How to Buy a Necklace Pendant in the Perfect Size

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Finding your perfect pendant is no simple task! There are so many different elements for you to consider before you land on a necklace style that feels right for you. Among those different elements, is size. The size and dimensions of your pendant make such a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the piece. Here is how to buy a necklace pendant is a perfect size and style for you…

Chain Length

Your necklace’s chain length really determines what style it is and whether it’s going to give you the impact that you’re looking for, so start here to nail your purchasing process. The first step to finding the best length for you is understanding where different dimensions fall on your neck and chest:

  • 14” – This is the shortest length you’ll come across – 14” necklace will give you a choker style fit.
  • 16” – This length sits right at the base of your neck, falling just around your collarbone.
  • 18” – These necklaces are some of the most common out there, they sit at or just below your collarbone. This is a very traditional length.
  • 20” – 20” chains fall below your collarbone.
  • 22” – A classic length for pendant-style necklaces, this chain sits just at the top of your bust.
  • 24” – This is a longer length necklace, perfect for taller women or for men.

You will usually find pendants that vary between 18 and 22”. Choose according to your height and desired effect to find the right fit.

Choosing the Right Necklace Length for You

Pendant Size

The other component to consider for your necklace is the pendant itself. This is going to depend largely on the style of necklace that you choose. Some pieces are dainty and delicate by nature, others are more dramatic and eye-catching. Your classic pendant necklace is going to veer on the more dramatic side of things, usually spanning one or two inches in circumference.

Details and Embellishment

The size of the details, embellishments, and other characteristics that define your pendant will contribute to the visual impact that it’s going to add to your outfits. Consider your wardrobe and the aesthetics that you like to capture on a consistent basis. If you’re into bold, bright looks, you’ll want to find something that’s going to add to the bohemian vibe that you like to create, without overpowering it. A raw cut gemstone or simple metallic style will do the trick. Maybe you’re more of a minimalist at heart? Look for clean-cut, basic necklaces to blend seamlessly with your basics. Choose your details in accordance with your wardrobe, and you’ll find yourself with a pendant that you’ll keep, wear, and treasure for many, many years to come.

Other Considerations

Once you’re all decided on chain length, pendant dimensions, and the size of your embellishments, you can think about…

Rhinestone Circles Pendants Long Chain Sweater Necklace


Hunt for materials that are responsibly sourced, handcrafted, and unique in look to secure yourself a pendant that you can keep forever. The materials that your necklace is crafted from set the entire tone for the piece. Search for ethical sterling silver, organic stones, artistic detailing, and solid metals to ensure that you’re finding the best quality piece possible.


Finally, the design! As touched on above, you should seek out jewelry that harmonizes with your personal style to find items that you’re going to get plenty of wear out of. The right investment is going to be gorgeous, high in quality, and unique in its look and feel. No one wants to wear the exact same thing as everyone else, so search for individualistic, one-off styles to find something truly precious!

Consider these factors to find the perfect pendant necklace for you!

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