Most Popular College Bags For Girls in 2022

Nothing beats the feeling of walking in college with a good stylish bag. As a student, you must have an appropriate bag with different items when going to class. Therefore, you have to get a good college bag that perfectly fits the items you need. Of course, it can be a hell of a task to decide because of the varieties in the market, but here is a quick list to choose what fits you right.

College Bags for Girls

Consider the following options.

1. Lululemon Everyday Backpack

It comes in handy for carrying gym outfits with a separate section for stinky clothes. Is it enough for more stuff? Lululemon has numerous compartments with a section of books that you can use to take online writing paper which you can also organize with the help of WritingUniverse, a padded compartment for a 15-inch laptop, and two exterior side pockets. It has a “love Lululemon” logo and contains a luggage sleeve. 

2. Dagne Dover Dakota Backpack

It is an appealing bag for ladies with many pockets to power the most organized self. The bag is water-resistant and has no hassle as it can be easily washed using hands. There are endless ways to enhance beauty. Therefore, you never know when to find your perfect lip balm and keep it in this bag’s nice compartment. Furthermore, the compartments are suitable for house keys, phones, and 13-inch laptops. The main compartment has a mesh tablet pocket and a convenient detachable pouch. Do not stay hungry because the two outer side pockets are ideal for snacks and water.

3. Vera Bradley Campus Backpack

Consider moving around with this lightweight and comfy bag. Forget the times of struggle, overweighing yourself with books when you have the bag. Vera Bradley has a sense of style that suits a 15-inch laptop with two outer side pockets to carry a water bottle or snacks. Furthermore, it has straps that make it comfortable for girls and have a luggage handle that you can easily move around with as you shop.

4. JanSport Superbreak

Short of money for a pleasant bag? JanSport backpack is very affordable and long-lasting. It is handy for a 15-inch laptop with a padded section, a space for headphones you can enjoy your favorite music with, and a water bottle placed on the outer side pockets. It has a huge space for anything you may want to put inside. Don’t worry about dorm keys; it has keychains in the front pockets to keep them safe. JanSport is very easy to use as you can carry it along for road trips.

5. Herschel Little American

Do you have short girls’ problems? The bag is recommended for tall girls since it is 19.25inches. It is recommended mostly for heavy books and extra clothes for co-curriculum activities. The carry-all bag is the fashion trends among students, as it expands and collapses easily.  It is suitable for any item you wouldn’t miss having with numerous compartments. Stay dehydrated no more, for the outer side can carry a water bottle.

Herschel Little American
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Final Word

Having Kim Kardashian’s look is the aim, but you’re also going to be using the bag to carry other things around the school for some time. Therefore, it is important to check and pick the right one that suits your needs. With the help of the varieties mentioned above, you get your taste and settle on it. Happy shopping!

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