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It was Guccio Gucci who found the house of Gucci in 1921 and opened his first shop in Rome who began manufacturing and trading luggage and saddler. And like some other luxury designer brands, Gucci became famous for their Italian designs and excellent craftsmanship across the globe throughout the years. And up to date, it has become one of the sought after designer brand because of its continued popularity among women that even Hollywood stars today and classic stars of yesterday prefer using.

And of course, like any other famous designer brands, Gucci is prone to replication. The designs are simply chic and elegant that is perfect for every woman. It definitely deserves a spot in the top brands across the globe.

Now let’s mention some of our favorite products that Gucci has ever released, like shoulder bags, tote bags, crossbody bags, mini bags, and clutches for women. Watch out for more Gucci releases here at Bagbuybuy.com.

Five Handbags Every Wardrobe Needs to Be Complete

Even the biggest of handbag lovers don’t change their purse daily. It’s just too unrealistic. If changing your handbag is something you want to do on a regular basis, you can look into these solutions, like bags that have a base bag with separate covers that can easily be slipped on and off, depending on mood and outfit and these easy ways to keep your handbag organized so changing is a breeze. However, if even these solutions seem like too much of a commitment, you can cover your handbag bases with these must-have styles that you will always have on hand for whatever your plans are.

Five Handbags Every Wardrobe Needs to Be Complete

One Good Roomy Work Bag

If you are a working woman, a roomy Gucci work tote of superior quality is of the utmost importance to have. You want to make sure it is large enough to hold what you need for work, like files, your laptop and/or tablet, and that it looks professional. To get the most out of one bag, consider a mid-brown shade, like cognac or a tan. This way, if you are wearing black, navy grey, brown, or even color, the color of the bag will work.

A Casual Tote

A Gucci tote bag is a smart thing to have. This is the bag you can grab for casual errands, you can even use it as a reusable shopping bag for the beach, and it’s roomy enough for carrying lots of things if you have kids. You want to make sure this bag is durable and something that you don’t mind using on very active days.

One Casual Handbag

Unlike a roomy, causal tote, some situations don’t call for a bag with that much room. Instead, you just need a casual bag that is durable that can also hold just the essentials, like your wallet, keys, and smartphone. A small wristlet can do the trick, as can a casual crossbody bag or even a backpack so you can keep your hands free.

A Formal Clutch

If you have to attend formal events once every blue moon, it just doesn’t make sense to buy a new dressy Gucci clutch on sale every time. Instead, consider having just one that will go with whatever you are wearing. A smart choice would be a Gucci leather clutch in black, metallic, gold, or silver, that will work with whatever your outfit looks like.

One Everyday Handbag

Having one basic everyday bag that is smaller than your good Gucci work tote but nicer than your casual Gucci totes or durable casual bag is really important. This is the bag that you can use for smart-casual events when you are dressed up beyond just shorts and a t-shirt. Seeing that this will likely be your most used Gucci bag, it might make sense to buy this bag in black.

Look at your life first, then buy handbags

Be sure to look at your life before committing to too many handbags for one part of your life. If you are a busy professional, more than one work bag might be a smart choice. Attend a lot of formal events; it will probably make sense to invest in several formal Gucci purses. Yet, despite this, having at least one bag in each of the categories listed will guarantee that you will always have the right Gucci bag for the right occasion.

Where to Buy Authentic Gucci Handbags Online

Where to Buy Authentic Gucci Handbags Online

Gucci handbags: forever fashionable, forever coveted, and often difficult to find online — at least, if you’re looking for authentic merchandise.

Gucci handbags, shoes, and other accessories are extremely expensive and extremely coveted. Below are a few informative tidbits about Gucci, as well as a great shopping resource.

  • Established: 1921 in Florence, Italy
  • Line Includes: Women’s and men’s shoes, handbags, fragrances, luggage, watches, belts, eyewear, scarves, and ready-to-wear apparel.
  • Gucci Hallmarks: “GG” logo, striped webbing, horsebit pattern, horsebit hardware.
  • Celebrities in Gucci: Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Hurley, Grace Kelly, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Jackie O, Gwenyth Paltrow, Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder, Charlize Theron, etc.

Where the Deals Are – Discounts & Bargains:

Ah, Gucci handbags. An oasis in the vast desert of knock-off bags and designer look-a-likes. When you want a bag to make you stand out, Gucci handbags are about the safest bet you can make. They’ve got style. They’ve got history. They’ve got class.

In fact, as far as I can tell, there are really only two problems with Gucci bags. First, they’re extremely expensive. So much so that most of the people who’d like one can’t actually afford to buy one. The second problem is a lot of people really want one. At least one.

That combination of demand and inaccessibility creates the ideal environment for opportunists. Dishonest people looking to make a quick buck — or thousands of quick bucks — are more than willing to sell black market goods to unsuspecting people. Sometimes, the customer is even aware of the fact that they’re buying illegitimate or illegal goods, but their desire for the product is so strong, they’re willing to compromise their values.

