The Best Place to Purchase Larimar Gemstone Jewelry on The Web

Buying jewelry online is one of the most essential benefits that technology has given to us. You get a variety of options from various sources, which can be compared and then bought. Moreover, the order reaches your doorsteps as soon as possible without much effort. Although, it is crucial to purchase from an authentic and reliable source as there are many hackers and many sellers selling imitation items in the name of natural gemstones.

So, In this regard, I recommend you to visit Rananjay Exports, the most trusted and reliable source. They have a variety of gemstones with exclusive designs embedded into sterling silver, rose gold, and yellow gold. You can easily order your wholesale collection from them. Now coming on, which gemstone needs to be bought? So, they have hundreds of options available, but choosing the Larimar jewelry is one of the most acceptable options.

Let us learn more about this gemstone in detail.

What is Larimar, and how does it Appears?

Larimar is a blue-color stone, which has come from the Caribbean sea in the Dominican Republic. It is the result of the volcanic activity that happened many years ago, so larimar is the volcanic stone. These crystals were tumbled down into the river, so you can even call them as water stones. Isn’t it wonderful that one crystal has the power of fire and water together in it?

The Larimar meaning refers to the blue color stone as it has the energy of the blue sky and ocean. It is a form of pectolite mineral, and no two pieces of Larimar gemstone can be similar to each other. The white inclusion on the surface makes the gemstone unique and adorable. Furthermore, they are available in shades of whitish-blue, light-blue, green-blue, deep-blue, to dark-blue. The traces of copper is the reason behind the blue color of the Larimar stone.

The Story Behind its Name

The word larimar originated from the name of the girl Larissa which was combined with the phrase mar, which means ‘water’ in Spanish. Now you would be thinking who Larissa is and why her name was used. Larissa was the name of the daughter of the priest who found these crystals near the seashore of the Caribbean Island in the year 1974. It has become a popular gemstone known for its magnificence and excellent healing benefits from that time.

Known About the Healing Energies of Larimar

Larimar is the gemstone worn for its gentle energy, which can attune the problems related to stress. These crystals are used to relieve anxiety and inflammation and can remedy high blood pressure and tension headache. Moreover, it is believed that meditating with this stone can help joint pain and congestion if the gemstone is kept on the affected area.

Carrying this gemstone in the form of a ring can benefit the person from panic attacks and depression. If somebody suffers from phobias and has issues related to anger management, then wearing a Larimar ring could be a top-notch idea.

The vibrations of these crystals belong to the goddesses of air and water. This gemstone has special powers for women, as it opens up the channel of psychic awareness, encouraging the nurturing aspects in them. It has the power to rejuvenate the physical and spiritual bodies of women. The process of childbirth comes to ease if the women wear the Larimar. Moreover, the problems of PMS were also reduced. In addition, women can increase their intuition power while carrying this stone.

Chakra Associated with Larimar

Larimar has a connection with the throat chakra. It is the chakra of expression, being at both sides, the physical and spiritual voices. The energy center is located at the center of the throat, and it allows the person to have open communication. The person gets the ability to express their feelings in a positive way. Wearing it in the form of a Larimar pendant would be perfect, as it makes contact with the area of the throat chakra, which will show its effect in a much better way. 

The best fact about the Larimar is that it is not connected with any zodiac sign, anyone can wear this gemstone. But it resonates the vital balance of energies for the one born between February 19 to March 19. Therefore, they can take advantage of this stone in a better way.


After knowing all these properties of this gorgeous crystal, I hope you will be ready to buy the wholesale larimar jewelry collection. You don’t need to go to the Dominican Republic to get these crystals. As already mentioned, you can get these mesmerizing pieces from Rananjay Exports. In addition, you can get discounts of 2%, 5%, and 12% on the purchase of $500, $1100, and $2100.

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