Jewelry Trend: Ear Climbers

What is an Ear Climber?

An ear climber earring (AKA ear crawler) is a popular jewelry trend that designers have been embracing in the last couple of years. The jewelry is essentially a pierced earring that travels up the ear. They can be worn on their own for an asymmetrical look or as a pair. Or as a pair. These can also be compared with cherry earrings when it comes to fashion jewelry. 

Tons of celebrities have been rocking ear climbers on red carpets and in their everyday life, pairing the same versatile earring trend with gowns and jeans.

This slideshow highlights some of our favorite celebrity looks, gives you some style pointers and shows you where to get your own set of star-worthy ear climbers.

Lea Michele in Diamond Branch Ear Climber

Lea Michele in Diamond Branch Ear Climber

Ear climbers don’t have to be huge or elaborate to garner attention. However, if you’re ear climbers are subtle like these, keep your hair swept to one side.

Lea Michele looks stunning with long soft waves and a branch-shaped diamond earring at a Pre-Emmy celebration party. 

Emma Stone in Diamond Drop Ear Climber

Actress Emma Stone arrives at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in these stunning bright white diamond ear climbers from Repossi.

She kept her neckline and the rest of her ear simple so she wouldn’t take away from the wow factor these earrings have. 

Gigi Hadid in Diamond Paisley Ear Climber

Gigi Hadid in Diamond Paisley Ear Climber

Gigi Hadid kept her hair short and swept behind her ears to show off these incredible diamond ear climbers. 

If your earrings are elaborate and travel the majority of the way up to your ear, consider a shorter hairstyle or pull your hair back completely.

Keira Knightley in Pear Shaped Ear Climber

Keira Knightley in Pear Shaped Ear Climber

Actress Keira Knightley walks the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards wearing a Repossi ear climber everyone was talking about. Here you see Knightley paired two pear-shaped studs with this ear climber that also had pear-shaped diamonds.​

If you have more than one hole in your ear, get this look by pairing stud earrings with an ear climber that has similar shape stones. 

Jessie J in Black Ear Climber

Jessie J combines two earring trends at the Grammy Awards: ear climbers and ear cuffs. The single rod ear climbers are really popular right now but might look too simple when worn on their own.

Layer one of these climbers with a few cuff earrings in the same color to recreate this look. 

Jessica Alba in Graduated Diamond Ear Climber

Actress Jessica Alba wore a beautiful set of graduated diamond ear climbers to the 2015 Forbes Women’s Summit: Transforming the Rules of Engagement. Her stylist made sure that her hair was parted deep enough and pushed back enough to show off the ear climber bling. 

Tatiana Maslany in a Simple Ear Climber

Tatiana Maslany in a Simple Ear Climber

Tatiana Maslany is no stranger to the ear climber trend. She has been seen wearing a variety of ear climbers on the red carpet but kept it simple here with a linear diamond earring.

Natalie Dormer in Swirling Ear Climber

Natalie Dormer had everyone talking at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for two reasons. First, her hair… and second, that amazing ear climber that swirls up the entire length of her ear.

Get this look without having to shave your head by creating a deep part in your hair and slicking one side back behind the ear and over the opposite shoulder.

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