If you are trying to sell an old diamond or engagement ring, Diamond Exchange Houston can help you!

Rather than visiting an unseemly pawn shop, or deal with a complete stranger on craigslist, Diamond Exchange Houston offers you the ability to sell your diamond jewelry safely and securely.

Sell Diamond Jewelry in Houston For the Best Price

There is no better peace of mind that you can have when selling your diamond than knowing that you are dealing with a diamond expert with years of experience in the industry and a track record of helping thousands of people sell their diamond ring as well.

Don’t waste your time trying to sell your ring locally, only to deal with unscrupulous pawnbrokers or low-ballers who found you on Craigslist. The Diamond Exchange Houston can help you today, and you can have the entire transaction completed in about 24 hours.

They go out of their way to make the process as simple and friendly as possible. To get the most money possible for your old diamond engagement or wedding ring, fill out the rings sellers form, and they will contact you with an offer in 1 business day. This is a free, no-obligation offer, so what do you have to lose?

Where Can I Sell My Diamond Ring in Houston, TX?

The fact of the matter is that it is a heck of a lot easier for a consumer to buy a diamond ring than to sell one. There are quite a few large national chain diamond stores, and many jewelry boutiques that specialize in diamonds. These stores offer consumers a great variety of diamonds and settings, and many offer excellent customer service.

In addition to being fast, safe, and secure, the knowledge of the diamond industry and the specialization of business is their biggest advantage.

Diamond Exchange Houston deal with hundreds of diamond rings on a regular basis, so they can offer you the best price possible. The size of their operation allows them to work with big companies in the diamond industry. This results in a much more lucrative offer from Diamond Exchange Houston than from a pawn shop.

Where Can I Sell My Diamond Ring in Houston

Furthermore, they are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you sell your ring to Diamond Exchange Houston, you won’t have to quit your job in order to meet people all over town who responded to your craigslist advertisement.

Diamond Exchange Houston can help you turn your ring into cash to help you pay your bills or take a vacation! Diamond Exchange Houston is committed to helping you in a fast and friendly manner. Don’t bother with pawn shops, dealing directly with a Diamond expert is the best way to maximize the value of your stone.

Selling a diamond in Houston can be exceedingly complicated, and dangerous. There is no telling which pawn shops are safe, or which people responding to a craigslist advertisement are legitimate. The best way to sell your diamond is to deal with a buyer with years of experience purchasing stones from all over the world, diamond expertise, and thousands of happy customers. Diamond Exchange Houston has all three of those things! They have deep experience offer accurate valuations, shipping diamonds without error, and completing transactions in a timely and straightforward manner. If you are interested in understanding the value of your diamond and selling it for as much as possible, then please fill out the ring sellers form for a free, no-obligation quote.

Diamond Exchange Houston offers a safe, fast, and transparent way for you to make the most money possible for your diamond ring. They can help you sell your ring in as little time as possible for as much money as possible.

Who Buys Diamonds

There are a couple of different options for consumers who are looking to sell their diamond rings, but none more safe, convenient, and profitable than Diamond Exchange Houston. If you want to sell a diamond, look no further! They will offer you a great price for your diamond, and even better service, but if you are looking for other options to sell your stone, you could try to find a consumer who is interested in buying it or find a local pawn shop. Aside from using diamond jewelry buyers service, these are the two most common methods to sell your stone.

Who Buys Diamonds

Selling a Diamond Ring to Another Consumer

Finding another consumer who is in the market for the exact thing you are selling is a pretty challenging task (that’s why jewelry stores have such a big variety of diamonds and settings in stock!). It isn’t impossible, but it is a time-consuming task to find a consumer interested in your diamond ring, not to mention you have to be able to convince them that the diamond is real, and actually make the transaction. Get ready for a time consuming and frustrating experience if this is the route you want to take. Websites like craigslist.com and ebay.com make this a little easier, but it will still take a long time to sell the ring.

Many customers try to sell their ring unsuccessfully before they decide to use a diamond jewelry buyer’s service. We have heard some pretty painful stories about driving all over town to meet potential buyers only to have no one show up.

