Why Buy Masonic Jewelry?

Masonic jewelry is a classic way of expressing your association with Freemasonry. It is easy to find quality pieces of Masonic jewelry that display the Freemason emblem. The range of mason jewelry includes vintage Masonic rings, Masonic cufflinks and shirt studs, Masonic pocket watches, Masonic ladies’ jewelry, and more.

Unfortunately, looking for Masonic jewelry on eBay or Amazon could give you problems since most will not be legitimate sellers. Your best bet is to search for local Masonic jewelry stores located near you. Some Masonic jewelry pieces can even be found at jewelry wholesale providers. Buying these antique Masonic jewelry pieces and wearing them to the local lodge and around town is a great way to show your belief in Freemasonry and the Freemason organization’s rich history.

Masonic Rings: The Freemason’s Mark

Depending on what level, or the ‘degree’, a freemason achieves, some are given Masonic rings in order to show their affiliation or rank within the ancient society. In some cases, these Masonic rings are given to the man, but he may also purchase one on his own. Masonic rings are usually designed in such a way that displays their beliefs by using deep Freemasonic symbolism. Depending on the symbolism used on the Masonic ring, this will usually indicate how ascended in the Freemasonic order that the man has risen to.

Masonic Rings

Handmade Masonic rings can also vary in style and symbolism, depending on what sect the man comes from. For instance, a Scottish Rite Masonic ring will look different than one from the York Rite tradition. Essentially, Masonic rings are member identifiers, which means that if a man is wearing a gold Masonic ring, then you can tell that he is one, and often what his rank, sect, or ascendency happens to be.

Vintage Masonic rings are just a great way to wear your identification with the Freemasons. Masonic rings come in many styles and designs and can be fitted to any finger. Silver and gold Masonic rings are popular choices, although they are sometimes expensive. Another great and cheap choice is the tungsten Masonic ring. Dark and sleek, the tungsten Masonic rings still bear the Masonic emblem while staying within a reasonably affordable range. Vintage mason rings also come in an array of designs.

One can easily find a Masonic skull ring for sale on Amazon, but you should still find a local dealer if you’re looking for the best in quality. As with most of the other Masonic jewelry pieces, high-end Masonic rings can be purchased in bulk from a wholesaler. Purchasing these vintage Masonic rings in bulk means paying less for the same quality of Masonic rings. However, perhaps bulk purchasing is not a practical choice for you, yet you might still wish to buy a quality product at a cheaper price. Then, it is recommended to browse for used Masonic rings. Here, one can find the same product with little wear for a lower price than usual.

Some buffing and polishing should bring out the shine in any used vintage Masonic ring. White gold Masonic rings and sterling silver Masonic rings are other popular choices for interested buyers. If it begins to become difficult to settle on a design choice for your Masonic ring, then try a custom ring. That way, you can easily pick a choice of metal, these being gold, white gold, silver, sterling silver, tungsten, stainless steel, titanium, and more, and you can also choose your own design.

Masonic Ring

Masonic flip rings are an interesting choice in that they feature two faces that can be flipped between. This is almost like having two Masonic rings in one. Another popular Masonic design choice is to add a diamond setting. This can add class and luxury to any old Masonic ring.

Masonic rings may be small, but they can contain a lot of meaning, so it is important that you pick the right design and know what your Masonic ring means. Be sure to make the right choice in your purchase of Mason’s ring. A lot of factors play into the decision, such as metal type, design, style, and whether to purchase Masonic rings in bulk or not. It is always useful to browse plenty of providers’ and makers’ products. Gordon Spurlock’s rings are always a fine place to begin looking. One is surely going to find the perfect Masonic ring to match any occasion.

Popularly Worn Masonic Jewelry Pieces

The pieces of Masonic jewelry provided here range greatly in type and design. Here, one can find elegant Masonic pendants, antique Masonic rings, vintage cufflinks, shirt studs, and even Masonic jewelry for the lady masons. Perhaps the most popular piece of Masonic jewelry is the Masonic pocket watch fob. With their intricate designs and detailed etchings, these pocket watches bring the quality of a well-made watch together with the beauty and intricacy that characterizes Masonic jewelry as much as it characterizes the organization, its members, and its beliefs.

