6 Ice vs. JAXXON vs. Frost NYC

The world of fashion and style is as large and colorful as they come. There is a true power behind personal fashion. Being able to define and express oneself in a comfortable way that feels both natural and empowering is truly an amazing experience. Jewelry is a tangential market to fashion and is just as powerful. However, for those who aren’t constantly immersed in the world of fashion, jewelry, and style, picking a brand to shop at can be difficult. This is only made worse by the plethora of options that the internet makes available to consumers on a global scale. Needless to say, picking the right brand for your look, your style, and your budget while still guaranteeing a quality piece can be a little tricky.

However, there are a few brands out there that have garnered strong reputations when it comes to jewelry for both men and women. This is where the industry becomes just as complicated as any other, though. Just like you get an idea for what type of car you want to purchase before you start heading into dealerships, you should also have an idea for what type of jewelry you want to purchase before jumping onto websites belonging to random brands. 

This is because some jewelers specialize in a specific style or type of jewelry. For instance, if you’re looking to add a Cuban link chain to your wardrobe, then it may make sense to shop at one of the brands below. 

Taking a Look at 6 Ice

6 Ice is the first brand we’ll look at when it comes to Cuban link chains and other types of hip-hop jewelry. This is what really defines and separates 6 Ice from the other brands on this list. They’re dedicated and self-proclaimed as a jewelry destination for hip-hop artists and hip-hop-style jewelry. They boast that their chains will shine, dazzle, and gleam in just about every scene. Not only that, but they offer their customers a plethora of options when it comes to their jewelry. 

Whether you’re looking to just get started with your jewelry collection, or you’re looking to add a stunner of a piece to your selection of chains, 6 Ice has an excellent inventory of well-worth shopping. Take a browse of their neck pieces and Cuban link chains, but don’t forget to browse their smaller slighter pieces when you just need to dress up something casual. 

Another highly popular category at 6 Ice is their selection of bracelets. Finally, and certainly noteworthy, is the fact that 6 Ice can even custom-make a piece to fit your exact specifications. Boasting the ability to create custom pieces definitely makes 6 Ice a jewelry destination worth shopping no matter where you are in your jewelry collection journey. 

The custom pendants offered by 6 Ice make excellent gifts, too, because they can be customized to say a word or phrase, shaped a certain way like a heart, or can be custom designed in any other number of fashions. 

What About JAXXON

The first thing that stands out about JAXXON is that all their materials and pieces are made in Italy. Italy has long been known for their intricate artistry and immaculate attention to detail when it comes to designing items of luxury. 

JAXXON uses 14K gold to create all of their solid-gold pieces due to the durability that 14K presents over 18K or 24K gold. They use this same 14K gold in their gold-bonded pieces, which contain around 3x the amount of gold in gold-plated pieces designed elsewhere. 

JAXXON also has a versatile selection, and they prioritize durability and longevity in their manufacturing processes. 

Considering Frost NYC

Frost NYC isn’t out of the game by any means, though. While JAXXON may focus on durability and aesthetics, and 6 Ice boasts a massive collection of diamond-based pieces, Frost NYC likely has some of the most versatility in the jewelry game. 

From options in 10K, 14K, and 18K gold, they have pieces that fit all different forms and functions. Not only that, but they also offer selections in stellar rose gold as well as winter-cool white gold. 

Frost NYC truly has a piece for anyone’s color scheme. 

Other Brands and Options

Men’s jewelry has come into the mainstream in a big way in the last few years and maybe even the last decade. With the world of online shopping and eCommerce also seeing a boom recently, retail has been brought directly to the screens of the consumer. Finding the right brands and the right products that fit your style and your budget can be a little tricky. Especially when it comes to finding authentic, high-quality pieces of jewelry. 

Take your time, never rush into a purchase, and decide on the style of jewelry you want to add to your collection before jumping into the shopping process. From there, you’ll be golden, pun intended. 

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