12 Reusable Tote Bags To Make Your Grocery Shopping Cuter

Give me one good reason why your reusable grocery bags have to be frumpy. They just freaking don’t. If you’re in the market for some canvas tote bags that will let the world know you’re environmentally conscious and have a personality, I’ve curated 12 of the cutest finds the internet has to offer. Good luck not wanting to buy at least half of them!

1. Black Cat Quote

Black Cat Quote Tote Bag

This bag doubles as a practical way to tote groceries and a great way to pick up dates. If loving cats is part of your criteria for a future mate, carry this around the aisles at Trader Joe’s and make eye contact with everyone attractive who passes by. Give them a smoldering look that says I’m fun. I have a good taste in bags. Come watch a movie with me and pet my cat.

2. I Rock A Lot Of Polka Dots

I Rock A Lot of Polka Dots Tote Bag

Simultaneously declare your love of New Girl and your refusal to tone down your wardrobe. Polka dots are cute. This bag is cute. You’ll look cute carrying it. There’s no way to lose.

3. Octopus Tote Bag

Octopus Minimalist Reusable Tote Bag

Adorable, creative, and dark enough to hide any stains it might procure from being used to haul food around town. I’m a sucker for anything with an octopus on it. Don’t ask me to explain why, because I can’t. Clearly, other people are on the same page, though!

4. Seeker of Happiness

Happiness Tote Bag

Put a little extra positivity in your day by incorporating a tote with a feel-good message into your collection of accessories. Why not?

5. This Is What A Feminist Looks Like

Feminist Tote Bag

You guys know how The Gloss feels about wardrobe pieces with the F-word on them. I’ve recommended about a thousand different items that advertise feminism, and this one is still cute enough to get me excited.

6. 4 Privet Drive

Harry Potter tote bag

Do I even need to comment on this? It’s a graphic bag. It’s Harry Potter. That’s all anybody needs in this life.

7. Anatomy Human Brain

Brain Science Tote Bag

Why? Because. That’s why.

8. Happy Pit Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Tote bag

You might need to buy this for a friend who has a pit bull. I feel like that’s just written in the stars. He’s so happy! And sweet! And he’s on a bag!

9. Funny Grocery Tote Bag

Funny Grocery Tote Bag

Why beat around the bush?

10. P. Sherman

disney pixar tote bag

Finding Nemo came out when I was already a little bit older than Disney’s target demographic, but every time I see something like this, I feel like a jumpy little kid. Can I have this? Mom? Mom? Can I have it?

11. Naturally Dyed Organic Tote

Naturally Dyed Organic Tote

Declare your hippness to all the other hippies by carrying this hip-as-shit beauty.

12. Vintage Birds on Wire

Vintage Birds on Wire Tote Bag Eco friendly

Is it possible to look at a bunch of little black and white birdies in a row without feeling like your day’s about to be whimsical? I don’t think it is. You might need this. It’ll turn you into Zooey Deschanel.

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