Tsavorite Garnet

Tsavorite is one of those types of gemstones which are relatively as known by the general public but if they get to know it, they would never forget it. It is a semi-green and grey color gemstone that is also semi-transparent. Its chemical composition is a simple one; including calcium, aluminum, silicon, and oxygen or Ca3Al2Si3O12. It also includes traces of vanadium and chromium which gives its green color. Its Mohs hardness scale ranges from 7 to 7.5 which shows that is a very tough substance. Diamond is a 10 on that hardness scale it is testimony to the fact that it is a very hard gemstone.

All about Tsavorite

This gemstone was founded by a British geologist by the name of Campbell Bridges who discovered a deposit of green-colored substance in the mountains of northeast Tanzania. They were very bright green and were of high transparency. He could not get a permit from the Tanzanian government to export those stones but he stayed there to mine more of these gemstones. Apart from Tanzania, researchers have found many more reserves in Pakistan and Antarctica.

Tsavorite is believed to help find and live out your destiny rather than taking on a path that is not destined for you. It is also believed that it will help you find inner beauty in yourself and others. This can be attributed to the fact that it was found in and is mainly supplied by a country that puts spirituality and tradition first, we can justify these high levels of importance and significance.

Another significance that many people associate with tsavorite is that it helps them connect with the environment. The reason for this is that the gemstone is green in color which many people symbolize with the environment, mainly plants and trees. Furthermore, we can also give another reason behind it, that is its place of origin. Africa is a continent that is famous for its jungles and nature so associating the gemstone with spirituality and connecting with nature can be justified. 

These days people prefer to attach this gemstone to necklaces and other types of jewelry like rings which increases its prestige and the prestige of the owner. This is also very durable as it is very hard so it won’t succumb to wear and tear and other kinds of minor damage.

Why you should get Tsavorite jewelry

People who wear this gemstone, are very proud of their choice. One of the main reasons is its price and while many people will disagree with this, the price of this gem only proves its worth. We cannot treat this gem and so any store sells only the most authentic of this stone. This metal is already very rare and so its value increases tenfold just like that!

However, what makes this gem a worthwhile and beneficial investment? While Tsavorite is rarer than emeralds and is a precious gem, it is very durable and safe to wear casually as well. Its royal and dark shine will definitely make you stand out and make your outfit pop as well but you can also pair light jewelry with casual wear. In short: they work anytime and every time.

For people who are more superstitious, Tsavorite holds a lot of value and importance as well. They believe that this gem brings good luck to its wearer and if exchanged between people on their second anniversary will increase strengthen their romantic bonding. They say it brings good fortune and prosperity. It even holds religious importance as well as historical importance.

Due to its vibrancy, many say that it wards off evil as it spreads a more positive vibe for its wearer. Not only that but it also has medical benefits such as better immunity, a good mindset as it gives its owner more confidence and better self-esteem. It makes the wearer feel good and has a positive effect on their mental health which in turn betters their physical health.

Tsavorite as an engagement ring

Tsavorite as an engagement ring

It is not often that you hear of a ring that seals the bond that was not gold or silver. These gemstones are often the go-to for any couple because of their immense importance. However, this unique green stone may just take its place. Even many non-traditional couples these days prefer his bolder stone.

Due to its significance and importance in bringing good fortune to relationships, this is an incredibly valuable ring to give as an engagement ring. Coupled with the royal and elegant green that this gem has to offer the ring will turn out to be a very meaningful ring to give to your partner. Especially if you want to go for something different and unique. They are wearable on most occasions but are valuable so it highlights the importance your partner has in your life. Due to all these innumerable benefits, this gemstone has to offer, it is no wonder it is priceless in the markets!

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