, replace, or bend the prong back to its original place.

Furthermore, in case all prongs are damaged beyond repair, ring head or setting replacement is necessary to minimize the damage. Jewelers are experts in repairing the entire ring head and securing the stone in place, thus keeping it safer.

As far as necklaces are concerned, chain or clasp repair is the most common type or required service. Necklaces worn every day are more prone to getting their links and clasps damaged or loosened. Professional jewelers are proficient in replacing broken clasps and chains, hence making necklaces look as nice as they looked when first purchased. Visit this site,, to learn how to choose the best jewelry clasp.

Moreover, stone replacement is required when individuals have their ring stones damaged. During regular jeweler inspections, chipped and loose stones are identified easily, meaning they can get repaired on time. Some individuals request stone replacement not because they lost their stone but because of wishing to reward themselves with an upgrade.

Loose gemstones are a common problem for ring wearers. They start spinning and usually become loose after hitting the ring against something hard. The most frequent solution is having the prongs tightened or re-tipped.

Does jewelry depreciate value when repaired?

If trusted in the right hands, jewelry won’t depreciate value once repaired. Professional jewelers are experts in maintaining such pieces to ensure they stay shiny. They use special magnifying equipment to see every single setting and prong, checking whether the gemstone is kept in place. Upon discovering bent or damaged prongs, jewelers restore them to their original condition.

In addition, skilled jewelers have experience in restoring treasured items, such as antique rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. These pieces show obvious signs of aging, which affect their appearance. Nevertheless, jewelers are capable of revitalizing such pieces and helping you wear them again instead of keeping them in a drawer.

Jewelers can even transform a ring into a pendant by using the same gem. After restoring your piece to a wearable state, you can continue to wear it, pass it on to someone, or even sell it. You won’t have to worry about having its value depreciated. It will be as valuable as before.

Final word

The moment you notice even a small dent on your ring or a loose clasp on your necklace, visit a jeweler to have it repaired!

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