There is something delightfully distinctive about Chloé. The high fashion brand with Left Bank Bohemian influences has always stood at the forefront of prêt-à-porter, encapsulating the essence of French fashion. Unique, playful, and luxurious all at once, Chloé’s collections have a habit of becoming its pieces. Chloé bags, in particular, have consistently caused unending wait lists since the slouchy, gold-padlocked Paddington way back in 2005. Come with us as we take a look at these highly sought-after must-haves.

A Short History of Chloé Bags

A Short History of Chloé Bags

Since its inception in 1952, Gaby Aghion’s fashion house has cultivated a free-spirited grace that shines through in every iteration of the Chloé Bag. Over the years, many designers have put their own spin on the brand’s ethos, reinventing the famous handbag’s iconic shape and making splash after splash in the fashion world.

At the helm for 24 years (from 1964 to 1983 and again from 1992 to 1997), Karl Lagerfeld favored gentle, flowy lines, which Stella McCartney then infused with a hint of street sass, propelling the label into the 21st century. Phoebe Philo took the reins in 2001, leading the brand into the uncharted territory of leather goods. Her success was immense, her soft leather handbag with the distinguishing padlock becoming the first It Chloé bag: the Paddington.

And the rest is history! The iconic number repeatedly sold out before hitting the shelves, and every model since has proved even more coveted than the last.

6 of the Most Iconic Chloé Bags

the Most Iconic Chloé Bags

Since every Chloé bag is more popular than the last, narrowing down the most beloved iterations of the It bag is not an exercise for the faint of heart! That said, there are some models we feel deserve a special mention within the lineup.

The Paddington

This leather, luggage-like handbag with softly rounded edges, a leather-wrapped padlock, and the key hanging from the handles by a narrow tie was worth its heft. Many celebs took to wearing theirs on the shoulder, a small price to pay for the privilege of having snagged the one and only Paddington.

The Marcie

This Chloé bag was dreamt up by Hannah MacGibbon, the brand’s creative director between 2008 and 2011. She gave the Marcie its signature, saddle-like curved front flap, embracing decidedly equestrian lines and a silhouette that hints at freedom and travel, embodying values that resonate deeply within the Chloé philosophy.

The Tess

Chloé’s Tess bag also sports an elegant saddle-inspired design highlighted by superbly intentional gold accents, including a distinctive ring that adds undeniable appeal. This handbag comes in small and large, its graphic curves reinventing themselves one color after the next. For Autumn/Winter 2024, the versatile piece received a two-tone makeover. The brown and beige leather creates a highly original finish.

The Nile

Taking the gold ring detail to new heights, this Chloé bag designed by Clare Waight Keller (who took the helm of the fashion house between 2011 and 2017) is beloved by influencers. Worn cross-body or as a wristlet thanks to its handy strap, the Nile has all the charm of the more vintage pieces, which it skilfully combines with the minimalistic flair of modern leather goods.

The Woody Tote

One cannot talk about Chloé bags without mentioning the brand’s most practical model: the Woody tote. Chloé’s interpretation of this day-to-day essential that doubles up as a traveler’s companion does not stray from the principles that continue to make Chloé one of the most iconic luxury brands.

It embraces sublime materials, returning in a brand-new version crafted in high-quality beige linen embellished with leather straps and sturdy ribbons featuring the signature contrasting name. Available in two sizes, this iconic Chloé bag will follow you anywhere your all-leather handbag may not.

The Hobo Bag

With its rounded shape and braided topstitch that travels all around the smooth leather piece of the body and halfway up the shoulder strap, this Chloé bag is as visually simple and uncluttered as it is elegant. In light beige or warm sepia leather, the hobo bag adapts to every style, adding its distinctive flair to any wardrobe.

Chloé Bags: Shaping Contemporary Luxury Fashion

Chloé Bags: Shaping Contemporary Luxury Fashion

Chloé Bags: A Rich Legacy

Chloé bags have carved a rich legacy in the world of luxury fashion. From the iconic Paddington to the modern Tess and Nile designs, these bags have been more than just accessories; they’ve been cultural symbols of style and elegance.

The brand’s commitment to innovation, combined with a deep appreciation for timeless aesthetics, has set a standard that luxury designers around the world aspire to achieve. With each new release, Chloé continues to prove its relevance and influence in the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary luxury fashion.

Inspiring Luxury Fashion Evolution

Chloé bags have not only set trends but have also been instrumental in inspiring an evolution within the luxury fashion industry. Their unique blend of classic and modern elements has prompted other brands to experiment with their own designs.

The distinctive curves, intricate details, and exceptional craftsmanship showcased in Chloé bags have left a lasting impact on how we perceive luxury accessories.

As fashion enthusiasts eagerly await each new Chloé bag release, it’s clear that the brand’s ability to influence and shape contemporary luxury fashion remains as strong as ever. These bags are not just fashion statements; they’re a testament to the enduring allure of Chloé in an ever-changing world of style.

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