Today, modern jewelry stores offer a full selection of gold and diamond jewelry in their showcases. In addition, most jewelers also offer custom design services as well and have realized exponential growth in this segment. Whether it be to remove and reuse diamonds from old jewelry or match an exact picture, custom designed jewelry is a premium retail service, and the importance of the communication between client and designer cannot be stressed enough.

Custom Jewelry Design

Let’s take a look at a scenario which can lead to a custom jewelry request in today’s modern world. A woman, streaming through her Instagram feed, sees the most perfect Engagement ring. She falls in love with the design and actually begins to follow the designer’s social media accounts. She can almost picture that exact ring on her finger! After doing her due diligence and becoming convinced that the ring is indeed perfect for her- it’s time to drop that hint to her significant other. Enter significant other whom is tasked with producing that exact ring, whether the jeweler has it or not! Chances are the jewelers future relationship with the client will be predicated on the satisfaction of the client and the success of this one job! Risky, No?

The custom design process usually takes a month or so, and it requires jewelers to understand exactly what the client is requesting. Jewelers will either contract the custom design service out or utilize in-house capability. One of the most difficult aspects of the job is the communication, between the client and the jewelry designer. The nyjewelryclub website bridges this gap, as it allows clients to narrow their searches and to find designs that closely match the inspiration of what they actually want. In most cases, the exact part can be made by simply making small modifications to an already existing file. Modifying something that already exists does not require as much design time. Therefore it’s cheaper and more cost effective.

Here’s how it works.

Step 1. Using the search tools, you can start with the main category, and then narrow your search using style, size, characteristics, or shape. You will be surprised how powerful the narrowing options are!

Step 2. Find the closest design match- usually, it’s not that difficult!

Step 3. Fill out the short customization request in the detail section of your selection. Examples of customization request include but are not limited to: changing the shape or size of the center stone, thicknesses of metal, or adding or removing specific details.

Step 4. A new render will be sent to you detailing the requested modifications. It is important to ensure all design details that a

Step 5. Order the design. You can take delivery in gold, palladium, or platinum. They will even offer finishing services depending on your current needs.

By allowing jewelers and manufacturers access to well designed, 3D files, the is certain to become a valuable asset and deliver a significant competitive advantage. Next time you are asked for custom, search the!

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