When you wear a crossbody bag, you can carry things you want to access quickly. If you’re after a stylish way to carry your keys, phone, and wallet when you’re not at home or in the gym, a crossbody bag could be just the thing.

When you wear a crossbody bag, there are things that are best kept in this type of accessory: passports fit nicely into them; sunglasses fit nicely, sun cream, electricals, cologne, books, yesterday’s lunch (Whoops, forget about that…), and so many items find their way inside these bags because they’re easily accessible when needed.

The best thing about crossbody bags is how easy it is to wear and use them. The strap is the perfect length, so you can sling it over your shoulders and adjust it to fit you perfectly. It’s especially convenient when you have lots to carry with you during errand days.

I can wear a crossbody bag on my chest so that I don’t have to use my hands to carry it, freeing up my hands for other things.

We can easily wear crossbody bags over one shoulder or across the body. With their adjustable, convenient straps, they are very easy to carry while running errands or spending a day out and about.

Who needs to carry items in a crossbody bag?

A crossbody bag for a notebook is a must-have for graphic designers and illustrators. Why? Because you need to carry your laptop, tablet, and supplies with you wherever you go.

Brands like Smythson and Burberry designed the most functional crossbody bags with the professional in mind. There are crossbody bags that can hold up to a 15” laptop, for example.

Make sure your choice of the bag has these features:

  • Built-in padded compartment fits most notebooks up to 13” or up to 15”.
  • Exterior zipper pocket to keep keys, phone & wallet at your fingertips.
  • Back slip pocket for magazines or files.
  • Organizer panel to hold pens and other small items securely in place.

A great example of this type of crossbody bag is the Ted Baker crossbody bag, which has plenty of space inside for your tablet or laptop up to 13”, and some of the one-size Ted Baker bags have pockets on the outside where you can store smaller items like keys and wallets.

This is also an ideal choice if you want something stylish that goes well with most outfits — just make sure not to get anything too big!

Ah, I brought my Sunglasses! That’s great, it’s bright today.

As the weather heats up, sunglasses become a must-have accessory in any man’s crossbody bag. Instead of taking them off indoors and hanging them from your shirt pocket (where they get lost) or dangling them off your pants pocket (where they get…you know, lost), I can slip them away safely for when needed.

I lost count of the number of times I sat on them! If I’d had a crossbody bag to store them when not in use, many sunglasses would have survived the wrath of accidents- like my Ray Bans! I’m yet to get past that in my head, *unhappy grin*.

Electricals: Notebooks, Phone Charger, headphones, USB cable, and all things electric.

One of the most useful reasons for luxury accessories like crossbody bags for men is storing a notebook. Best find a stylish and functional crossbody bag that comes with a waterproof feature to protect your precious laptop or tablets from water damage in case of rain or accidental spills.

Check that it also has plenty of room to store other things such as books, papers, a portable battery pack, a USB flash drive, your wallet, and a cell phone.

When choosing a crossbody bag for your laptop or notebook, pick one that features a padded compartment for your laptop, an organizer for pens and other small items, a front zip pocket for quick access items, and a back slip pocket.

Having an extra charging cable on hand in your laptop bag can be a lifesaver when you’re away from home and your phone’s battery life is low.

That useful umbrella when rain hits in the fall

Bring an umbrella with you as you walk to and from work. The unpredictable weather of fall and winter can be sudden and inconvenient, so you’ll want to protect yourself against rain, snow, sleet, and strong gusts of wind. That small umbrella tucked away in the crossbody bag serves the old ‘best to have it and not need it’ adage well when the weather turns.

Surely, a backpack is better?

You’d think so, but a crossbody bag is an excellent choice for carrying around a notebook because it sits against your body and doesn’t bounce around as much as a backpack would.

It also offers more protection from theft since it’s harder for someone to grab the strap on your shoulder and run off with your belongings.

The Smythson Crossbody Bag is another chic bag to carry around. Made from durable cross-grain leather in Italy, this bag is perfect for everyday use. It has an adjustable webbing strap that allows you to wear it across your body. It can also fit a 13” laptop easily.

One or two books or magazines

Whether you’re meeting up with a friend or heading out for a solo day trip, it’s always a good idea to have something to read in case you find yourself waiting around.

This can be anything from one of your favorite magazines (perhaps one that features articles about cars, or travel destinations), an unfinished book from your TBR pile, or even just a book that you want to re-read.

If carrying around just one book doesn’t fit into your style preferences or daily life schedule (we get it!), don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to swap out what goes into your crossbody bag every month or so without having to buy new bags altogether.

For example: If there is an article in the newspaper that interests me and I know my partner will also enjoy reading it too, I will put both copies into our crossbody bag so we can share them together later on at home!

How do you style a crossbody bag for men?

If your crossbody bag is too heavy and the strap digs into your shoulder, that’s not cool! But if it fits the way it should and feels comfortable on your body, then it’s easy to see why they are popular among travelers.

Crossbody bags look best when paired with looser silhouettes, such as tapered pants. Wear your crossbody with more casual outfits—not super-fitted ones like a suit and tie.

When choosing a crossbody bag, choose one that goes with your wardrobe and suits your needs, something that complements your wardrobe. If you’re not that confident with fashion and want to avoid standing out, a dark or neutral-colored bag will work best.

But if you like to wear bold outfits, then bright colors like pastels or bright red will match your style.

Are crossbody bags trendy?

A better viewpoint is: are they popular? Crossbody bags are a stylish and functional way to carry your essentials without feeling weighed down. The crossbody bag is a great accessory for any man who wants to look stylish.

There are many colors available for crossbody bags, including black, brown, red and blue. You should choose a color that matches your personal style and wardrobe so that it looks good with all of your outfits.

Robert Downey, Jr, for example, has worn them for years and can be seen strutting about town with his crossbody bag and at film premieres.

A final note

Take a look at popular crossbody bags right now from brands that include Versace, Calvin Klein, and Ted Baker on 7Gents.

Strap on a crossbody bag and walk, hike, or even go for a jog not only in style but with those much-needed everyday items.

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