How many times have you shopped for a new piece of jewelry only to go home empty-handed because you can’t find anything that speaks to you? Perhaps you have an idea in your head of a particular item that would be perfect for your wardrobe and jewelry collection, but it doesn’t seem to exist. This is why making your jewelry can be such a great hobby, as you can customize all your pieces to your liking.

Before jumping in, however, we’ve got some useful tips for beginners looking to dip their toes into jewelry making.

Invest in the Right Tools

Much of jewelry making revolves around your creativity, but you also need the right tools to make the process smooth, simple and professional looking. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options, you can try starting with the basics. You’ll need findings, which piece together your charms, beads and other pieces; small round nose pliers; small flat nose pliers; wire cutters; nylon tipped pliers; and tweezers. You will also need some sort of threading material.

As you become more advanced in your jewelry making, you can upgrade your tools and invest in more precise items.

Purchase High-Quality Beads and Gemstones

One of the biggest mistakes beginners can make is to purchase low-quality beads and gemstones that don’t hold up over time. If you want your jewelry to look high-end, you need to purchase high-quality beads. Gemstone beads such as baroque freshwater pearls look beautiful and be found in a wide array of colors, sizes and finishes. It can give the appearance of a stunning custom piece of jewelry if you’ve taken the care to source them from a reputable shop.

Watch Some Online Tutorials or Take a Class

While it isn’t necessary to take classes, they can offer guidance and essential tips you may not otherwise know about. Watching some jewelry-making tutorials online, or even enrolling in a class will arm you with the basics. From there you’ll start to feel more comfortable and probably more willing to create complex pieces.

You can also visit shops that sell supplies and ask for help, tips and guidance. If it’s an online shop, try looking at their website to see if some guides or blogs feature advice for beginners.

Start with Basic Jewelry Pieces

This leads us to the next tip, which is to start small. It’s better to have several successes under your belt rather than a piece that is overwhelming and didn’t turn out. Create small and simple pieces with easy patterns and designs and build on your skills to start with. And don’t rush the process; take your time and enjoy the hobby.

Beading can be a wonderfully artistic and relaxing hobby to engage it, and it’s also a great way to create custom pieces that match your needs and wants perfectly. Go easy on yourself as you start, and remember, practice makes perfect! Your pieces will get better over time and soon you’ll have a stunning collection to show off.

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