Wholesale Handbags and Women's Accessories

Handbags and purses are necessary to carry your daily essentials, but they also serve another purpose. Handbags are the easiest way to add the latest trends into your wardrobe, look put together, and show off your personality. As in all fashion, you must be wary when selecting handbags ideal for your body type, the occasion, and your carrying needs.

This handbag guide describes different handbag styles.

From designer handbags and purses to great bargain handbags. Top picks and shopping resources for bags and purses, as well as information on how to choose bags that will work with your shoes, outfit, or body type.

Whether or not you’re a handbag kind of woman, you can’t deny that handbags are an accessory must-have. A bag will coordinate with a wide variety of outfits while holding all of your daily essentials.

Top Picks in Handbags from Purse Obsession

Browsing the Purse-obsession.com website will let you know that great-looking handbags don’t have to cost a fortune. With contemporary styling and great prices, here are just a few of the bag styles you’ll find at Purse Obsession online.

Trendy handbags come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are looking to add a new handbag to your collection, check out our hot picks in handbags. From satchels to tote bags to clutches, you are sure to find the perfect handbag for you.

Top Picks in Handbags from Purse Obsession

Evening Bags & Handbags for Special Occasions

If you’re a bit strapped for cash the next time, a special occasion rears its head, head to Purse-obsession.com store for some of the cutest and most affordable evening bags around. Suitable for proms, weddings, or nights on the town, there is almost always a style for any occasion or outfit, and you can’t beat the prices, as some bags are priced at just over $10.

Tote Bags

It wasn’t until I got a little older that I learned to appreciate the attributes of the tote bag. Shopping at Purse Obsession probably schooled me a little too, as they have such an amazing selection. There’s a tote for every age group and every personality.

Totes, also known as shopper bags, are medium to large bags that are rectangular or square in shape. This type of bag is useful for carrying items — such as notebooks — that are too large for a standard purse. It is not uncommon for totes to have an open-top, but some versions may have a buckle or magnetic closure.

Clothing companies and musicians frequently use tote bags as promotional items. Totes made of woven synthetic fibers have also gained popularity as an alternative to plastic shopping bags.

Shoulder Bags

I love bags of all shapes and sizes, but I must admit I’m a bit partial to roomy bags with long shoulder straps. If you like a bag that can shoulder the weight of all your “must-haves,” you’ll love Purse Obsession’s choices in long-shoulder bags.

Messenger Bags

Messenger bags are large, rectangular bags with a strap long enough to wrap around the chest and across the body. They are very similar to crossbody bags but are made to hold more items. The bag is made to rest by the waist or lower back and is usually associated with bicycle messengers and mail carriers. However, they have become increasingly popular in mainstream fashion.

They are useful for the office and school, as they are big enough to accommodate items such as textbooks and laptops. Common materials used to make messenger bags are durable fabrics such as canvas and leather.

Hobo Bags

Slouchy, crescent-shaped purses are known as hobo bags or half-moon purses. Smaller hobo bags are popular amongst young girls, while larger versions are stylish in high-end fashion. The crescent shape is less obvious in large hobo bags. They tend to be made of soft material so that they don’t retain their shape when set down. Hobo bags also have a single strap to be worn on one shoulder.

What Should I Wear With Hobo Bags?

This type of bag is a staple accessory for those who like bohemian, hippie-inspired fashion. Hobo bags look best with tunics, maxi dresses, and oversized cardigans. Due to the relaxed, casual vibe of hobo purses, this type of bag makes a great summer accessory.

Crossbody Bags

The crossbody bag allows you to stay hands-free. As the name indicates, the strap crosses your body for security. Crossbody bags, messenger bags, and backpacks are perfect for students, commuters, shoppers, and anyone else who wants the convenience. They are a bit too casual for the office but perfect for casual wear.

Cute Bucket Bags

Compact and cute bucket bags are the ideal size for your daily necessities. The drawstring closure on these carryalls provides both functionality and decoration. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to snag one of these uniquely shaped purses.

Bucket bags were even recommended in earlier years and, if you have already got one, do not hesitate to use your bucket bags. Those who still want to buy new bucket bags can focus on basic colors and prints. Choose neutral shades so you are able to team up your bag with a wide range of attire. These bags are totally in this season, and the best part is that from work to a night party, you can just carry them around anywhere. Bucket bags are trendy and can be used for multiple purposes.

Satchel Handbags

This should be your go-to handbag for everything from dinner with your parents to a daytime date. A satchel has short handles, and the top can have a zipper, snap drawstring, or buckle closure. Your everyday satchel should be medium-sized with high-quality construction. You can experiment with fun colors and patterns, but realize that you are looking for something that will work well with most of your wardrobe.

Clutch Handbags

Every woman should have a glitzy evening clutch for special occasions. It should be small in size but not so small that it doesn’t hold anything. Clutches that are embellished with crystals, sequins, and other metallic fabrics are ideal for the evening. A sparkling clutch doesn’t have to be expensive.

While clutches have become a hot accessory trend, shaped box clutches are a must-have this season. These dainty handheld accessories are essential for those winter holiday parties. They’re often embellished with elements such as studs or crystals, making them a perfect addition to a cocktail dress.

