Lab Made Diamonds

Lab-made Diamonds are known as lab-grown diamonds, man-made diamonds, and cultured diamonds. The beautiful range of diamond jewelry includes the most magnificent and beautiful diamond jewelry including lab made diamond pendants, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. According to today’s technological lad made diamonds are Guaranteed Conflict-Free.

Lab-grown diamonds are becoming so popular. They are growing in popularity and creating a well-known diamond industry.

If you are searching for a piece of new jewelry or looking for diamond pendants, rings, and bracelets, it is important to reach out to experts like The Diamond Box to know which stone best fits your regime. However, lab-made natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are among the most popular precious stones.

Here are some interesting facts about lab-made diamonds that will mesmerize you:

7 Facts About Lab Made Diamonds:

Facts About Lab Made Diamonds

1. Lab-made diamonds are not synthetic:

Synthetic is defined as an unreal material that is created to duplicate a natural product. Synthetic diamonds are the products used to duplicate the beauty of diamonds. They have no carbon properties. Lab-made diamonds are real diamonds, they are not synthetic.

2. Eco-Friendly Product:

Lab-made diamonds are the eco-friendly product. They are less costly. We must choose a lab-made diamond versus an earth-mined diamond hence it will reduce the harmful impact on the environment and communities.

3. No difference between lab-made and earth-mined diamonds:

Lab-made diamonds are ordered at the same labs where earth-mined diamonds are specialized. There is no difference between lab-made diamonds and earth mined diamonds. Both are ordered and ranked in the same labs.

4. Lab-made diamond production:

Lab-made diamond is a vast production that has reached millions of carats. The lab-made diamond production has reached close to 2 million carats, and it is expected to cross 20 million carats in 2026.

5. Formation for real diamonds:

Maintaining the process of formation for real diamonds, lab-made diamonds are created under Chemical Vapor Deposition and High-Pressure Torsion procedures. Using advanced technology, it starts doing the same environmental conditions that an earth diamond experiences.

6. Environmental Advantages:

Lab-made diamonds have substantial environmental advantages over earth-mined diamonds. Pollution can be eliminated by using laboratory procedures. Such as deforestation, and the permanent damage of mining are all eliminated by using laboratory procedures.

7. Conflict-free Diamond:

Purchasing a conflict-free diamond is a lab-made diamond. Lab-made diamond is guaranteed conflict-free. There are no workers who are being demoralized and are the victim of dangerous situations. There are large number of diamonds that are polluted by human rights abuses, poverty, and violence. Diamonds are also polluted by other major issues hence we offer diamonds that are very carefully selected for the responsible origins. Therefore, it has no impurities and will not be polluted and in good condition. We know that Mined diamonds are not offered Guaranteed Conflict-Free. Whereas, grown diamonds offered Guaranteed Conflict-Free.

Jewelers that offer conflict-free diamonds are limiting themselves to the process which hardly defines conflict diamonds.

Essential Factors of Lab Made Diamonds:

It is acknowledged that all diamond rankings are not equally created. Each lab in the industry contrasts the stability and market value.


There are two types of inscription:

  • Plotting was the most common way to scratch a diamond’s value however, this affects the clarity of the diamond stone.
  • Laser inscriptions become the new standard as they have no opposing effect on the diamond stone. Therefore, jewelers are requesting for laser inscriptions.

Diamond’s cut grade:

A diamond’s cut grade is not included in diamond reports and is overlooked by the jewelers. Diamond cut grades are excellent in cuts.

 Polish and symmetry are the two factors.

  • Polish states to the quality of the surface.
  • Symmetry considers the arrangement of the surfaces and states the exactness of the diamond’s shape.

High and Low Fluorescence:

Fluorescence causes a glowing effect. They are not universal and can change the real color depending on their strength and ability. The most common color of fluorescence is blue. Diamond in High fluorescence decreases the price while Diamond in low fluorescence can increase the price. Lab-made diamonds offered Guaranteed Conflict-Free.

Perfect diamonds exist:

Benefits of Lab Made Diamonds

Diamonds uncommonness makes them highly valued. There are a lot of consumers with different tastes, but it is a fact that some shapes of the diamond are more popular. For example, a diamond with a round brilliant cut is so popular for some time.

Benefits of Lab Made Diamonds:


Lab-made diamond is available with clarity, D in color, best in cut and large carat size. Diamond has a variety of shapes, for example, heart, rose, cushion, and emerald. Diamond beauty is incomparable. Diamond colors include white, yellow, blue, pink, and green.


Every individual has different choices based on their taste and style. Therefore, they are used to grade earth-mined diamonds that are ordered by the same prominent labs. Lab-made Diamond has an unchallenged quality of beauty.


Lab-made diamond cost less than 40 percent. Unlike the earth mined diamonds the lab diamonds are created without the negative society.

Differences between the mined and the grown diamonds:

mined and grown diamonds
  • Mined diamonds are not offered Guaranteed Conflict-Free. Whereas, grown diamonds offered Guaranteed Conflict-Free.
  • Both diamonds are 100 percent SP3 Carbon Diamond Bonds.
  • Mined diamonds have various grade colors. Whereas, grown diamonds colors are from K to D grades.
  • Mined diamonds cut are poor to ideal and grown diamond cut are very good to ideal.
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