5 Handbags to Make the Cut this Spring

Life is tough. Period. But choosing the perfect handbag should not be. Well, honestly, there is nothing called the perfect handbag. It is always HANDBAGS! So, stay tuned and find out what is new in the world of Spring 2022 fashion and what’s the verdict on bags!

6 Bags That Scream Buy Me; in Spring 2022

Two great things happened in the spring of 2022, vaccines became a reality, and chunky chain handbags are back in trend (woohoo)! As more people step out of their houses (with masks, of course), handbags are starting to feel mainstream again. While functional bags like totes and gadget bags remain a top priority (thanks to sanitizer bottles, extra masks, and the Work from Home staple – laptops), cross-body, strap pouches, embellished, and chunky chain bags are not far behind.

1. There’s nothing called Too Much Chain.

Bags with embellished chains are the main focus this season. Be it the acrylic chain that works as an accessory for your bag to the oversized metallic ones; there is one style for everyone. Chains have the power to transform even the most basic handbag into a statement piece. Don’t confuse their sheer size for not being feminine enough. Delicate clutches with chains are the epitome of feminine fashion.

2. Latticed Bags for the Boss Lady.

There is nothing that shouts delicate more than a lace-detailed bag. Fisherman net details are a huge rage this season. You can see them in totes, clutches, shoulder bags, and in just about every other shape you can think of. Replace the velvet lattice with macramé, and you transform from boss lady to beach-ready in no time.

3. Woven but not Forgotten

Woven bags are the perfect ode to the summer months. Pair them with your favorite khaki shorts and t-strap sandals; you are ready for your socially distant pool party with zero effort. Be it the woven basket style bag or the quintessential raffia tote; there is one perfect woven bag for everyone.

4. Bag + Pillow = Perfection

All these months locked inside the house, but no one is complaining about their comfortable afternoon siesta! So, why leave that behind now that you can step outside again? Puffy bags are trending today and for good reasons. They are not only functional; they also double up as your little travel cushion!

5. Totes for All Seasons and Moods

Any bag trend list is incomplete without the oversized and amazingly functional tote bags! Everyone loves them because you can practically fit your entire world in just one bag. Throw in your laptop, jammies, and makeup, and be office to sleepover ready in just a few minutes.

Summing Up

The whole of 2020, along with your jeans, bra, and your boots, handbags took the most severe hit; stashed at the back of your closet! Fortunately, things are looking up in 2022. So, it doesn’t matter if you couldn’t step out of your house the whole of last year (thanks to COVID-19 and lockdown blues), but that is no reason why this year won’t be any different! So, if you are looking for some trendy bag #inspo, here’s hoping you found your pick.

Happy and safe bag shopping!

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