Top Handle Handbags for the Traditionalist

And if it’s simply a handbag you’re looking for, of course, Purse Obsession has you covered. Satchels, hobos, and roll bags are all well represented, and the styles and the prices are spots on.

Embrace your personality through your accessories

If you feel your style needs an upgrade, forget about hitting the stores for more clothes; check out if your accessories need a makeover.

One of the best ways to stand out and fit in at the same time is through your accessories. Use them to take your favorite bland basics to the next level. Purchase wholesale handbags and women’s accessories must-haves that will never fail you.

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Handbag

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Handbag

We all want to get the most out of the handbags we buy. This is why buying versatile colors like these can be really smart. However, this season it is all about the statement handbag. Consider purchasing one at a less expensive price that you can change up and have fun using.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that fashion and accessory trend reports are to be seen as guideposts in helping you discern what is and isn’t right for you. Just because it is popular does not mean you have to purchase it. Use the top tips below to find the right handbag for you.

Choose a Versatile Color

The first tip is to choose a bag that will work with everything. This seems fairly obvious, right? However, it’s important to know what these versatile colors are in order to do this. Popular shades that work with just about everything is metallic, like gold and silver, straw bags for summer vacations, natural shades like cognac or tan (great for business trips), and if you are looking for a go-with-everything shade, try green.

Work Your Wardrobe Around Your Bag

If you want to carry a printed handbag, like for a beach vacation, for example, be sure that your wardrobe works with the prints found in the pattern of the bag. It makes no sense to pack a wardrobe in shades like orange, pink and purple and then bring a bag with prints in it like red and blue. When people pack, they create small capsules, and it is important that the handbag that you are bringing works with the capsule of the clothing. In fact, starting with your printed bag and choosing your wardrobe colors around the shades found in print is a smart approach.

Choose a Bag That Works With all of Your Plans

Ideally, you want the bag you use as your carry-on tote to also be the bag that can be what you take to the beach, sightseeing, and more. Be sure to choose one that is large enough and friendly for all of the activities that you have planned.

Pack a Small Bag Within Your Larger Bag

The next tip is to use a small zipper clutch that can act like a pouch or large wallet in your larger bag to keep things like your cell phone, change, receipts, makeup, or other smaller items. What this small zipper clutch is also useful for are fancier evenings out.

If you have formal plans in the evening or just want to be freed up from having to lug around a large tote with you everywhere you go, a smaller bag can act like an evening bag for times when the larger bag is unnecessary.

Consider a Reversible Bag

There are many tote bags out there that are reversible and have different colors on each side. The benefit of this is you get two bags in one. Alternatively, there are many companies out there that sell base handbags and outer shells that let you change up the look of your one purse. Trust me, packing these additional cloth shells that can slip over your base handbag takes up a lot less room than packing multiple purses.

Discounted Wholesale Handbags and Accessories

Discounted Wholesale Handbags and Accessories

Purse-obsession.com is a great source for deeply discounted designer wholesale handbags, including bags, wallets, and women’s accessories. With savings of up to 40%, the stock at this site is limited, and new items are added every day. Consequently, you may find five authentic handbags one day and gone the next. But if you keep an eye out, you can find some of the best deals going.

If you’re in the market for wholesale handbags and accessories, then a site like Purse Obsession might be worth considering.

Where to Buy Wholesale Handbags Online

One of the first places to check for wholesale handbags, the Purse Obsession online site carries the classic collection of bags, as well as the most current line. This is also a great place to check for sales, as they mark down their designer lines often.

The sale section of Purse-obsession.com is also a great place to look for handbags on sale. Purse Obsession offers designer handbags, accessories, and wallets at discounted prices every day — and yes, they carry the best selection of high-quality handbags.

In fact, their selection of bags is pretty large, and they’re all marked about 25% off. But this is one of those sites you definitely want to keep an eye on, as they often have sales and daily specials that will bring the prices down even further.

Handbags Under $25

Shopping for handbags? I know I always am.

For me, bags are a bit of an obsession. I can’t walk by a display of handbags without wanting at least one, and usually more like three or four. And while designer handbags are fantastic, I’ve found that bags don’t have to be expensive to look great and to feed my handbag obsession. Purse Obsession offers styles for less than $25 but will make you feel and look like a million bucks.

With loads of shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, Purse Obsession bags are mostly leather and feature designs ranging from simple solids to cool retro prints. A good percentage of their bags are $25 or less.

A Variety of Affordable Bags

Offering style on a budget, handbags are always on par with the hottest trends. While some of the styles are very youthful, many are basics that would work for women of just about any age.

Pretty Prints in Loads of Styles

Purse Obsession handbags and women’s accessories are a stylish and affordable option for women who like a bit of color in their lives. They carry lots of classic bags in shape, but they feature fun, vivid prints like paisleys and floral patterns.

Hip and Affordable Mini Bags

If you like small handbags, you’ll love this line, as they have some of the cutest crossbody pouches I’ve ever seen. But this brand can also accommodate those of us with more to carry since they offer a variety of shoulder, flight, and messenger bags as well.

Stylish Handbags for Less

Though Purse Obsession handbags generally cost between $8.95 and $25, though they look much more expensive, and their stylish designs mimic those of higher-end labels.

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