How To Choose The Right Wallet For Your Guy

Wallets are one of the most popular gifts for men, and it’s obvious why. He simply can’t leave home without it. It’s one functional accessory that keeps his IDs, cash, and credit cards organized. Plus, it’s one gift he’ll surely keep for a very long time when appropriately chosen. 

Choosing the right one can be challenging because men’s wallets come in many designs, sizes, and types. Not to worry though, for this article shares a few tips on choosing the best wallet for your guy.

  1. Understand Different Wallet Designs

Before you search for ‘wallet store near me,’ you need to know the different types of wallets to find the right one for your man. A man may need more than one wallet to meet different needs. The most common types of wallet designs include:

  • Bifold

This is the most popular and classic choice for any gentleman. This wallet folds in half and lays flat, depending on the items it carries.

  • Trifold

As the name implies, trifold wallets fold into thirds. The outer third of the wallet folds in, and the opposite folds over it. As a result, it tends to be bulkier than a bifold wallet and is often smaller in size. 

  • Long Wallet

A long wallet, also known as a breast wallet, suit wallet, or coat wallet, is most suitable if your man tends to wear suits. This type of wallet is specially made to fit a suit coat pocket. Cash is inserted flat, doesn’t have to be folded, and comes with numerous pockets for credit cards and IDs. 

  • Checkbook Wallet

Similar to long wallets, a checkbook wallet is more suitable for carrying checks. It features long pockets for cash, cards, ID slots, and a pen holder. 

  1. Consider RFID Tech

If your man carries more credit cards than cash, a wallet with radio frequency identification (RFID)-blocking technology is the best gift. Wallets with this technology, such as a Ridge wallet, are designed to prevent digital theft. They block the electromagnetic field on your cards, preventing skimmers from receiving signals from these cards. 

While an RFID-blocking wallet costs more than traditional wallets, it’s worth the peace of mind it offers, especially since credit card frauds are increasing. 

  1. Explore Different Materials

Men’s wallets also come in various materials, with their respective pros and cons.

how to choose a wallet
  • Leather

The most common material used for wallets is leather. Hentley’s Leather wallets are classic, durable, smooth, and can easily slip into pockets. Its design and looks are also versatile. Take note that genuine leather can be quite expensive, but you can find cheaper options. 

  • Metal

Another increasingly popular wallet material is metal. Metal wallets are durable, tough, and easy to slip into pockets. Also, metal wallets are often equipped with RFID technology. 

However, a metal wallet may cause discomfort since its edges may poke you. It can also damage your trousers. 

  • Polyester

Polyester is another wallet material available today. These wallets are scratch-resistant, affordable, and come in a variety of colors. However, they’re not that durable and may not be a good gift for sustainability-conscious men.

  • Wood

Although seldom used for wallets, wood is a sustainable and unique choice that can make a statement. It’s affordable and allows for unique engraving. Unfortunately, it’s not convenient as your guy may have a hard time inserting cards and money into the slots. Like metal, it may also cause discomfort to the user.

  1. Pick The Right Color

Men’s wallets are available in different patterns and colors. The color choice is personal, so make sure to consider your man’s favorite color. 

Nonetheless, it’s best to stick to traditional colors, especially if you’re concerned about his dress code. Colors like black, gray, and brown look great with formal or work outfits such as suits but also work well with casual outfits. These colors are a safe option if you’re not sure what specific colors your man likes. 

On the other hand, if your man is the creative type or you want him to be unique, then you can go with bolder patterns and colors. Metal wallets, in particular, may come in unique and bold patterns and designs. 


Whether you’re buying it as an anniversary or birthday gift, a high-quality and stylish wallet is a gift that will be much appreciated. It’s one thing your guy could always have with him wherever he goes and one that would always remind him of you. 

So, when looking for the right one for your man, make sure to follow the above tips to choose the best one for his needs. 

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