Fashion is something that includes the little things. The earrings you wear matter, the bracelet on your wrist matters and so do the keyrings on your bag. These things come together to help you determine your personal style.

You may have forgotten the value of a keyring, and it’s no surprise. Keyrings have been labeled as a tacky accessory that have been used for giving gifts when you get back from traveling or something you get from the gift shop. But things changed when the younger generation started trending their keyring collections from niche brands, artists, and even travelers. This then allowed the luxury brands to jump on the trend and has made it a mainstream offering over time. So, let’s explore the trend and where to get the best keyrings out there.

Why are Keyrings Trending?

Keyrings are an incredibly accessible designer item that people can use to support their top brands. It’s an ideal first purchase for any who wants to venture into the designer world. Not only does this purchase have a practical use in helping you organize your keys, but you can also put them on your bag, on your jeans, or even onto your combat boots. The point is, that keyrings aren’t just for keys anymore, they are now a legitimate style accessory and have been since arguably the 90s. 

Just like designer clothes, you can express yourself through designer keyrings. You can go for something graphic if you love the logomania trend. Or you can opt for artists collaborating with luxury houses, a cute way to get in on the luxury world while also supporting artists. You can also go for a Valentine’s keyring, or just a simple, monogrammed keyring if you’re minimal. Whatever your style is, there’s something out there for you. 

Which Keyrings Are Trending Now? 

So now you get the hype around keyrings, which ones do you splurge on? Here are my favorites to help you get started. 

Louis Vuitton’s Lux Fornasetti Key Chain

Louis Vuitton Australia offers a snap hook keychain that won’t chip your nails. It’s not just functional, it’s artistic. It comes from the collaboration between Nicholas Ghesquière and Atelier Fornasetti. It’s not just a bag keyring though, it would suit pretty much any jean loop and even would make a nice choker if you add some ribbon.

Balenciaga’s Cartoon Hourglass Mirror Keyring

Balenciaga’s iconic Hourglass bag may not be in your budget, or you just can’t bring it everywhere with you, but you can take this cute keychain cartoon hourglass bag with you all over. This accessory pays homage to the famous handbag with its little sketch done on pink calf leather. Each keyring features the Balenciaga name, and the back of the keyring has a small mirror. 

Dior’s Staple House Key Ring

Inspired by the charm of the much-loved Dior Book Tote, this keyring is a classic creation that is made with durability in mind.  This keyring has a silver ring, a grey signature, and a blue reverse motif. It’s one of those staple products that is now becoming a rare find, so get in quick before it goes the vintage route!

Fendi’s Cute Pom-Pom Charm

Hear me out, pop-pop keyrings are to this day, one of my favourite nostalgia baits. They are just so reminiscent of my childhood, that I can’t look past them. This particular pom charm is a fluffy rendition of the Fendi logo and brings a luxury vibe to the old classic. I clip it to my slightly tattered Fendi handbag to give it a bit more life. 

Bottega Veneta’s Boho  Intrecciato Leather Keyring

Bottega Veneta’s weave is everywhere these days. You can see it on bags and sandals, but you can also see it in these keyrings. This leather piece is oval-shaped and can be attached to your beach bag, or you can just put it onto your beachy pants. The thing I love about this keyring is its subtlety, it doesn’t scream luxury in your face, but looks luxurious.  

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