Have you heard about these On Cloud shoes? They’re kinda changing the whole comfort footwear game!

How, you ask? Well buckle up while I dish on all the cool ways they’re revolutionizing cushy kicks:

First up – these amazing CloudTec soles. They’ve got like built-in trampolines under your feet! With each step, these little pods compress down and spring you forward. Uhhh can we say “walking on clouds” level softness?

And they’re superthoughtful with their designs too! Breathable upper material, speed laces, the works. It morphs to your feet like a comfy hug.

These kicks are perfect for my runner babes pounding the pavement for miles. But even my casual girlies who just like strolling in style are all about the On Cloud hype!

The options are endless too – bold brights to chic neutrals, they’ve got it all. We can match these cloud-like shoes to every outfit under the sun!

Sooo who else is suddenly feeling their current kicks are looking a little flat? Let’s lift our footwear game up to the clouds by slipping into some On Clouds! Our feet will thank us big time.

  • Unique Cushioning System: These On Clouds have a one-of-a-kind cushioning setup under the hood! Special pods spread your weight nice and even across your feet. Say bye to ouchie pressure points and tired toes. My runner friends, this cushiony magic is perfect for pounding the pavement mile after mile!
  • Ergonomic Fit for Women: On Cloud got you covered with specially designed kicks to match our body mechanics. Their shoes are shaped to fit our feet like a glove! Maximum support and comfort while we break our PRs. No more pinching, squeezing or slipping mid-workout, woo hoo!
  • Responsiveness: Get ready to bounce through your day in responsive On Clouds! They’re engineered with the perfect combo of springy feel and plush cushioning. My feet literally feel like they’re floating on marshmallow clouds. But still got that pep in my step thanks to the bouncy bottom! Best of both worlds.
  • Innovative Technology: The tech inside On Clouds shoes is next level! It’s designed to mimic walking on fluffy clouds. Not kidding – the cushioning and support blows traditional shoes out of the water. My feet are on cloud nine all day in these innovative kicks. Major props to the engineers for innovating comfy footwear!
  • Sustainability: On Cloud is keeping it green while making the comfiest kicks! Their shoes transform carbon emissions into the cushiony foam bottoms. How cool is that?! With each step, I’m reducing my footprint in these sustainable sneakers. And my feet reap the benefits of that plush, eco-friendly foam. It’s a win-win for me and the planet!
  • On Cloud shoes are reshaping the comfort shoe game, y’all! Ergonomic shapes, space-age cushioning, springy steps – they nailed the trifecta. And did it sustainably too! Trying these on is believing, friends. Your feet will thank you for the cloud-like bliss in every step! These kicks are the new gold standard.

History and Background of the On Cloud Running Shoes Brand

If you’re a sneakerhead like me, you’ve gotta know about On Cloud shoes. But do you know how these revolutionary Swiss kicks got started? Let me break it down for you.

It all began when Ironman champ Olivier Bernhard decided regular running shoes just didn’t cut it. In 2010, he and two pals made it their mission to engineer footwear that felt like “running on clouds.”

After tons of R&D, they dropped the Cloudracer in 2012 – the first shoe with their unique CloudTec sole. These hollow cushioning “clouds” absorb impact and propel you forward with each stride.

The buzz was instant! Even Olympic gold medal winners started rocking On Clouds for races. They’ve gotta perform if the pros pick ’em, right?

Beyond the tech, On brings style with silhouettes for training, lifestyle, and collabs with tennis icon Roger Federer.

And the best part? Their shoes are eco-conscious using recycled materials and clean production. Feel good from your feet up!

Started in Switzerland, On Clouds are now sold worldwide – the US is their biggest fanbase. Runners, athletes, hypebaests – we all crave these crazy comfy kicks!

So next time you lace up, think about the Swiss engineers who created the magic of On Cloud shoes. Your feet will float away in cushioned bliss!

The Technology Behind On Cloud Shoes

Based on my researches, here are the key points about the technology behind On Cloud shoes:

  • The core technology is CloudTec®, a proprietary cushioning system with hollow “cloud” tubes in the sole that compress on impact and rebound for energy return. This provides soft landings and explosive toe-offs.
  • The goal of CloudTec is to mimic the feeling of “running on clouds” with exceptional cushioning and adaptability to individual running styles.
  • Speedboard® plates in the midsole enhance responsiveness and energy return during toe-off. Similar concept to carbon plates in racing shoes.
  • Models like the CloudStratus 2 double up on CloudTec with two layers for extra cushioning and support.
  • On focuses on innovation and sustainability, using recycled and low-impact materials in their shoes.
  • CloudTec and Speedboard work together to deliver soft yet responsive rides. The shoes aim to adapt to the runner’s needs rather than dictate gait patterns.
  • This proprietary tech offers personalized cushioning and energy return that helps reduce injury risk and enhances performance.
  • In summary, On Cloud shoes provide an adaptive, cloud-like feel through innovative sole technology centered around CloudTec and Speedboard.

On Cloud Shoes and Ultimate Comfort

Here is a summary of the key points:

  • On Cloud shoes are known for their exceptional comfort, largely due to the innovative CloudTec® cushioning system.
  • This system features hollow “cloud” tubes on the sole that compress to absorb impact and rebound for a responsive feel.
  • The goal is to reduce stress on the foot and create a sensation of “walking on clouds.”
  • The comfort is not just from softness – it’s also impact absorption and responsiveness.
  • Models like the Cloudsurfer 7 highlight the padding and durability that make them comfortable for walking and everyday wear.
  • The Speedboard® technology in the midsole enhances responsiveness and comfort.
  • Engineered mesh uppers in some models accommodate different foot shapes and improve airflow.
  • The On Cloud 5 has a Speed-Lacing system for easy on/off convenience, appreciated by workers who need quick transitions.
  • In summary, the CloudTec® system, Speedboard®, and design features provide exceptional comfort that makes On Cloud shoes popular across activities.

