Review of Small Shoulder Bag From Aulovely

Last June, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered my first luxury shoulder bag – AULOVELY Small Shoulder Bag. Anyone who knows me knows that I love and crave designer items – they are not my easy purchases, and as I get older, the impact of my purchases on the “let me buy 100 cheap things I wear in my closet” Getting Smaller “Let me shop less frequently and invest in a true capsule wardrobe that will benefit me for the rest of my life.”

Designer bags are a huge investment, but they are also an investment – if you keep them in good shape! In many cases, they will appreciate the longer you have them! As long as you take care of your purchases, you can expect to sell your designer handbags for no less than what you originally spent – maybe even more! It’s good to know that if you need some cash urgently, you can turn around and sell your bag in a pinch!

I considered so many different bags and finally pulled the trigger on the AULOVELY small shoulder bag. Now that I have owned this bag for over 8 months, I would like to share an honest review about my AULOVELY.

Here’s what drew me to this pack:

Size: From all the photos and research I’ve done, the size seems perfect to me. I usually run around with a diaper bag or lugging a baby around, and the crossbody bag is the best feature of my lifestyle. However, it still looks big enough to handle a lot of stuff I need to carry around.

The look: I love that this bag comes in brown and black, which means I can wear it with anything I have in my closet.

Price: This bag is by no means cheap, but it is a more affordable designer bag. this is my first time

Honest Reviews on Bags

I’ve had this messenger bag for a while now and I’m honestly glad I chose to buy AULOVELY as my first designer bag. The reasons I initially decided to buy this bag were ultimately accurate! The size is great – it’s not huge, but it can hold a ton! You can easily fit a full-sized wallet, car and house keys, sunglasses, lipstick, and a little extra space.

This bag is perfect for almost every season: I wear it non-stop in summer and fall. I’ve since displayed it in my office all winter because winters in upstate NY are harsh – I don’t want it to be ruined or the leather too wet, so I’ve opted for a cheaper handbag since December since. Still, it’s a great decoration in my office for now.

Some other features of this bag that I really like:

It’s very sturdy – it’s been in great shape since owning it.

good quality. Since owning it, the leather has not shown any signs of wear and I absolutely love the gold hardware. Wear it and look sharp! The monogram’s body also gives a nice feel, with no signs of wear and tear since owning it.

It’s unique – it’s not a bag you’ll see on everyone. I find that many AULOVELY owners tend to buy the full leather version, and I’ve never seen another bag of mine here. I’ve gotten so many compliments!

Overall, this is a bag that I know I will be happy with for years to come. I plan to eventually pass it on to my daughter as a vintage heirloom – she can continue to use it for herself, and since AULOVELY will always hold its value, it’s also an investment for her!

My next purchase…

In fact, I just recently invested in my second luxury bag and am currently waiting for it to arrive. Can’t wait to share it with you all!

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