More of us are becoming aware of the impact we’re having on the planet, which is prompting changes in the way we live our lives. Becoming more sustainable is on our minds – especially those in retail. Custom tote bags are being introduced as a way of encouraging reuse and putting an end to single-use carrier bags which are having a detrimental impact on the world around us. These totes can be branded in whichever way a company needs and can come in a range of materials and sizes, which we will take a closer look at below.

Cotton tote bags

Reusable bags made from cotton are some of the most popular on the market, and there are a few different types of cotton to choose from, like traditional, recycled, and organic cotton. It helps to know the difference between the options before you make your decision. Organic cotton is free from nasty additives and chemicals which means it meets the global standard. In comparison, traditional cotton uses raw materials but uses pesticides to make the final product.

Another element to think about is cost and size. If you’re looking for a larger tote bag, the more cotton you use, the higher the price you should expect. Many benefits come with using cotton tote bags within your company, the most notable being that they’re biodegradable and renewable so you don’t have to worry about the effect they might have on the planet. They are strong and durable, perfect for carrying heavy shopping home, and can be machine washed as needed. Tote bags tend to be your standard size, and they can be made with longer or shorter handles depending on the style that your company is trying to achieve.

Hemp tote bags

An alternative to cotton is hemp. Hemp reusable bags are made from dried fibre, which is actually some of the longest and more durable in the world – which makes them one of the best materials for reusable shopping bags. Hemp bags are incredibly soft to the touch, and one of the main benefits is that they can be washed and dried over and over again if needed. Whilst using hemp tote bags can work out more expensive than other materials, if you’re looking for a sustainable solution for your customers in the form of a tote bag, hemp may be one of the best materials for you to explore. These bags can come in all shapes and sizes, whether you’re looking for your standard tote style or a gusseted tote that can hold more.

Jute tote bags

Jute is another material that is commonly used when manufacturing tote bags. It’s a natural material that, like hemp, is also sometimes referred to as hessian or burlap. Some of the advantages that come with using jute for your tote bags is that it’s a renewable resource so you can enhance your business’s sustainability. Whilst also being durable so customers can use them time and time again, they are also decomposable, so if your jute bag does break, you don’t have to worry about it affecting the earth in the same way that plastic would. One of the only downfalls that you might find with this type of material is that it limits printing to only thicker, bolder lines. So, if you’re thinking about designing a tote with detail, you may have to choose another material that allows for finer lines and detail. Jute bags look great in bigger sizes, as well as in gusseted shoppers, due to the fact, they’re strong and can be used to fit a lot of contents. A larger logo may also be easier to produce, so a greater surface area is preferred.

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