Summer is a very special time of the year that has a lot of advantages. For example, every third Sunday of sunny June becomes special for children in most countries because it’s on this day, since 1908, that an amazing holiday is celebrated – Father’s Day! The time when it’s very important to tell your beloved daddy how much he means to you, how wonderful he is and generally the best in the world! And even better – make him a special present that will demonstrate your reverent attitude, love and care for him.

We know that choosing a present isn’t always easy, and we took care of it in advance. FJewellery’s catalog pages are filled with the coolest ideas and original accessories as gifts for Father’s Day. We offer precious goods of guaranteed high quality at the most affordable prices. Join now!

Jewels selection tips from our team

The choice of accessories for men, in fact, is very large and isn’t exactly limited to some standard wristwatches or chains. The range of jewelry that makes the male look more stylish and contemporary is very large and varied, and all you need is to choose the right model. And we will help you with this!

So, first, you always need to take into account the tastes of a man, his image, interests, and preferences – in order to please the recipient, the gift must be as personalized as possible. His age and character are also important – it depends on how extraordinary decorations he will like and whether he will really wear them, and not put them in a box and forget. And, of course, consider your budget and capabilities. After all, the main thing is not the price of the present, but the special meaning and feelings that you put into it.

Today it won’t be difficult to find and buy inexpensive, but good and high-quality jewelry – there are many metals and gems, styles, and designs in various price ranges, and it’s very easy to find the right combination for you. In addition, many online stores, such as FJewellery, provide all their clients with interesting bonuses and discounts that will reduce the cost of the accessory you have chosen at once. So, you just have to decide on a specific gift and look for the best offer. And here are a few options that we consider the most relevant:

  1. Rings DAD are the undisputed leaders of our list. This accessory is considered to be the most appropriate gift for Father’s Day, and it has many variations. The most traditional are classic models made of silver or yellow gold. They are large, massive, bright, and certainly attract everyone’s attention. Lovers of everything shiny and sparkling will love jewels with precious stones (simple cubic zirconia or expensive diamonds). Large gold rings with natural gems are more suitable for imperious, solid, and serious men, while small voluminous ones with engravings and a mix of metals will look cool and unusual. It all depends on your father’s personal preferences.
  2. Signets are a special category of rings so loved by men of all ages. The fashion for elegant gentlemen’s rings is gaining momentum again and is actively regaining its former popularity. Therefore, if you want to give dad a truly trendy and contemporary gift, this accessory will come in handy. There are many styles and designs of such jewellery, from simple laconic silver models to bright and unusual gold ones with inlays of onyx, sapphires, and other gemstones. And if you want the most non-standard option, then your choice is saddle rings.
  3. Men’s Bracelets. And here we are talking not only about the classic Bismarck gold models – the assortment is incredibly diverse, and the number of possible combinations of various metals and other decorative elements is simply amazing. Genuine leather, natural stone beads, themed pendants – mixing these details allows you to create really unique and bright accessories that won’t leave indifferent any guy who loves stylish looks. Separately, it’s worth noting the spectacular male bangles made of metal – they aren’t so popular, but no less interesting and attractive.
  4. Necklaces for men. This is a classic male jewelry, but it’s also easy to make it unusual and special – just add a matching pendant or a stylish locket. Traditionally, the chain is worn both as an independent accessory and as a basis for other precious details. If your father has any unusual hobbies and interests, then they will just help you find the perfect decoration. And if he is a religious, and believer, then the best option would be a cross (plain or crucifix).
  5. Tie clip, as a decoration of true gentlemen. The most popular models are silver, but white gold also looks spectacular. The accessory should be the same width as the tie itself or a little shorter – this is the golden rule. Such a present is suitable for businessmen who prefer an office dress code, but if your father is an adherent of casual style, the option won’t be relevant.
  6. Cufflinks. A beautiful, interesting, functional, and practical wardrobe item that will appeal to men who love shirts – from classic white to bright and avant-garde. They are single and double-sided, simple smooth, or with three-dimensional ornaments and inlays. It all depends on your dad’s image and what accessories he prefers to wear. So, if he loves traditional decorations – buy personalized silver oval cuff links, elegant and solemn. But if he isn’t averse to diluting his look with something original, feel free to purchase extravagant models, e.g., in the form of pistols or boxing gloves.
  7. Men’s earrings. Perhaps the most controversial element of this collection, but it’s definitely worth attention. These accessories are an absolute trend today and are popular not only among young guys, but also among Hollywood celebrities. The famous David Beckham, the talented Elton John, the outrageous Johnny Depp – this list of world celebrities is endless, and they all adore their precious studs, wear them not only at official events, but also in everyday life. If your dad is far from conservative and strict views, he will certainly like such a present! And you shouldn’t limit yourself to stud earrings alone, but choose from many other models for men.
Jewels selection tips

Well, now you know exactly how to pick-up men’s jewels and what they are, and looking for a present for Father’s Day will take you much less effort and time. And if you prefer online shopping, then you will definitely like FJewellery website! We have a simple and understandable system of searching and filtering by categories, and each product has a full description, including all the main characteristics and detailed photos showing all the details of the jewel. See, compare, buy! And be sure that such a gift from the dearest person will touch even the most severe and brutal man!

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  1. Oh, this is a hot topic! Every year, my brother and I suffer and think for a long-time what gift to buy for Father’s Day. Usually, we give some kind of tool or something for the car, but somehow we didn’t think in the direction of jewellery. I need to throw an idea to brother and consult with our mam. Maybe we’ll choose some cool gifts like men’s bracelets or this rings dad. The idea is badass!

  2. For a long time I didn’t think about a specific gift for Father’s Day, limiting myself to verbal congratulations and a postcard. More serious gifts in our family are usually given for Christmas, New Year and Birthday, but for several years in a row I have been trying to pick up some nice little things for my loved ones on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Personalized silver oval cuff links are the perfect gift this year, although I’ve been thinking about getting a signet with small gems and themed lettering. It turned out that my dad isn’t at all against jewelry and has already managed to evaluate several options for silver bracelets from the assortment of the FJewellery store. He also liked the cost of products, the conditions of ordering and delivery of jewelry.

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