Is your favorite piece of sterling silver jewelry dirty or damaged?

We all have pieces of jewelry that we love and wear every day, but sterling silver can start to show signs of wear over time. You might see pieces break off, and the silver begins to tarnish.

But don’t get too upset—you can do a simple jewelry repair at home to save your favorite pieces without spending a lot of money. Keep reading to learn more about how to repair and clean your sterling silver jewelry at home, with simple things you probably have on hand.

Five Household Items for a DIY Jewelry Repair

Not all jewelry repairs need professional help. Going to a jeweler can be expensive, and sometimes you’ll end up spending more than what the actual piece of jewelry is worth. The good news is you can fix almost any issues with your jewelry using items you probably have in your pantry or bathroom.

Here are five everyday household items that will help your sterling silver jewelry look like it’s brand new:

1. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a great way to quickly clean your sterling silver jewelry at home. Massage some toothpaste into your jewelry and rub it in with a soft cloth. Rinse it under warm water and then dry it immediately.

Make sure your toothpaste has baking soda as one of the main ingredients because that is the active ingredient that removes tarnish for your silver.

2. Baking Soda and Aluminium Foil

If you don’t have toothpaste, but you do have baking soda, you can still use that to clean your silver pieces.

Take a bowl, dish, sink, or anything you can soak your jewelry in and line it with aluminum foil. Then add boiling water, baking soda, and a pinch of salt. Let your sterling silver soak for at least a few minutes. During this time, the tarnish on your jewelry will move to the aluminum foil.

3. Soft Cloths

Sometimes all your jewelry might need is a simple polish. It’s a good idea to keep soft cloths on hand to polish your jewelry regularly and prevent it from getting too dirty and tarnishes.

You can purchase silver polishing cloths online. Make sure it’s made for jewelry or other delicate silver items, so it removes tarnish without scratching your pieces.

4. A Sewing Needle

A sewing needle will help you remove stubborn knots from the chain of your necklaces or bracelets. A safety pin or tack will also work. All you have to do is insert the needle or pin directly in the center of the knot and wiggle it around until the knot comes loose. Then, you should be able to work out the knot much easier.

5. Olive Oil or Baby Oil

If you have an extra-stubborn knot, you might need to take multiple steps. Massaging your piece in olive or baby oil (or any oil you have on hand) will help loosen tight knots.

Make sure you wash your jewelry after with mild soap and water and dry it with a soft cloth.

Learn More DIY Tips and Tricks

Jewelry repair doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful. There are plenty of DIY tips and tricks you can apply at home to ensure your sterling silver pieces last you as long as possible.

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