Hat all-important job interview demands the right jewelry, nothing too ostentatious, mainly to add some color and depth to the outfit. Of course, your choice of outfit is vital, and with something that looks professional, you need to consider the accessories that best enhance the overall look you are trying to project. If ever dress was important, a job interview would be the time to demonstrate a clean and smart persona, and with that in mind, here are some helpful hints to ensure you look the part.

  • Small Ring Band – This is acceptable, as is a wedding ring, of course, and anything glitzy is definitely not an option. Too many rings give the wrong impression, but once you are in the team, the little finger and toe ring can come out of storage. With a job interview, attention to detail is vital, and accessories that are subtle, are preferred choices. Designer jewelry is ideal, as it demonstrates an appreciation of quality, and if the interviewer knows about the fashion trends, a well-known designer label will certainly be a plus.
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  • Thin Necklace – This is totally acceptable, and anything religious should be saved for a more suitable occasion. A light silver necklace with a small pendant is both natural yet not overbearing and can strike the right balance. You don’t want anything that draws attention from your face, and anything that could be classed as mildly loud should be avoided. Diamonds are not advised, other than in a wedding ring, and any necklace should be chosen with care. It might be an idea to ask your best friend to op over and give her a preview of the outfit, complete with all the accessories.
  • Wrist Watch – This must be a professional-looking, and nothing jolly, of course. Wearing a watch to a job interview is a good idea, even if you don’t normally wear one – using your smartphone – it pays to wear a watch, as it demonstrates a person who is time conscious and implies punctuality.
  • Stud Earrings – These are fine, even with colored stone, but avoid hoops or anything that hangs down. There are times when it is fine to add some sparkle and color, and a job interview is not one of them, so the border on the conservative with earrings.
  • Avoid Bangles and Bracelets – These will detract from the objective and are best avoided, at least for the interview, which is a time for you to present your very best professional image, and for this reason, it is important you feel good about the way you look. Splashing out on some designer ear studs, just for the occasion, will certainly make you feel attractive, and even your outfit could be something bought especially for the occasion.

A job interview could result in a life-changing move, and therefore, every effort should be made to look your very best professional self, and with a touch of expensive cologne and the right accessories, you are ready to put your best self forward.

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