Best Non-Diamond Engagement Rings That Make A Statement

‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ but not anymore; trends have changed now. Millennial and Gen Z couples are breaking the old trends in which diamonds used to be the first choice when it comes to engagement rings. They are making non-traditional choices by opting for color gemstone rings to add lights to their engagement. 

One of the reasons why non-diamond engagement rings are widely popular is because of Hollywood celebrities. Famous celebs like Katy Perry, Meghan Fox, JLo, Elizabeth Hurley, etc. have made their engagement bright by clutching upon a color gemstone instead of a diamond for the engagement ring. 

Let’s find out some of the most popular non-diamond engagement rings that surely make an impact. 

Ruby Engagement Ring

Ever since couples started preferring color gemstones for engagement rings, the popularity of ruby has increased significantly. Ruby has also been recognized as the ‘Dearly Loved Stone,’ symbolizing romantic & passionate love. 

So, if you want to convey your eternal love to your partner, a ruby engagement ring will do wonders for you. Focus on her aesthetics; if she likes minimalist jewelry, then a solitaire ring will add charm to her appearance. Or, if she likes fancy jewelry, then a pave ring or three-stone ruby ring will match her expectations.  

Sapphire Engagement Ring

Sapphire is one of the most desired choices for engagement rings amongst women. The magical stone evokes emotions and appeals to every woman to add one piece of sapphire jewelry to her collection. One of the gripping facts about sapphire is that it comes in almost every color of the rainbow except red because red corundum (the constituent mineral) is actually known as ruby.

Of all the colors of sapphire, blue is one of the coveted colors, especially for engagement rings. Well-known personalities like Kate Middleton and Elizabeth Hurley have played a major role in making the blue sapphire a preferred choice for engagement rings. Design your sapphire engagement ring in a celebrity’s ring style to level up your glam goals and make your engagement remarkable.   

Emerald Engagement Ring 

If your partner appreciates imperfections in things, then the emerald is an ideal choice for her. The refreshing green hue and cosmic energies of emerald make it a perfect stone for engagement rings. 

Inclusions in the emerald are something that makes the stone beautiful and appealing. In French they are called ‘Jardin’ (a garden in English), giving an impression of a natural outgrowth inside the gemstone. So, if you’re getting engaged, prefer designing a lovely emerald engagement ring in a stunning ring setting to add glitter and stars to her beauty. 

There are a lot of designer ring options that can turn your emerald engagement ring into a mesmerizing piece of jewelry you can’t take off your eyes from. If she loves versatile designs, then consider a gorgeous side-stone setting or halo ring design for the ring.      

Tanzanite Engagement Ring

Tanzanite is a very recent discovery in the world of gemstones, and in a very short period of time, it has become a widely popular choice for engagement rings. The intense blue color of tanzanite is very appealing and gives a luxurious appearance when set in a beautiful ring. 

Tanzanite is one of the non-traditional choices for engagement rings to make a statement. The incredible indigo-blue stone is also a symbol of good fortune and prosperity and makes a perfect stone for an engagement ring that you can wear for life.

If your woman loves the modern concept of engagement, opt for a two-stone tanzanite engagement ring to celebrate your engagement differently. You can choose to embed the birthstones of both of you in a two-stone tanzanite engagement ring to make the ring more special for both of you. 

Pink Tourmaline Engagement Ring

If your partner has a playful and nurturing personality, no stone can be as perfect as a pink tourmaline for your one and only engagement ring. The sublime color of pink tourmaline will not just make you look adorable but also help you make a unique style statement at any party. 

The exquisite stone pink tourmaline is a symbol of love & compassion, making it a perfect stone for expressing your commitment to your partner. You can make your pink tourmaline extravagant by selecting a big size stone with a decent side stone setting. This will make your ring exceptionally beautiful and make everyone’s head turn to your ring at your engagement. 

Alexandrite Engagement Ring 

Want to make an offbeat choice for your engagement ring? Alexandrite will do justice to your expectations. The alexandrite engagement ring is a symbol of luck & prosperity and brings balance to your life. 

One of the interesting facts about alexandrite is that it changes color under different lights, giving you the advantage of two stones in one. Also, alexandrite scores 8.5 on the Mohs scale, indicating its durability for everyday jewelry. Bring an element of surprise and grandeur by choosing a spectacular alexandrite engagement ring for your momentous occasion.

Morganite Engagement Ring

The soft pinkish hue of morganite makes it a unique choice for those who are romantic in nature. This stone is a perfect alternative to a diamond if you want to make an unconventional choice for your engagement ring. 

Morganite is also associated with romance, love and innocence, making it an impeccable stone for the engagement ring. Solitaire and cocktail styles are the most suitable ring settings for morganite if you want to add a lavishness factor to your engagement ring. It’s of paramount importance to pick a perfect ring setting to make your engagement ring sensational. Clutch upon a ring setting that perfectly goes well with the personality of your woman, and she will cherish you forever for that.    

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