Popularly Masonic Jewelry

If a Masonic pocket watch does not seem like the best option, then perhaps a Masonic pendant might do the trick. The simple and light design of these necklaces allows the wearer to show their pledged allegiance to the Freemasonic Tradition while still allowing the wearer to stay modest in doing so. Though, if modesty isn’t much of a concern in this case, then there is a wide array of more robust Masonic pendant designs that may suit their taste. While not overbearing, these Masonic pendant designs are sure to satisfy any Freemason’s needs.

Signature Freemasonic Jewelry

Perhaps you’re looking for a more formal piece of jewelry to wear. In this case, you might want to browse our collection:

  • Masonic tie clips,
  • Masonic shirt studs,
  • Matching Masonic cufflinks.

There is sure to be a set of cufflinks and studs to match the formal occasion perfectly.

Also, don’t forget to browse the collection of ladies’ jewelry as well. Here, one can find elegant Masonic necklaces, intricate and beautiful rings, and slender Masonic wristwatches. The women’s line contains all the same great imagery and workmanship as the men’s, and it is sure to suit the tastes of any lady Freemason.

However, I should reiterate that while all of these Masonic jewelry pieces can be found on eBay, your best bet is to find your local brick-and-mortar Masonic stores like ours for the most authentic, genuine, and legally-possessed pieces.

Online Freemasonic Jewelry

Masonic jewelry is especially popular in Boston, Massachusetts; Baltimore, Maryland; Dallas, Texas; and in Canada and England. If a physical store should be more convenient when purchasing Masonic jewelry, be sure to visit a local jewelry store in one of these locations. Here, there is sure to be a Masonic jewelry expert that can provide some insight into what designs might be desirable and what kind of quality work should be put into making Masonic jewelry -especially if you’re looking for a piece for a particular sect of Freemasonry.

Freemasonic Jewelry

Online Masonic ring stores can provide the kind of convenience that physical stores do not. When searching for a pair of vintage Masonic cufflinks or a Masonic ring, one might find more results in a Masonic jewelry store online than in a physical store because we can order the item from our supplier quickly and easily. When using the services provided by a website, it may be easier to find the perfect Masonic pocket watch or set of cufflinks and studs. Although the opportunity of physically handling the Masonic jewelry might be traded for convenience, the sheer quantity of mason watches, pendants, tie clips, shirt studs, and other pieces of jewelry is sure to make up for anything lost.

Purchasing Freemasonic Jewelry

This way, you can browse through hundreds of pieces of Masonic jewelry in a matter of a few hours from the comfort of your own home. Also, if buying Masonic jewelry in bulk might be more convenient, then it is suggested to get in contact with a Masonic jewelry wholesaler. Here, one can find Masonic pieces like wristwatches, pocket watch fobs, ladies’ jewelry, cufflinks, studs, tie clips, and more for cheap and in bulk. This would be the ideal place to buy Masonic jewelry that might be handed out during lodge meetings or similar events.

Whatever the reason may be for purchasing any of these Masonic jewelry pieces, rest assured that they are top-line in quality and workmanship. The beauty, durability, and excellence of each piece of jewelry, be it a watch, a pendant, a ring, or the like, reflects the strength of the Freemasons and the persistence and elegance of their values. Purchasing a piece of mason jewelry is a reliable way of showing one’s allegiance to the Freemason organization. Masonic jewelry is a surefire way to feel connected with the organization while still adding to one’s appearance. Be sure to buy the jewelry at the most convenient location, be it a physical store where one can browse the jewelry in person or at our online storefront where there is a much wider selection of jewelry or a wholesaler who can provide quality jewelry in bulk. Buy the piece of Masonic jewelry that will satisfy you for a lifetime.


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