The best leather bags are Italian
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What are the best leather bags? We know when it comes to leather bags the best can only be the Italian ones, known all over the world for their high quality and refined design, the products made of leather, almost always with craftsmanship.

There are many famous brands that I could mention, which have a long tradition and which have admirers all over the world, offer exclusive products with a sophisticated design but which often cost a fortune, and which only a few can afford.

But there are websites that sell products with a slightly more classic style but of great quality and that thanks to a more classic style manage to be timeless, to remain current over the years.

They are handmade products, in relatively small quantities, and also for this reason they represent an excellent investment, products able to last several years without undergoing degradation of the materials and without undergoing the style changes imposed by the fashions of the moment.

But who sells the best? I came across the website, an Italian e-commerce, based in the beautiful Tuscany that offers a great selection of beautiful leather bags and backpacks, doctor’s bags, briefcases, and in particular some beautiful men’s leather bags, in fact, I bought one as a gift to a friend and I can only confirm the excellent reputation of the products in question.

Leather Bags for Women
(Photo from, all rights are reserved to the owner of the website).

I was attracted to some beautiful photographs and reading around the web I checked the excellent reputation of the website and then I made the purchase with the certainty of obtaining a satisfactory product

The quality of the materials is truly excellent and no detail seems to be overlooked.

The scent of the leather, thick but soft, is one of those characteristics that reveal the quality of this material and in my experience with I can say that you can perceive the high quality of the bag only by opening the box, when a smell of excellent leather, it snatched the first smile from the lucky friend who received the bag.

The leather is therefore excellent and fragrant, but what about the rest? The rest is absolutely perfect, the seams are flawless, the fabric that covers the interior is of quality, and the hinges are smooth and pleasant to use.

Every little detail seems cared for, solid and that it can last many years because those who buy a leather bag often expect it to last many years, that the leather as it ages acquires charm with that vintage look that they like so much, and in this aspect too it seems that my friend’s bag could be a successful purchase.

If it is true that the quality of the product is important, the shopping experience was also pleasant.

The whole purchase process was simple and intuitive, from the choice of the product to the payment methods, with clear instructions and with the possibility of receiving all the necessary information during the purchase, without neglecting the excellent service offered for delivery which is was fast and tracked and carried out by a leading courier in the market.

So, if the question is: the best leather bags are Italian, the answer is Yes!

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