Antique Jewellery

As a child, I used to love digging through my grannies jewelry boxes and bags, hordes of fake pearls, plastic diamonds and over the top brooches that would adorn my Nan from head to toe whenever she went out. I would wear all of them around the house, swanning from side to side and ordering people around to fetch me my juice, great memories.

But there was always this one aged-looking leather bag, rolled and buckled to keep it closed that was always kept back when the dress up charade began and I never knew why, until a few years ago.

In there were 2 genuine diamond rings given to my grandmother, from her grandmother, who had them from World War times.

My great-great-great-grandfather, and then some, had declared his love in the way we read about in fairytales and his wife to be sworn to never leave him and kept these symbols of love passing them through the generations and retelling the tale of love that can be found and true even to this day.

My mother still has them tucked away somewhere.

I hope to see them sparkle again and sit with 2 cups of steaming hot tea as she tells me the story of how she sat with her mother and the plate of biscuits that has become the standard when taking a trip down memory lane.

What is a diamond?

You may think you know, and we all do, but it is quite a complex and technical process involved that ends up with what we see as that gleaming rock on the perfectly manicured finger of a new bride, read more about it at and see how it’s not only formed but the mechanical process behind it.

Essentially they are formations of carbon-filled fluid with the minerals dissolved, and conjured up from the depths of the earth by volcanic eruptions and embedded them into the rocks for us to find and marvel over.

5 Steps on How to choose a diamond?

  • Shape. This is undoubtedly the first decision as it sets the tone for the rest of the design if you’re not 100% sure opt for round or princess styles, the classics. You can’t go wrong with a timeless cut.
  • Carat. Think of your budget, the size of the carat and weight you’re looking for and have a jeweler help you make those two elements meet in the middle.
  • Deductions. Start at the top and work your way back. You can choose the best diamond for the shape and weight that your lovely other half wants and shave off here and there with regards to cut, clarity and color until the budget is met. A skilled jeweler will make this as seamless as if you were buying the top dog, she won’t know the difference of a 10% shave and you can keep your wallet from fainting right out your pocket.
  • Final. If the above steps have been taken and you are still over budget, take another look at the clarity and color and consider making some compromises before the final choice of changing the cut or going smaller in size. You know how the old saying goes, ‘Happy wife happy life.’
How to choose a diamond

An antique, meaning ‘old’ or ‘ancient’ in Latin, refers to any object of significant age over 100 years, it has historical value and is determined by not only its aesthetics but a rarity. So what do the facts mean when it comes to understanding the difference between an antique or vintage piece of jewelry?

A vintage piece is referred to as an item of 50-100 years of age, they are still durable and made of good materials which is why they are worn more accessibly with today’s fashions and for adding that special touch to an outfit from history.

Antique jewelry, on the other hand, being over 100 years in age is much less likely to be worn due to its scarcity, they are usually crafted by skilled technicians and have a higher market value being made from top quality materials.

If the latter sounds like a piece you would like to own and have your slice of history, whether you decide to wear the item or not, be sure to check out the best of antique jewellery and make your mark. Because you can’t put a price on love, am I right?

And don’t be fooled into thinking antique only refers to rings or diamonds, no. Watches, cufflinks, and many men’s accessories have made their claim to fame in the industry, so treating hubby to a piece of bling can be just as rewarding. 

investing in fine antique jewelry

Why opt to invest and own a piece of antique jewelry?

We often wonder how, or more importantly where, these beautifully adorned boutique shops find these rare gems and stones, and you aren’t alone in this pondering. Many friends I talk to have their theories and opinions and all seem a fair game when it comes to reasoning.

To hear what other like-minded people are having a think about and for some fun facts, take a minute to read this blog and have an in-depth look into the rarity, scarcity, and availability of these gorgeous stones we all wish to possess. 

There comes a certain elegance when we see the oldness and uniqueness of pieces from back in time, the chicness they naturally exude and the mystery behind the story each item entails is mysterious.

One of the major factors that play a role when people attend auctions and make rare purchases is the fact that the item is usually one of a kind, far from being mass-produced and unique in an indescribable way.

The skill it took to craft and mold these gems, without all the modern-day equipment, was of the highest level. A talent very few has the adeptness to execute and execute well. Look after those sacred generational ‘hand me downs’ and keep the page in the history books open. The past is a memory never to be forgotten if we can help it.

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