Selling a Diamond Ring to a Pawn Shop

Pawnshops are another venue that people often visit when trying to sell an engagement ring. They have cash on hand and will usually make you an offer immediately, which is a big plus for someone looking to sell. Most pawn shops are reputable and safe establishments, but not all of them. There is still an element in the industry that is less than trustworthy.

The biggest problem when selling to a pawn shop is the lack of diamond knowledge. These individuals can certainly tell a real diamond from a cubic zirconium, but that doesn’t mean they understand the nuances of the cut of the diamond. This means that their offer could be well below the value of your diamond.

Don’t waste any more time visiting pawn shops or posting ads on craigslist. Sell your old engagement ring to a diamond expert in a fast, safe, and profitable transaction. To get the most money possible for your old diamond engagement or wedding ring, contact Diamond Jewelry Buyer in Houston, TX.

We think that Diamond Exchange Houston is your best option when selling a diamond, but they are not your only choice. Compare them to your other options, and we are confident that they will come out on top.

Is Now A Good Time To Sell My Engagement Ring

Is Now A Good Time To Sell My Engagement Ring


There are a lot of different opinions on the price volatility of gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds, but one thing we are sure of is that no isn’t a bad time to sell. If you try to time to market to sell at the exact height of gold prices, odds are you’re going to guess wrong, and you are going to waste a lot of time in the process. We believe that the best time to sell an engagement or wedding ring is when you are emotionally prepared to sell. No matter how recent or distant yore divorce, don’t underestimate the feelings and emotions you still have attached to your ring.

Get Cash For Your Ring Quickly

If you are in need of cash, now is the best time to sell your ring. Diamonds and precious metals are assets, and you can liquidate those assets for cash any time you need. Transactions through Diamond Exchange Houston can happen very quickly, meaning you can have cash in your pocket in as little as a week!

Diamond Prices

Diamonds are an interesting asset. They aren’t a commodity because they are more like snowflakes than like crude oil. Different sizes and colors and quality rocks are coming out of the earth all of the time, but that doesn’t mean that supply and demand are always at equilibrium. Unlike gold or silver, you can’t simply look up a diamond price in the New York Times, or on Google, but there are definitely historical trends in the price of diamonds.

Metal Prices

Metals, gold, in particular, are commonly traded commodities with prices that you can look up just about anywhere, but that doesn’t quite translate into the value of the metal in your ring. There are different qualities of the metals, such as 14 karat gold and 24 karat gold. The difference refers to the purity of gold, with 24 being pure gold and 12 karats being 12/24th pure gold, or 58% pure. Gold prices, along with the prices of silver and platinum, have risen substantially over the past decade.

Although prices have risen drastically over the past few years, given the current economic conditions, there is no reason to believe such a steady increase will continue in the short run.

GIA Certified Diamonds

GIA Certified Diamonds. What is a GIA Diamond?

What is a GIA Diamond

Almost any diamond can become a GIA certified stone. Founded in the early 1930s, the Gemological Institute of America is the worlds foremost authority on diamonds and is actually a non-profit organization. They do not mine or polish stones, rather they educate and certify stones and diamond professionals.

How do to deal with GIA Diamonds

GIA Certifications are the gold standard in the Diamond Industry. Knowing the certification number means that diamond jewelry buyers can evaluate your stone more thoroughly without having to see it. That results in a higher offer for you than diamond buyers would be able to make without the certification. Their certification offers a high degree of confidence in the attributes of your stone. With a GIA certification, diamond buyers can make you an accurate and aggressive offer for your stone very quickly. It is definitely worth the trouble of going to your security deposit box or wherever you store your original GIA cert so that you can provide diamond jewelry buyers with the number in order to facilitate your offer.

Best Way To Sell A Diamond Ring

The best way to sell a diamond ring might be different for each seller, but there are a few common criteria that everyone should think about when researching the best way to sell their diamond ring. No matter what you choose to do, be sure that you take all of the necessary precautions to have a safe transaction. Be wary of meeting strangers that you connect with on Craigslist on eBay.

Sell a Diamond Ring Safely

One of the main concerns that people raise when looking for the best way to sell their diamond ring is safety. When you are dealing with a valuable, but very small item, safety is a concern. Rather than post an ad online and expose your email address, phone number, and perhaps even physical location with the world, it is much safer to deal with a jewelry buyer company that has a long track record of happy customers. Be sure to take all reasonable precautions, because no amount of money is worth putting yourself in harm’s way by meeting a stranger to sell your diamond ring in person.

