How to Design Custom Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is an excellent way to highlight and boost your appearance effortlessly. In this way, you no longer have to purchase various statement pieces; you can simply let your jewelry do the work for you. Moreover, in addition to wearing jewelry as an accessory, some people use it to carry a special memory with them wherever they go.

There are plenty of jewelry stores available where you can purchase any type you’d like. However, if you’re looking for something unique and one of a kind, having custom jewelry would be the perfect option for you. Nevertheless, custom jewelry creation can be tricky, especially if you have a specific design in mind. With this, you should look for good custom jewelers in Orange County or wherever you live in that can complete your order for you. After all, they’re not entirely cheap and you’d want to realize your vision with the costs involved.

To guide you, here’s what you need to know about the process of custom jewelry creation:  

Know Your Design 

The custom jewelry creation process begins with you and the design you have in mind. So, the first thing you need to prepare before going to a jewelry store for your custom piece is to know what you want to be made. You can begin by deciding on the type of jewelry you want, such as a necklace, ring, earrings, or bracelet. After that, identify which specific style you’d like to order. For example, if you’d like to have custom earrings, you should decide if you’d like to have stud, drop, or hoop earrings. After knowing which specific type of jewelry you’re going for, you can then proceed with the design.  

As you choose your design, ensure that it’s something you’d love to have for your custom jewelry piece. You can search for inspiration online and save the images on your phone. To allow the jeweler to know your specific preferences, you should provide them with a photo of the design you’d like to accomplish. However, if you can’t find a photo inspiration on the internet, don’t be afraid to sketch the idea yourself.

Custom Jewelry Creation: What You Must Know About The Process

Decide On The Material 

When it comes to crafting jewelry, there are plenty of materials you can choose from. Each material will vary in color, hardness, shine, and quality. Thus, you need to explore your options and see which one would best fit your design and budget.  

You can choose between having silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum as your main material. If you’re leaning towards golds, you should then proceed with determining how many karats you’d like to have. You can choose between 14k, 18k, or 24k. Because 24k gold jewelry is made of pure gold, it’s extremely yellow in color. On the other hand, 18k gold jewelry comprises 75% gold, with the remaining in other good alloy materials. For 14k jewelry, it has 58.3% gold. While it might be less, it can still provide an excellent yellowish tone, perfect for everyday use.  

Choose The Right Gems 

Apart from the material, you should also decide on your preferred gems if you plan to add some. However, you should prepare for a price increase, especially if you’re eyeing high-quality gems.  

Some of the most common gems you could add to your custom jewelry are diamond, ruby, emerald, and sapphire. In addition to these precious stones, there are plenty of other gems available on the market. You can choose to have your birthstone or any other rare-colored gemstone that catches your eye.  

With custom jewelry, you can add as many gems as you’d like. You can choose to add your family birthstones or any color you wish to have. In this way, you can have a unique piece specially made for you.  

Prepare Enough Budget 

Custom jewelry is often costly. After all, jewelers need to take time to craft your specific piece, especially if you’ve ordered a complicated and delicate design. Moreover, you’ll be paying for their skills and professional work to ensure that it’ll be a piece that’ll last.  

Apart from the fee you need to pay, you also need to keep the material costs in mind, especially if you’re using high-quality materials. For your gold pieces, expect that 24k would be the most expensive material since they contain 100% gold material. If you’re planning to add diamonds, it may add thousands of dollars, depending on the stone’s quality.  

If you’d like to have diamonds in your jewelry but can’t afford them, you might want to look for alternatives that look similar to diamonds, such as moissanite or zirconia. In this way, you can have the appearance of a clear gem without spending more money on your piece.  


Custom jewelry is always a great investment, given that its value will increase in years to come. Moreover, you can also have a design like no other, making it a statement piece you could wear every day. With that, you should ensure that you achieve your envisioned custom jewelry by carefully considering its design. While it might be easy driving to a jewelry store, they’re not a cheap service that you can have every day, along with the waiting time you need to consider. Keep the custom jewelry creation process discussed above in mind so you’ll have a positive experience.  



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