Anniversary Rings: Things You Need To Know Before Buying

Is your wedding anniversary coming up?

A gift is natural when celebrating your wedding anniversary, especially on the 1st, 10th, 25th, and 50th. And what better gift to give your spouse but an anniversary ring?

A ring symbolizes the bond of a couple. Many believe it is an exceptional gift when hitting a milestone in their marriage or companionship because it represents trials they went through over the years and their success as a couple.  

 What Is an Anniversary Ring?   

According to a popular jewelry store in Vail CO, an anniversary ring is a band you can give to your spouse or partner to mark your marriage anniversary. This ring is usually given to women, but some couples may choose to have matching rings to celebrate special occasions. You have many options, from simple gold rings to elaborate diamond rings.

Although they may sound similar, wedding and anniversary rings are very different. Anniversary rings don’t have to be as subtle as a wedding ring; an anniversary ring is meant to mark significant moments in your marriage, while wedding bands are often smaller and are meant to complement engagement rings.

 How To Wear An Anniversary Ring  

You can wear an anniversary ring in different ways, and you’re free to wear it however you like. You can easily replace your wedding or engagement rings with an anniversary ring if they are not what you want.

Here are some ways to wear your anniversary ring with your wedding and engagement rings:

 1. Stacked with your engagement ring and wedding band    

You can combine your engagement and wedding rings to make them more stunning. For added interest, you can opt for anniversary rings for couples that have more intricate designs. You can also choose different metal types to create stunning metal combinations.

  2. Wear it on the same hand but with a different finger    

You don’t have to wear your anniversary ring on the same finger as other rings. You can wear it on the other fingers, but ensure that you are comfortable and it will not slip out to avoid losing the ring.  

  3. Wear it on the right side.    

Wear it on your right hand if you don’t want your anniversary ring to distract from your wedding and engagement rings. They can also add sparkle to the other hand.

 Guide To Choosing the Stones and Metal of the Ring  

If you are having a hard time choosing a stone or metal band, here is your guide to help you decide better:

 1. Gold  

A gold ring is a perfect gift on your first anniversary. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or encrusted with precious stones. You can choose simple bands with various base colors, such as yellow, white, or rose gold.

If you are celebrating your 50th anniversary, also known as the Golden Jubilee year, a gold band with added stones or a higher carat level is the best gift to your spouse. Not every couple reaches this milestone, so if you can afford to give your partner a special, do so.

 2. Sapphire  

Sapphire is a stone with a blue hue traditionally given during the fifth year of marriage, symbolizing the honesty and loyalty of the couple to each other. When choosing the stone, you should also know different cuts that will look best on your partner’s hand.

  3. Diamond  

When celebrating a decade into your marriage, a diamond is a perfect stone for a ring because it symbolizes longevity and strength for the years and decades to come. Unlike other stones, diamond is also popular with men, so you and your partner can have matching diamond rings to commemorate this milestone in your marriage.

 4. Ruby  

Ruby is a red-based gemstone that symbolizes love and passion. A piece of jewelry encrusted with ruby is traditionally given on the couple’s 15th anniversary. When you buy a ring for your partner, the most famous cut for ruby stone is oval because it reflects the depth of the stone, giving it more vibrancy and shine.

 5. Emerald  

Emerald is the traditional gem that is best to give on your 20th anniversary. The most common cut of this precious green-colored stone for an anniversary ring is rectangular or cushion.

 6. Silver  

The 25th anniversary of marriage is also called Silver Jubilee, so it is only fit to give your spouse a silver ring on this milestone. Silver rings represent beauty and creativity, and they can easily blend in if you wear a studded engagement ring daily.

 7. Pearl  

On your 30th wedding anniversary, a ring encrusted with pearls is the best type of ring to give. When choosing a pearl, you can select between cultured and naturally harvested. Of course, naturally harvested pearls are more expensive.

 Key Takeaways 

An anniversary ring is not an ordinary ring you buy just to show off to others. Each ring you give your partner symbolizes milestones in your marriage and companionship.

Plan ahead when you decide to give your partner an anniversary ring. Take your time choosing and designing the ring because it represents many ups and downs with you as a couple. You can always go to trusted jewelers nearby to help you select or design the ring.

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