Sell a Diamond Ring Quickly

There are a lot of options when it comes to selling a diamond ring, but not all of them are fast. For example, you could advertise the ring on craigslist.org and list it in the local newspapers classified section. You could even print out flyers and hang them at your local coffee shop, but that doesn’t mean that it will result in finding a buyer for your diamond ring. Most of these methods are painfully slow and can eat up a lot of your time. Even pawn shops are notorious for dragging their feet and renegotiating the price at the 11th hour. If you have a lot of extra time, trying to sell your ring locally might not be a bad option, but who has a lot of extra time?

Sell a Diamond Ring Profitably

You might want to sell your ring so that you don’t have a reminder of your previous marriage sitting around your house on a daily basis, or you might just be selling the ring to pay help make a mortgage payment or a car payment. Either way, you want to make sure that you receive as much money as possible for your diamond ring. The best way to do that is to work with a buyer who is well educated in diamonds, and who buys a lot of rings. The more rings and stones that a person or company buys, the more value they are able to derive from each one. Think of it as a quantity discount in reverse.

Sell a Diamond Safely & Quickly!

If you are looking to sell a diamond, then look no further than Diamond Exchange Houston. The customer service focused process can help you sell your diamond quickly and safely while making the most money possible for your diamond. They will contact you in 1 business day with an offer for your diamond, letting you know the best price for your stone. If you have any questions, they will be happy to explain the process and answer any diamond questions you might have.

Sell a Diamond Safely and Quickly!

Selling a diamond can be a challenging process, so they strive to be as transparent as possible in the service and in the prices that they offer. The service they provide is free and non-binding, so you have nothing to lose, go ahead and sell your old diamond today!

Just like when you are buying a diamond, the most important thing you can do is educate yourself. In case you have forgotten, below is an explanation of the four C’s that you need to know. Once you know about these four C’s, you will know more about your diamond and be able to give the necessary information to a buyer and know what price you can expect for your ring.

Know the Clarity of the diamond you are selling

Clarity revolves around the number, size, and color of inclusions of a stone. Some of them can be visible to the naked eye, others only under a microscope or special lighting. Many times visible inclusions are being cut out of rough diamonds, which is how the shape of the stone starts to take shape. Clarity is measured on a scale that uses acronyms. A couple of examples of these acronyms to measure the clarity of a diamond you are selling are; IF = Internally Flawless, VS 2 = Very Slight Inclusions, SI 1 = Slight Inclusions.

Know the Cut of the diamond you are selling

The cut of a diamond is measured on a fairly straight forward scale. From Ideal, down to Fair, the scale indicates the depths and angles of the diamond. The angles have a tremendous impact on the radiance of the stone. If the stone is Ideal, it will appear sparkling, because the light is bouncing inside of the diamond and sparkling back. How the measurements of the stone are transitioned into the scale is more than a little complicated, but it is very important to know where your stone lies on the scale.

Diamond Cut Grading

Know the Color of the diamond you are selling

The color of a diamond is measured on a letter scale, from D down to X. D represents a colorless stone, and an X is a light yellow stone. Much as with measuring the cut of the stone, measuring the color of the stone is technical in nature, but any trained gemologist can fairly easily tell the color of a stone. The color can have a large impact on the value of a stone, so it is important to know the color of the stone.

Know the Carat Weight of the diamond you are selling

The carat weight is pretty straight forward. It can be tricky to weigh a stone that is mounted. Still, many trained gemologists can make informed guesses that are shockingly accurate, and the naked eye of even an untrained observer can tell the general size of a diamond. The carat weight of a diamond is very important when it comes close to a whole or half diamond increment. For example, the difference between a 0.95-carat weight and a 1.01-carat diamond can make a difference of several hundred or even thousands of dollars in value.

Having a Certificate

All of the above factors can be easily verified by having the certification of the diamond you are selling. Most stones have either EGL or GIA certifications, which verify all of the 4 C’s. If you don’t have a certification, it will probably be worth your time to have a jeweler grade the stone, either formally or informally.

If you are able to provide us with the for C’s of your stone, diamond jewelry buyers will be able to give you a very accurate offer for your ring.

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