You’ve selected silver jewellery you love. You’ve made sure that it’s made from 925 sterling silver, so you know its sturdy. Now make sure it keeps its lustre. Silver jewellery requires a level of maintenance and care to prevent oxidation. With some simple steps, you can keep your favourite silver rings, necklaces, and bracelets as lustrous as when you first wore them.

Silver Jewellery Care

Keep your silver jewellery dry

Water won’t necessarily harm your silver. It’s the stuff in it. Contaminants like minerals or chemicals can tarnish or even harm your jewellery. Think about the chlorine in swimming pools or sulphur in hot springs – never mind the added impact if the liquids are heated. If you do forget to take off your silver jewellery before a shower or a plunge, just make sure to dry them with a clean towel or cloth thoroughly.

Caring Sterling Silver Jewellery

But it’s more than just that. Don’t spray with perfumes or colognes or applying makeup or lotions when you have your jewellery on. Better to with for your skin to dry then put them on. So, it’s best to avoid contact with water or other liquids or lotions, especially containing any strong or harsh chemicals.

Properly store your silver jewellery

Leaving your silver rings on the nightstand may be okay if they are pieces you wear every day. But you really should be storing your silver jewellery separately in protective bags or compartments in jewellery boxes. The less air exposure silver gets, the less likely it will tarnish. So, airtight containers are ideal. Bags made of microfibre or polishing cloths are also good.

Store Your Silver Jewelry

You should keep pieces separated to avoid tangling, scratches, and other damage. Also, if you have some silica gel packets, these desiccants have properties that will help keep away moisture to prevent tarnishing.

Polishing your silver jewellery can be easy

Clean, bright, and shining silver is gorgeous. Take that extra care to keep that shine—no need for harsh cleaning products. Get a microfibre or jewellery cloth. Then carefully wipe down each piece. Avoid using circular motions, and switch to clean sections of cloth often to avoid spreading dirt and tarnish around. You can use a cotton swab or a toothpick wrapped in the cloth to get into any nooks for a full cleaning.

Polishing silver jewellery

For an extra shine, you can wash your silver jewellery in mild dish soap and water. Or you can mix a 2 to 1 solution of water to baking soda and clean your pieces using a toothbrush. In either case, just make sure to rinse and dry afterwards thoroughly. Avoid silver dips and polishes. They sometimes can damage or wear down the silver surface, increasing the risk of tarnish.

Glorietta Jewels have silver jewellery you’ll love to care for

Glorietta Jewels

Sterling silver jewellery from Glorietta is beautiful. But, like sterling silver pieces everywhere, it can tarnish if not regularly cleaned and cared for. With these tips and occasional professional cleaning, your silver jewellery will gleam for you for many years, even generations!

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