Living in a world where it’s hard to find clothes with pockets can be tough. There’s nowhere to keep even basics like your phone and keys without having an extra bag on you. Carrying a bag around can be really annoying, and it’s not always easy to make it look good, either. The bigger the bag you need, the harder it is to look and feel stylish.

But it’s not all bad. You can still choose from lots of different styles and types of bags, and find one that suits you. No matter how much stuff you have to carry or where you’re going, there’s a bag for you. Here are some of the ways to balance style with convenience when you need to carry your essentials.

Go Minimal with a Clutch or Small Purse

Bigger isn’t always better. Sometimes you want to keep your bag as minimal as possible. Having to drag around a large bag when it’s not really necessary isn’t exactly convenient. Luckily, you have small options to choose from that look great and are easy to carry. A clutch is perfect for nights out or special occasions when you’re unlikely to be carrying much. You might only need space for money (cash or cards), your phone, and your keys. Maybe you also want a little extra space for some makeup or other important items.

One downside to a clutch is that you have to hold it. If you don’t have anywhere secure to leave it, that means it has to be in your hand or under your arm all night. Some clutches also come with a chain or strap, so you can loop it over your shoulder or wrist for extra security.

Clutches come in different sizes and styles too. Some of them are just right for club nights or weddings, while others can just be everyday bags. Upgrading to a small purse is also an option if you want a little more space.

Shoulder Your Bag

Not everyone wants to carry a bag in their hand. It leaves you with only one hand free, which is even less convenient if you then want that hand to hold a drink (or maybe someone else’s hand). A shoulder bag can be the better option if you’re looking for completely hands-free. They come in lots of sizes, so you can choose one that’s big or small. You can also pick one with shorter handles that you can hold closer to your upper arm or one with longer handles or a strap that can hang by your waist or hip.

Shoulder bags can be smart or casual. Get a tote you can throw over your shoulder, in canvas for casual, or leather for something a bit more luxurious. One possible downside is that you might find yourself holding your bag on your shoulder, which still leaves you with just one hand free. But plenty of bags will sit securely too, so you can forget it’s there.

Wear Your Bag Across Your Body

Bags worn across your body can give you even more security compared to even a shoulder bag. Slung across your body, they’re difficult to put down and forget and they’ll help keep your things safe when you’re out and about. Crossbody bags come in various shapes and sizes, as well as different styles. A little crossbody bag can hold your essentials, such as your wallet, phone, keys, and maybe extras like tissues or glasses. But if you go for a larger one, you’ll have more space for anything else you might need to carry. A satchel can be worn across your body and allows space for books, a laptop, or other essentials for work or school.

Wear Your Bag Across Your Body
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Some larger crossbody bags can feel a bit unwieldy. If they’re bouncing around, they might not feel that comfortable to wear. But if you choose the right size for your needs, you can make sure your bag looks and feels great.

Get Yourself a Little Backpack

When you think of backpacks, you probably think of slightly geeky, boring bags made for sports or carrying school books. But there are so many backpack styles to choose from, that you can easily find yourself a cute little number that does the job of carrying your things. Small backpacks are really convenient if you’re looking for a hands-free option for your everyday essentials. But even larger backpacks can look fashionable and give you more space for work stuff, gym gear, or anything else.

If you choose to wear a backpack, be careful when you’re out and about. Sometimes a backpack can be vulnerable to pickpockets because people can slip a hand inside while you’re not looking. If you’re in a crowd or using public transport, wearing or holding your bag at your front might be the better option.

Get Yourself a Little Backpack
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Go for an Oversized Bag

Sometimes a small bag just isn’t enough. You might have a lot of things you need to carry, especially if you’re planning on several activities in one day. You have to go to work, go to the gym, and then go and meet your friends. If you don’t have a car, you might not even have anywhere to keep your things in between these activities.

That’s where larger bags come in, giving you plenty of space. An oversized tote is a good example of this. Totes can look great, making a feature of their size. You could also explore options like bowling bags, duffels, and travel bags. These all look especially good in leather, and they’re bound to last a long time too.

Smaller Bags Into a Larger Bag

Big bags are great, but there’s one problem you can sometimes face with them. Finding anything in them can be a nightmare, especially when you have lots of small items rolling around in there. But if this is a problem, there’s an easy solution. Using a series of smaller bags inside your large bag will keep you organized. Group your items by use or when you’ll need them for easy access.

You can have one small bag with your top essentials, like your phone, keys, and wallet. Then you might have another with your gym stuff, or maybe a little bag with makeup for touchups during the day. If you’re really prepared, maybe you like to carry around a small first aid kit. You might have a bag for work or school too. Separating your things like this makes them easier to grab, and it means you can store most of your things elsewhere and just take the relevant bag with you.

Smaller Bags Into a Larger Bag
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A Purse with Lots of Pockets

Another way to do the “small inside large” technique is to look for a bag that has lots of pockets. There are some excellent purses, satchels, backpacks, and more that have plenty of pockets for keeping various things. Some are even designed with specific things in mind, offering a padded pocket for your laptop or a pocket that’s just the right size for your phone. It’s handy if some of the pockets have different fastenings. That way, they offer different ways to access them and varying levels of security. Some might have zips or snaps, while some are more open for easy access.

Wheel Up When You Have a Lot of Stuff

When you really have a lot of stuff, sometimes there’s nothing for it. You need a bag with wheels to get you where you’re going. It’s often the best way to save your shoulders and make sure you’re not weighed down. Wheeled suitcases are an option, but they’re not the only one if you’re looking for something with wheels. Some wheeled bags and cases are designed for specific things. If you’re a makeup artist, for example, you can get some great cases with wheels.

Some weekender bags and holdalls also have the option of wheels. Some wheeled bags might look a bit utilitarian, but you can find stylish options as well. Try looking for designer bags or bags from independent labels that are more likely to offer you something different.

Carry Foldable Extra Bags

If you need a shopping bag or you know you might need a bag later, but don’t right now, foldable bags are perfect. They fold or scrunch up into a small area, and then you can unfold them when you need them. They’re perfect if you’re planning on grocery shopping (or any other kind of shopping). You can slip them into a larger bag or even your pocket, or some of them can clip onto the outside of your bag, belt loop, or anywhere else.

These bags can be hidden away when you’re not using them. And when you are using them, they come in all sorts of designs. You can choose something fairly plain or explore fun designs with a bit more color and style.

Carrying your stuff in a bag doesn’t mean sacrificing style. There are so many different bag styles that can work for you, even if you’re looking for something really big.

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