How to Sell Your Bag Online

The insane price tags of authentic designer bags have been the talk of the town throughout the decade. While some people criticize brands for extraordinary costs, many believe such lavish pricing stems from the remarkable quality implied in a branded handbag. But the most interesting thing amid this clash of opinions is the fact that a branded designer bag works as an “investment”.

You certainly had to spend bulk owning that precious Hermes, LV, or Chanel piece. But now that it is done adorning your style, you can sell it in a used handbag market or website. And guess what? Your authentic handbag is likely to offer significant ROI, thanks to that precious brand label you paid some thousand bucks for!

But how and where to sell your bag? Is online selling trustworthy enough, or in-store is a more prudent option? This article explains everything relevant to selling your designer bag in 2023:

Where to Sell Your Designer Handbag?

Where to Sell Your Designer Handbag?

There was a time when only a small number of retailers or stores used to offer used bags resale. Today, several physical and online outlets allow you to sell your bag with the utmost convenience. But the debate comes down to whether you should prefer retailers or trust online buyers of your valuable designer bag. Let’s have a look at how both concepts fair against each other:

●     Selling Designer Bags In-store

The in-store, physical, or traditional way of selling might seem a more trustworthy concept, but there are a lot of hassles involved. First off, it’s an extremely time-taking process because the mere valuation of your handbag might take up an entire day.

Likewise, the bargaining tactics, a long authentication process, and endless inquiries might diminish that profit you were aiming to get. Some well-acclaimed stores, albeit rare, do have customer-friendly policies. But exploring these stores is another nuisance that consumes time, effort, and (in a way) money.

Amid these never-ending hassles, online selling should always be the more prudent option. Here’s why!

●     Selling Designer Bags Online

Online sale of your bag accompanies several privileges: convenient process, fast authentication, free price quotation, quick transaction, and more. You also do not have to roam around just to find a trusted retailer. But, how would you build trust in an online retailer?

Well, you can authenticate a reliable online outlet in several ways. But what we recommend is to scrutinize their procedure. Make a checklist of these questions:

  • Do they offer a free price quotation?
  • Do they have established conditions for bag authentication?
  • Do they roll out a consignment-free, simple, and straightforward selling process?
  • Do they have positive customer reviews?
  • Do they have any physical existence and offer on-site tours?

If the answer to concerns is “yes”, this might be enough to go ahead with them! I myself had a very good experience with SelllThatBag.

How to Prepare Your Designer Bag for Resale?

How to Prepare Your Designer Bag for Resale?

Sure, approaching a trusted buyer is essential when selling your expensive designer handbag. But preparing your bag is equally important for maximum returns on investment. We’ve listed out the prerequisites for selling your bag. Following them would guarantee a profitable sale:

1. Make Sure No Replicas are Involved

No, that cheap copy of Hermes Birkin or a detailed replica of Louis Vuitton Neverfull won’t get you anything. A trusted outlet never buys replica bags. Every authentic website or online outlet has a qualified team of experts who scrutinize your bag for authentication before confirming the transaction. But you never have to worry about that if you own a genuine article.

Sounds confusing? Let us make it simple. Many bags are regarded as timeless classics and all-season bags like Chanel Classic and LV Speedy. If you own one of these articles, it’s totally fine to sell it regardless of the season and trends.

But if you have a gently used high-end “It bag”, you need to determine if it’s currently in style. It bags are expensive, but most go out of style soon since they get replaced by newer variants.

3. Face Value is All-Important

The face value of your bag is determined by its condition, the year you bought it, necessary add-ons, and the original box & paperwork. Make a checklist of all add-on items as they greatly influence the price of your bag.

Determine the condition of your bag beforehand. No any buyer would offer even 20% of the RRP for a bag with visible fraying, wear, and tears. Ensure that the designer handbag you intend to sell is “gently” used with minimal wear.

4. Take Lots of Photos

Use a quality camera to take some nice images of your bag from every angle. Most websites have set up blocks mentioning the angle for the picture. If they haven’t, capture your bag’s front, back, inside, hardware, damage, brand logo, and serial number embossing. These highly detailed pictures are likely to impact the buyer positively, manifesting your righteous attitude.

Sell Your Bag Online – The Procedure

Once you’ve found a trusted buyer and have check-marked all the prerequisites, the process would take not more than 3-4 days until you get paid. Here’s how it works:

1. Find the Form and Fill out All Necessary Details

Bag selling websites feature a form for a quick review and a fair price quote. Write everything about your bag; flaunt all positive aspects & reveal negative facets (if any) of your designer handbag. Usually, online outlets are quick to respond, and you’re likely to get price estimation within 24-hours of submitting the quote.

2. Settle the Deal and Ship Your Bag

Once you get the price quotation, it’s time you discuss their offer. Put your bargaining skills to the best use and seal a profitable deal. Ship your bag to their address.

Now, some buyers do offer free shipping privileges, but it’s obvious that they would compensate for it via a lower price offer. Correspondingly, if a buyer doesn’t offer a shipping quote, their price quotation would be better. So, it all comes down to your preference.

3. Get an Upfront Payment

As established earlier, always go for a buyer that offers a simple sale purchase. The lesser are the consignment intricacies, the more are the chances to have a fair experience of bag selling. Any responsible buyer would vow to pay upfront within 3 business days of receiving the article.

Final Words

Selling your bag online for the first time might trigger your fears of fraudulence. But such a risk-taking attitude combined with proper scrutiny of an online buyer promises a marvelous experience. If you’re a first-time seller, you surely do not have an idea how valuable your bag is! So, discover a reliable buyer or simply visit for a quick, trustworthy selling – one that is hassle-free and offers the best ROI.


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