Handbags are an easy way to update your wardrobe or add a punch of color or design to an outfit. Luckily, it’s easy to find real Gucci bags on sale no matter what your budget. Check out my favorite place to shop for authentic Gucci handbags for less.

  • Obviously, the best way to acquire an authentic Gucci handbag is to purchase from a Gucci boutique or authorized reseller.
  • Bagbuybuy.com is a site that has made a name selling new real Gucci with gift receipts at discounted prices.

This is a great source for deeply discounted real Gucci on sale, including handbags, wallets, and accessories. With savings of up to 70%, the stock at this site is limited, and new items are added every day. Consequently, you may find 5 authentic Gucci handbags one day and none the next. But if you keep an eye out, you can find some of the best deals going.

The Luxury Gucci Handbag - Where Functionality Meets Elegance
Image via Bagbuybuy.com

Bagbuybuy.com offers a full range of real Gucci on sale, including classic styles and the most recent collection. If you want to complete your Gucci wardrobe, this site also offers bags, accessories, and of course, wallets. This is one of those sites you definitely want to keep an eye on, as they often have new real Gucci on sale and daily specials that will bring the prices down even further.

No matter your choice of Gucci, you can be sure to find one to fit your lifestyle. Check out the authentic affordable Gucci bags selection!

More About Gucci:

Having started in 1921 as a family-owned leather goods store, Gucci generated 10.19 billion dollars in revenue in 2019, making it one of the world’s leading luxury labels. With more than 200 company-operated stores throughout the world, Gucci handbags are especially coveted and have inspired a myriad of knock-off products.

7 Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Gucci Bag

Congratulations on your decision to buy a Gucci bag! Some of the most important questions to address before you being your process include: “How to buy a Gucci?” “Where to buy a Gucci?” “How do you make sure it is authentic?” At Bagbuybuy.com, they have been selling and consigning Gucci bags for years, and here are the 7 things you absolutely must consider when buying your first Gucci bag.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Gucci Bag


The first thing to consider when purchasing your first Gucci bag is whether it’s authentic or not. Always buy from a reputable seller who provides lots of pictures of different angles of the bag. If the bag is authentic, the seller will have nothing to hide.


When buying your first Gucci, consider your lifestyle. Are you a mom on the go who needs a roomy bag? Do you plan on using your Gucci mostly for travel? Perhaps you’re really loving the current mini bag trend, or maybe you’re petite and prefer a bag that doesn’t overtake your figure. Because of the many options available, consider all these factors before making your purchase.


Think about your wardrobe and how your new real Gucci fits in it. A lot of people opt for black as their very first Gucci color because it’s so versatile. However, perhaps a neutral color like Etoupe or Gold might work best for you. Maybe you want your Gucci to stand out and want to get a pop of color. Gucci has a large number of beautiful colors you can choose from, so it’s worth spending some time researching them and deciding on the one you’ll wear the most.


The two most popular hardware options offered by Gucci are Gold and Palladium. When picking out hardware for your first Gucci, you should consider which tone of accessories you wear the most. If you don’t care much for a matchy-matchy look, or you wear both tones the same, then hardware selection will not be an important factor. However, most women prefer one over the other.


Gucci also offers an array of different leathers. Many Gucci products are manufactured with pigskin, calf, and exotic leathers imported from other countries. Today’s Gucci leather is mainly the ultra-luxurious Guccissima leather. We recommend researching the different types of leathers (and exotic skins) Gucci has available before making your decision.


By now, you must know real Gucci bags are an investment. Though what is the best price to buy a Gucci bag? You should be prepared to spend anywhere from $350 to $30,000 on your new real Gucci, depending on the leather (or skin), size, color, and hardware of your choice. Purchasing a Gucci in the secondary market will come with a premium but will guarantee instant gratification and guarantees you will get the exact same Gucci bag you want. At the boutique, you will not only have to wait, but you will be offered what they have, which may not be the bag you want. In the secondary market, you also have the option of perusing pre-loved handbags that will come with a lower price tag. And always remember, if the price is too good to be true, the bag is most likely a fake.

Have you ever wondered why Gucci handbags are so expensive? We have found 12 simple reasons as to why Gucci bags are so expensive!


A pre-loved Gucci may or may not come with its original box, but if it does, it will cost you extra. A new and unused Gucci handbag on sale is always preferable, but you can keep your first Gucci safe in any other dust bag that is size appropriate. Before purchasing your Gucci handbags, be honest with yourself about how much you want the accessories, and consider if you have the appropriate room in your closet for them.

Extra Tip

If you decide to purchase a new Gucci bag, be sure to thoroughly read the description of the condition the bag is in. On Bagbuybuy.com, they have new and unused Gucci handbags on sale. This means the bag is new, as you would get it from the store, with all of its accessories, like the box, dustbag, etc.

If you have any questions about buying cheaper new Gucci handbags, don’t hesitate to contact one of Bagbuybuy.com customer care experts, who are very passionate about Gucci bags and will be able to answer any and all questions you may have.

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