Travelling gives a sudden purpose to life, and just like a warrior or soldier preparing for war, preparing for the travel is equally important. However, not all trips are for a long time, which requires a big suitcase. Some of them are as small as a weekend where you require a weekend duffel bags.

Best Weekend Duffel Bags For Men

Men are inherently careless when it comes to packing, and therefore at times, they require last-minute stuffing. Therefore, a simple backpack will not suffice the purpose of a weekend carry bag. Hence, we have come up with the best duffel bags for men that you can opt for a way before that crazy weekend.

A Small Weekend Duffel Bag

Sometimes size does matter, but most of the time, in case of a duffel bag, a small one does the trick. If you are not fond of taking everything and packing light, then a small duffel bag is the best pick for you. However, be careful about the external pockets available because they are most needed while you are on the move.

A Big Bag

However, if you are an extensive packer and try to pack everything, you need a bag that is longer than 26 inches in length. Go for a duffel bag that packs compact but is long. It is also advisable that you get a bag with shoe spaces, so you don’t have to stuff shoes in the center pocket.

Bag With Wheels

If your weekend or otherwise trips are based on air travel then you must get a weekend duffel bag that has wheels. This will allow you easy passage on the airport terminal on the run and also allow you to store the bag in the upper deck of the aircraft since most duffel bags fall under the cabin allowable size. However, you should check the size and compare it with airline rules to be sure. Make sure you get to see all dimensions before ordering or email the manufacturer for exact sizes.

Shoulder Strap Bag

Another variable or add-on for every duffel bag is the shoulder strap. It is not advisable for all weekend trips, but when long travel by bus or train is involved, you must have t his luxury. It can easily be stowed inside the bag when not in use. However, it falls to your advantage when you need to move quickly or wait in line. Furthermore, the shoulder strap allows for easy carriage of the bag if it is heavy as you can carry the load on the shoulder rather than the two handles.

A Vintage Bag

If you need to stand out while traveling domestic or international, then a vintage leather duffel bag is the one to have. However, make sure that the bag looks old but is new and rugged when you make the purchase. An experienced traveler will tell you that the world conspires to destroy your bag with blades, knives, and whatnot. Therefore, it is highly recommended that the vintage bag is naturally processed, so there is no wear and tear on the way. A great vintage bag keeps getting better with age and use since that is an inherent property of genuine leather.

Duffel Bag With Laptop Space
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A Duffel Bag With Laptop Space

With the advent of technology, many professionals take their work with them while they travel. They also travel for work, which means that they need to have all their gadgets with them. The number one required gadget is the phone, which can be stored in the trouser pocket. However, the second most used gadget is a laptop or iPad for which modern duffel bags have specific spaces. If you are one of those that cannot travel without a laptop, then get a duffel bag with laptop space and protective padding.

Therefore, if you are looking to step out of your comfort zone and look for a change, then the right kind of duffel bag can bring hope, disruption, and the right mindset all packed in one. A bag may not seem to be a big part of the solution, but it can be one that can lead you to different solutions simultaneously. A weekend duffel bag is for life, and a genuine handmade vintage one not only gets you praises but provides you with durability that you look for in a lifetime travel partner.

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