After the year we’ve all just lived through, it’s no secret that anxiety and stress are on the rise for millions of people. It’s a common experience, so you’re by no means alone if you’re going through it right now.

It’s no wonder then that so many people are turning to natural and holistic therapies to complement other treatment plans.

One such holistic therapy is lava stone beads. They’re popular as a healing stone and bring a range of amazing benefits with them.

The Amazing Benefits of Lava Stone Beads

What Is Lava Stone?

You’ve probably already seen lava stone beads on someone’s wrist or necklace and not even known it. It’s a black, porous stone also known as basalt.

Lava stone, as the name might suggest, is an igneous volcanic rock. It’s formed from the same molten lava that is spewed during volcanic eruptions. As it rolls down the side of the volcano and cools, it solidifies into lava stone or obsidian.

Volcanos have traditionally been thought of as symbolic for creation. The rock itself is born from extreme pressure and heat, signifying power and new beginnings. The rock itself in some cultures has been connected with male energy.

For example, in Native American folklore, fighters would wear lava stones in battle to give them strength and courage. Despite its association with male energy, lava stone beads are unisex and come with incredible healing properties for all sexes.

Much lava stone is mined from old volcanic sites in the United States. This includes California, Utah, and New Mexico.

Lava stone is commonly used to create lava stone bead bracelets for essential oils. Because of the porous nature of the rock, the stones make for great diffuser bracelets.

They may also be used as chakra bracelets, combined with other chakra beads. Lava stone isn’t a birthstone, though it is believed they are beneficial for Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs. You may even see lava stones being used during hot stone massages!

Natural lava stone is flawed in shape and size. It also varies slightly in colors, from a gray-black to a red-brown depending on where it is sourced from. An easy way to spot the real deal from fake lava beads is to see how uniform the beads are, as natural stone will never be uniform.

Lava Rock Metaphysical Properties

As a stone of the earth, lava rock possesses the grounding energy of the planet. It can strengthen the wearer’s connection to mother earth and nature.

These grounding properties can help you achieve balance in your life, both day to day and in a spiritual sense. They also protect you from negativity.

As we mentioned above, Native Americans wore lava stones to bring courage and strength in times of strife. But the stone may also bring you the courage and strength for your daily life. To help you deal with problems, focus on your future goals and follow your dreams.

Because of the way it is formed, from heat and fire, the lava stone holds intense and passionate properties. It can help you make the significant changes you need to follow your heart and wants.

In chakra teachings, the lava stone connects to the base or root chakra. This means it may help you with creativity and communication skills.

Lava Stone Bead Benefits

Lava stone beads have many healing properties for those who choose to wear them. It is a powerful healing stone. Not soothing like Amethyst or Rose Quartz, but instead exuding with power and purpose.

In traditional or folk medicine, the lava stone was thought to help enhance fertility and help with weak libido. This is due to the rebirth and new beginning properties we mentioned above.

It’s grounding properties may help those suffering from anxiety and allow them to focus on a calmer and more peaceful state. For those who frequently struggle with intense emotions or energy in general, lava stone may help calm these worries.

Because of these properties, the lava stone is a great choice to wear in times of stress or change. It encourages you to be present in the here and now, instead of worrying about the future.

The combination of grounding and fertility properties mean that lava stones are also great for those looking to restore hormonal balance. So women suffering from PMS or going through menopause, or indeed men going through andropause may find wearing lava stone beads beneficial.

In chakra teachings, balancing the root chakra with lava rock can help you in your spiritual growth. Keeping you humble and bringing a better understanding of your physical body in the material world.

Lava Stone Beads and Essential Oils

We’ve mentioned already how great lava stone beads are in combination with essential oils. They make a great choice in material for aromatherapy, whether you’re looking to energize or relax.

All you need to do is pick your oil, place some on your finger and rub onto the lava stone beads. Or if you have a roller bottle, simply roll it over the beads.

A lava stone bead bracelet for essential oils works best when directly touching the skin. This is so you can reap the benefits of both the oil and the stone’s properties.

As lava rock comes with both calming and energizing qualities, we would suggest pairing it with some classic oils to complement these properties.

Lavender, chamomile, jasmine, and rose are all great options for calming oils. Meanwhile lemon, lime, grapefruit, and eucalyptus would all be great options for energizing oils.

Remember to regularly clean your lava stone bead bracelet to ensure you remove any negativity. You can do this by placing your stones in sunlight or moonlight for several hours. Alternatively, you can pass your stones through white sage smoke.

A Super Stone

As you can see, lava stone beads are a unique and powerful healing stone, which may bring the wearer many benefits. It’s a great option for those looking for help grounding themselves, whether that be physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

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