Pearls are typically thought of as being iridescent white. Yet pearls are available in a variety of vibrant, exotic colors! So what makes pearls different colors? The pearl color meaning can provide insight into the significance of different pearl hues. Are pearls different colors? Yes, they come in many dazzling tones. So why not choose the color that most accurately reflects your personality? Also, keep in mind that pearls can display multiple colors because the layers of iridescent nacre refract light and absorb the colors of the objects it touches.

An Introduction to Pearl Colour

White, cream, and grey are perhaps the most popular naturally occurring pearl colors, and Tahitian black pearls are also easily available. Pink, gold, green, lavender, and blue pearls are other naturally occurring different pearl colors. However, they are far more uncommon.

The color of a pearl is decided by the colored lip of the mollusk where it was created. What makes pearls different colors has to do with the particular mollusk species and its pigmentation. Are pearls different colors based on these factors? Yes, the type of mollusk determines the different pearl colors possible. A pearl’s overall shade is composed of its body color and an overtone that may be warm or cool (for example, a luscious black pearl with a green overtone), which is why some pearls are multi-tonal under light conditions.

Here is the pearl color meaning behind some of the most common colored pearls:

Black Pearls

Black Pearl Buying Guide

Of all the colors of pearls, black pearls have one of the most enigmatic looks. Black pearls symbolize secrecy, sovereignty, power, and wealth. These pearls are awesome for women with a little edge to their outfits.

Black pearls are among the most mysterious-looking of all colored pearls. Black pearls stand for obscurity, independence, power, and wealth. These pearls are ideal for those who like to dress with a little bit of edge. Tahitian pearls are the only naturally occurring black pearls.

Pink Pearls

What does a pink pearl symbolize?

Pink pearls symbolize vitality, ambition, recognition, love, and riches. These colors are delicate and affectionate. Pink pearls make excellent graduation gifts due to their pledge for the coming years!

Here is the pink pearl meaning: Pink pearls symbolize love, romance, femininity, and happiness. Their rosy hue makes them perfect for celebrating marriages or anniversaries.

White Pearls

Pearl color meaning: What do white pearls symbolize?

White pearls represent purity, elegance, truth, and fresh beginnings. This is what distinguishes the white pearl as a real bridal jewelry masterpiece.

Purple Pearl

What is the rarest color of pearl?

Purple pearls stand for creativity, intellect, delicacy, grandeur, and emotion. Purple pearls are excellent choices for people in teaching and academic careers with a lot of emphasis on education.

Blue Pearls

Pearl color meaning: What does the blue pearl symbolize?

Blue pearls symbolize truth, calmness, confidence, and valor. Gift a blue pearl to someone who wants courage or values quiet and peaceful moments.

Green Pearls

Green Freshwater Pearls

Green pearls are truly exquisite and distinctive in color. Green pearls symbolize equilibrium, optimism, prosperity, and rebirth. They are excellent for those who are prepared for a new phase in their life or eager to pursue personal development.

Here is the green pearl meaning: Green pearls symbolize harmony, growth, prosperity, and renewal. They make excellent gifts for those starting a new phase of life.

Yellow Pearls

What does yellow pearl mean?

Yellow pearls symbolize ingenuity, confidence, simplicity, and joy. Their cheery color is ideal for anyone who wishes to live their life and have fun!

Gold Pearls

Gold Colored pearls

Much like most gold items in our world, gold pearls symbolize riches and good fortune. These pearls are widely coveted, just like all gold items, and would appeal to people who like the finer things in life and those with a modern and classy taste in jewelry.

Chocolate Pearls

Chocolate colored pearls

Chocolate pearls are elegant and glamorous. Chocolate pearl jewelry symbolizes peace, steadfastness, healing, compassion, and protection. These make wonderful presents for the one who has always been there to help you get through life.

Pearl Colours and What They Mean

Pearls come in a wide range of colors, each with a unique meaning for the person wearing them. The significance of the color of pearls can provide an added special flavor to your gift if you’re seeking a special present that complements your loved one’s style, whether contemporary, traditional, passionate, or powerful.

The grey pearl meaning represents wisdom, dignity, calmness, and modesty. Grey pearls are perfect for those who value tranquility.

What color of Pearls should I choose?

Ultimately, the most significant factor to consider when choosing the pearl color for your next jewelry piece is how it resonates with you.

Is it a color that appeals to you and reflects who you are? Does wearing it provide you with an aura of confidence? Does it complement your personal style? If so, you’ve finally discovered your perfect pearl color.

“If you’re still unsure which is the best choice, you can build your pearl color on this page. It will help you embrace your inner designer and create something that suits your taste.”

However, book a personal consultation if you prefer something customized just for you. Our specialists can match a gorgeous pearl color with your skin tone to provide a radiant natural glow that will enliven any space.

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