Benefits of Wearing On Cloud Shoes

Here is a condensed summary of the key benefits of wearing On Cloud shoes:

  • Superior cushioning from the CloudTec® sole provides impact absorption and comfort for activities like long runs or walks.
  • Lightweight, flexible design helps reduce fatigue.
  • Responsive sole adapts to the wearer’s needs, reducing injury risk and improving performance.
  • Breathable materials keep feet cool and dry.
  • Durable, high-quality construction built to last.
  • Customizable lacing allows for adjustable, secure fit.
  • Some models offer versatility for cross-training and other activities.
  • Sustainable materials reduce environmental impact.
  • Speed-lacing models allow for quick on/off convenience.
  • Stability features help prevent knee and ankle issues.

In summary, On Cloud shoes provide cushioning, breathability, durability, customization, versatility, sustainability, ease of use, and stability – making them a popular choice across activities.

On Cloud Shoes Perfect for Running

Are On Cloud Shoes Perfect for Running?

Based on the provided sources, here are some key points on whether On Cloud shoes are perfect for running:

  • On Cloud shoes utilize innovative CloudTec® technology in the soles which provides soft landings and powerful take-offs, optimizing the running experience. This makes them suitable for a range of running activities from short jogs to marathons.
  • They offer a lightweight yet well-cushioned feel, balancing comfort and responsiveness. The cushioning is firmer than “ultra-plush” shoes like Adidas Boost, catering to runners who want some softness but still a responsive ride.
  • The “speedboard” plate provides energy return and a propulsive toe-off, similar to carbon plate racing shoes from other brands. This gives them a responsive feel.
  • Some reviewers note the cushioning may not be as soft as some runners prefer, rating it around a 3 on a 1-5 plushness scale. So they may not be ideal for runners wanting a super soft maximally-cushioned feel.
  • Certain models like the Cloud X 3 are designed for versatility, from cross-training to short runs, making them a good all-around athletic shoe.
  • Overall, On Cloud shoes are engineered for running and praised for their innovative cushioning technology, lightweight responsive feel, and versatility. But personal preferences, plushness needs, and running style can determine if they are the perfect individual fit.

In summary, they are well-designed for running but may not suit all runners depending on individual needs and preferences. The innovative CloudTec® cushioning provides a unique running experience.

Different Styles and Colors Available

Here are some different styles and color options available for On Cloud shoes:

  • Styles include the Cloud 5, Cloud 5 Fuse, Cloudmonster, Cloud 2.0, Cloudflow, Cloud X, and Cloudrunner, each tailored for different needs like everyday versatility, maximal cushioning, racing, cross-training, long runs, etc.
  • The Cloud 5 comes in both regular and waterproof versions.
  • The Cloud 5 Fuse incorporates a light-to-dark gradient with marble-effect rubber for stylish flair.
  • Colors range from classic black and white to vibrant combinations, with new offerings frequently added based on trends.
  • Many styles blend monochrome shades with pops of color on design elements like the sole.
  • The variety of styles and colors allows the shoes to transition seamlessly from athletic activities to casual everyday wear.
  • On Cloud shoes aim to combine performance technology with fashionable and versatile stylistic designs to suit both functional and aesthetic needs.

In summary, there is a wide selection of On Cloud styles and colors to cater to different athletic needs and fashion preferences, allowing the shoes to stylishly transition from workouts to daily wear.

How to Care for Your On-Cloud Shoes

Here are the steps to properly care for your On Cloud shoes:

  • Remove loose dirt with a soft brush before washing.
  • Take out the insoles and laces and wash them separately. Soak in detergent and water.
  • Hand wash the shoes themselves with a gentle detergent and water. Use baking soda paste to scrub the soles.
  • Machine washing can be done but place shoes in a mesh bag with towels to prevent damage. Handwashing is recommended.
  • After washing, wring out excess water and allow to fully air dry naturally away from direct heat. Don’t use a dryer.
  • Use baking soda to absorb odors and freshen shoes.
  • Consider applying a water and stain repellent spray to help keep them clean.
  • Replace the insoles periodically for optimal comfort and support.
  • Take proper care by handwashing, air drying, using baking soda, and protective sprays to extend the life of your On Cloud shoes.

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Conclusion: Why You Should Try On Cloud Shoes for Ultimate Comfort

With their innovative CloudTec cushioning system that softens impact while propelling your stride, On Cloud shoes have become popular among runners and walkers seeking supreme comfort.

Though generously cushioned, they offer a slightly firmer feel than ultra-plush shoes, appealing to those wanting a balance of softness and energy return. The lightweight yet cushioned design combines the best aspects of performance and comfort.

Versatile models like the Cloud X 3 work for short runs, cross-training, and gym sessions, while convenience features like Speed-Lacing allow healthcare workers and others to slip them on and off with ease. The responsive “Speedboard” plate provides a springy toe-off similar to carbon racing shoes.

On Cloud shoes also stand out for their use of sustainable, fossil-free materials, making them a comfortable choice you can feel good about for your feet and the environment.

If you’re after a uniquely cushioned shoe that excels at comfort without compromising on performance and sustainability, On Cloud shoes warrant serious consideration.

The innovative CloudTec system aims to optimize the running experience, absorbing impact while propelling you forward in ultimate comfort.

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