Benefits of Buying Certified Diamond Jewelries from Rare Carat

For most people diamonds are more than just a simple purchase. For upcoming marriages they are a proof of love, for collectors, they are a symbol of status and beauty itself, and for Americans as a whole, they represent an ideal as the king of all gemstones. Regardless of an individual’s stake when purchasing a diamond it is an undeniable fact that at the end of the day buying a diamond is still a transaction, and while the value of things can be often subjective, whether something is a good or a bad business tends to be a more tangible fact. Diamonds of course fall into this category, and today’s article will focus on the importance of buying a certified diamond and why you should always demand any diamond you purchase to come with its certificate of authenticity.

The topic might seem loaded, but by the end of the article, you’ll know the best place to buy lab-created diamonds, what the information on a certificate means, and how to understand and appreciate the asking price of a diamonds for yourself. So once again, as America’s #1 source of unbiased advice for diamond engagement rings Rare Carat is proud to present this guide on the benefits of buying certified diamond jewelries.

Diamonds aren’t all what they seem:

Diamonds aren't all what they seem

 One of the most important things to consider when dealing with any purchase or transaction is that in most cases, the seller will always have more information on a product, and that already causes a power unbalance in the transaction. After all, the seller is the one who truly knows where their diamonds come from, their overall quality, and what their objective market value is.
And when it comes to diamonds there is a lot of information that simply isn’t obvious at first glance. Most people would like to believe they can visually identify a 1 carat round diamond without much effort, but how true is that in practice? Can an untrained eye tell the difference between a 0.75 and 1 carat? because it might not be easy to tell on sight alone, but this small difference can result in a hundred-dollar difference between one diamond and the other. 

Perhaps more concerningly are the factors that involve information that quite simply can’t be seen at first glance. Most customers will be able to tell the shape of a diamond, but how trained are they to determine the quality of it’s cut? How can they be certain the stated clarity is the one the diamond truly has?

Sadly as with any other business, there will always be unsavory people trying to make a larger profit from diamonds by tricking customers. It’s all too easy to tell a first-time buyer that a jewel is of higher-quality than it is. You should never have to rely solely on a seller’s word to guarantee the quality or authenticity of diamonds, and that’s what a certificate of authenticity provides.

Equalizing information

 A certificate of authenticity is a document provided by a qualified gemologist after thorough and professional evaluation. On it, all the relevant information is carefully displayed so that the eventual buyer can know in clear terms what the qualities of their new diamonds are.

 Certificates grade diamonds based on the 4Cs: carat weight, color, clarity, and cut quality; the core qualities that define the price of a diamond. Likewise, the certificate should clearly state it’s origin and in the case of natural diamonds its geographic origin. Information that would otherwise be impossible for the client to know.

That’s at the end of the day what makes certificates of authenticity so important: They allow clients to truly know what they are purchasing, and in doing so they ensure that a fair and just transaction can be completed.

Rare Carat makes a difference:

Rare Carat makes a difference

 At Rare Carat all diamonds are certified by the GIA or other equivalent organizations and the site itself is designed to let clients browse countless diamonds from all over the United States based on their interests when it comes to the 4Cs. The infrastructure both on the site and behind the scenes provides a safe shopping space where buyers have every single last piece of information they need to make an informed purchase and the wide selection also helps ensure they have access to the best deals every single time.

 With their high number of 4.9/5 reviews in Google Business Profile and Trustpilot, as well as their years of experience, Rare Carat has cemented itself as the premier marketplace for anybody interested in getting a certified diamond at the best prices, and that’s something truly priceless in this market.

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