A little journey through time – our favorite jewelry trend of the 90s is celebrating its big comeback. We are talking about the name necklace, also known as the IT jewelry element of the season. If you need a little inspiration, here’s how to rock this trend using the styling tips and tricks below.

How to Style Initial Jewelry - My Name Necklace


Gone are the days when the area between the neck and décolleté looked sparse. Fill this area with a name chain – in contrast to various other chains! The combination of chains is an ongoing trend that we encounter always and everywhere. Combining your name choker creates a fuller look – and in general, you should go for at least 3 layers. A choker chain with a name, like our sterling silver name chain, is an eye-catching piece of jewelry that makes an impression and attracts everyone’s attention. Use your name chain as the focus and build your creation with longer and shorter name necklaces or other types of chains.

Best Nameplate Necklaces and the Style


Your name necklace is suitable for formal events and underlines every wardrobe. Custom jewelry can help you to personalize a name necklace. Our name chain with 750 gilding is just right for a chic night on a special occasion. It adorns your neck and gives your elegant outfit an additional statement. Keep the look minimalist by not combining the name chain with other chains. This style is a real eye-catcher and brings out an elegant, minimalist dress or outfit beautifully.

Gold Name Necklaces


Name necklaces with charms can be effortlessly styled due to their delicacy. Custom jewelry is muti-occasional. Turn your insides inside out by choosing a name necklace and personalizing it with words that represent your personality and interests. Our name chain with initials and gold plating can be easily combined with jeans, skirts, and dresses and adorns your outfit in a feminine, enchanting way. Regardless of whether you opt for a piece of jewelry with dainty dangling charms or a chunky charm – each style underlines your look in a great way.

Custom Name Necklaces in Different Materials


The more the better. Play with contrasting metals. Don’t be shy about combining different metals, colors, and textures. Our customized name chain with a Gothic script and gold coating can be easily combined with other chains. Some of the best looks are created by mixing different chains together. Think of it as a blank canvas and put together your own creation! The combination of metals is very much in vogue – make your necklace with a name the centerpiece of your compilation. For a correspondingly decadent look, complement our choker chain with names, for example with some thin gold chains of different lengths, textures, and colors.

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