There are so many different bags to choose from including clutches, totes, satchels, fanny packs, cross-boy bags, and backpacks. There might be a lot to choose from but they are mostly the same basic rectangular shape. It’s practical but it isn’t very much fun. That’s why Maisie Williams‘ funky Kate Spade chocolate milk carton bag caught our attention at the 2015 Glamour Awards. It was unique, eye-catching, and perfect for a party.

Novelty bags may not be as common as your standard purse but there are plenty of them to be found. Celebs were obsessed with Anya Hindmarch‘s clutch that reassembled a crunched-up bag of potato chips and Lily James’ Cinderella book clutch was cooler than any pair of glass slippers. Whether you like books, food, animals, or movies, there is a quirky bag to express your favorite things.

Check out 13 unique bags that are way more interesting than the traditional tote:

1. Shelling Out Bag ($45, Nasty Gal)

Nasty Gal Shelling Out Bag

If you ever wanted to be a mermaid, this is your bag. It’s something Ariel would be jealous of and it’s a lot less trouble than figuring out how to make a comfortable bra top out of seashells.

2. Duster Novelty Cross-Body Bag ($33, ASOS)

ASOS Duster Novelty Cross Body Bag

Just looking at this bag will make you want to smile. How many purses have you ever come across with eyes? If it does get dirty, it doesn’t matter, it will only add to the look.

3. Watermelon Across Body Bag ($54, Accessorize)

Accessorize Watermelon Bag

You can’t go wrong with a fruit-shaped bag. It is a classic novelty bag. This beaded watermelon bag has so much detail packed onto a little slice.

4. Cronkite Clutch ($50, Aldo)

Aldo Cronkite Clutch: where to buy novelty bags

Beauty lovers can incorporate another product into their looks thanks to this clutch. Sadly, it doesn’t actually spray any sort of love potion or perfume.

5. Wing It Leather Butterfly Clutch ($358, Kate Spade)

Kate Spade Butterfly Clutch

How pretty is this? You probably wouldn’t want a giant bee bag because that would be a bit scary but an oversized butterfly is perfectly fine. Try resisting the urge to keep opening it up to make it look like it’s flying.

6. Skinnydip Unicorn Tears Novelty Cross-Body Bag ($50, ASOS)

Skinnydip Novelty Unicorn Tears Bag

You may not be able to fit a lot into this novelty bag but you can’t really fit that much in a standard clutch either. And is that clutch shaped like a drink, complete with a straw? Nope.

7. Let’s Kick It Vegan Leather Cross-Body Bag ($48, Nasty Gal x Nia Anthony)

Nasty Gal Nilla Anthony Soccer Bag

Wearing a team jersey is expected, wearing a soccer ball bag isn’t. This quirky bag is made out of vegan leather and the shoulder strap is removable.

8. Pencil Case Clutch ($1,450, Anya Hindmarch)

Anya Hindmarch Pencil Case Clutch

This pencil clutch is made by the same designer who created the very popular crisp bag clutch. It is made out of snakeskin, which explains the eye-watering price. Let’s hope some celebrity wears it on the red carpet so we get to appreciate its quirkiness.

9. Faux Fur Face Drawstring Backpack ($35, Topshop)

Topshop Furry Face Backpack

Novelty clutches are popular but if you want something to put all of your 1,001 necessities in, this backpack should hold most of them. Be prepared to have random people coming up to pet it. It’s a friendly-looking creature.

10. Star Wars Stormtrooper Backpack ($22.50, Claire’s)

Claires Star Wars Stormtrooper Bag

You would have been the coolest kid in your class if you had this backpack in your school days. (I’m sure your Lion King one was a hit too.) The new Stars Wars film is in the works, so it’s time to add new pieces to your collection.

11. Through The Post Clutch ($29.99, ModCloth)

ModCloth Post Clutch

If you want a unique bag, but don’t want to stray too far away from traditional handbag shapes, this postcard clutch is a great idea. It’s up to you whether you want to customize it by writing your address on the front.

12. Kitchi Puppy Cross-Body Bag ($66.98, Betsey Johnson)

Betsey Johnson Pug Bag

Animal lovers this bag will make you squeal. Look at that face. The puppy even has a collar with little heart studs on it. That is a great attention to detail.

13. Charlotte Olympia Piñata Raffia And Leather Shoulder Bag ($647.50, NET-A-PORTER)

Charlotte Olympia Pinata Bag

Let’s just take a moment to admire how cute this bag is. There is so much detail involved you can see why it originally cost $1,295. However, even at half price, you would be very upset if someone mistook it for an actual piñata.

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