Introduction To The Creation Of Lab Grown Diamonds

Step into the future of ethical and sustainable diamonds by saying goodbye to environmentally harmful and costly traditional options. Natural diamonds take millions of years to form and are linked with environmental destruction and high prices. In contrast, lab grown diamonds are created in just a matter of weeks without any negative impact on the environment or human rights. Our ultimate guide delves into the benefits and potential of this modern alternative, shedding light on why they are the future of the diamond industry.

Lab Grown Diamonds – What Are They?

Lab grown diamonds, as the name suggests, are formed in a laboratory using advanced technology, replicating the same formation process found in natural diamonds. This innovative approach to diamond production is rapidly gaining popularity and is transforming the traditional diamond industry. Technological advancement has made it challenging to distinguish lab created and mined diamonds virtually. It’s expected that the demand for diamonds grown in labs will rise. As consumers become increasingly aware of the environmental & ethical implications of traditional diamond mining.

Using these gems, you can enjoy the same stunning beauty as the original diamonds without feeling guilty & harming the environment. Despite their limited supply, they are considered the world’s most precious gemstones due to their luxurious beauty and durability.

Lab Created Diamonds- How Are They Made?

The emergence of diamonds created in labs has disrupted the diamond industry, which has undergone significant changes over the years. Lab grown diamonds are made using two distinct methods – chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) – each has a unique chemical composition. These methods offer a revolutionary alternative to traditional diamond mining, producing stunning gems with minimal environmental impact. By using these methods, diamonds can be made in weeks instead of the billions of years it takes to form natural diamonds.

Let’s explore each method, in brief, to understand how these diamonds are created:

CVD- Innovative method of creating diamonds

The process of creating diamonds using CVD, which stands for (chemical vapor deposition), involves a series of steps.

  • Firstly, seed crystals are placed in a chamber.
  • After placing the seed, the chamber is filled with the carbon-rich gas with the temperature raised to 900-1200°C.
  • As a result of a microwave beam, carbon forms & deposits onto the seed crystal, resulting in CVD Diamonds.
  • The diamonds are then removed periodically and polished to remove any non-diamond carbon.
  • The entire growth process can take up to four weeks.
  • Finally, the lab grown diamonds are cut and polished into beautiful, high-quality gems.

This cutting-edge method of creating diamonds offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional mining without sacrificing quality or beauty.

HPHT- Innovative method of creating diamonds

Learn about the fascinating process of creating diamonds using the HPHT (high-pressure high temperature) method, which involves smaller machines and less pressure than traditional methods.

  • It begins with a diamond seed placed in a specialized press.
  • Following, the press is then heated to 1300 to 1600°C with extreme pressure above 870,000 pounds per square inch in the growth chamber.
  • The high-purity carbon source is then melted and dissolves, allowing carbon atoms to precipitate onto the small diamond seed crystal, initiating growth.
  • Finally, the synthetic crystal is expertly cut and polished by a diamond cutter to bring out its natural brilliance and beauty.

Do Diamonds Produced In Laboratories Last?

A diamond’s beauty, rarity, & enduring value have long made them a beloved gem. Many people consider them a symbol of love, commitment, & celebration. As Lab Created Diamonds gain popularity, more and more people are questioning whether these man-made gems can match the longevity and value of their natural counterparts. Are they truly indestructible, or do they wear down over time?

Understanding the durability of a diamond is crucial when investing in one for an engagement or any special occasion. It can provide valuable insights into the diamond’s beauty and value. The great news is that diamonds created in labs are as magnificent & long-lasting as their mined counterparts. With the same chemical, physical & optical properties, these diamonds are built to withstand the test of time. So, embrace the allure & experience the luxury of a gemstone that is both sustainable & spectacular.


Hence, investing in lab grown diamonds is a smart move for those looking to add a beautiful, sustainable, and affordable diamond to their investment portfolio. With a growing demand for ethical and sustainable diamonds, investing in Lab created diamonds is a lucrative long-term investment. Looking for Lab made diamonds that are crafted with precision and care? Look no further than Bhanderi’s Diamonds- a trusted & reliable Lab Grown Diamond Manufacturer that ensures excellence every time.

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