The crop top and long skirt do not necessarily rhyme with sunny days. Even in the frost, the urge to wear a long skirt can be felt: you just have to accessorize it well to enjoy it even in the heart of winter.

It is advisable to choose warm and soft materials like jerseys for a very pleasant cocooning feeling. As for shoes, boots, lined ankle boots, riders will be your assets to keep your toes warm.

Choose opaque tights to gain comfort and protect your legs. On the head, nothing prohibits berets and hats, and dare to take out your scarves and other scarves to protect yourself. In terms of bags, large tote-type shapes, preferably in leather to make the outfit more sophisticated, are to be preferred. Finally, leather gloves are making a very noticeable comeback.

Check out the various tips to wear accessories with crop top tank tops and long skirts.

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Tips to wear accessories with a crop top and long skirt:

There are many doubts that come to mind when choosing and combining an outfit. Therefore, today we present some tips to create the coolest looks in the world.

Things as they are: accessories are the key piece in any look. From the most discreet to the most extravagant, they are the details that will give strength to your outfit and balance it perfectly, of course, if you know how to use them correctly.

For our good luck, after analyzing the coolest looks of all street styles, we have come up with super tips that will help us to always combine them well and thus achieve a look of 10.

1. If you wear XL earrings, wear few necklaces:

The key to the success of any look is found in finding the perfect balance between everything.

2. Create a color range with your accessories:

Of course, they do not have to be exactly the same color, but they do create harmony between them and the other colors of your look.

3. Utilize your old accessories in surprizing ways:

A diagonal scarf like Olivia Palermo, wearing only one of your XL earrings, a scarf in a thousand and one ways. Each of these ideas will create a different yet unique look with cut out maxi dress summer.

4. Bag and shoes must not match:

Forget about that old rule that your mom and grandma used to repeat that the shoes and the bag should be the same color. Look for contrasts between them and a combination with the other colors of your outfit.

5. Add fun colors:

Because when you dress all in black it is the perfect opportunity to wear those big or colorful accessories, this combination will make you look beautiful and stylish.

6. Contrasts are important:

And we’re not just talking about colors. Look for styles that complement each other and you will achieve a cool and unexpected look.

how to wear a crop top with a skirt

Tips for choosing accessories:

Just like basic garments, accessories are our best allies when creating different outfits. A necklace, a bracelet, or earrings can make a difference in a look. We can go from a casual style to something chicer in a matter of seconds, and all thanks to accessories. However, there are details that we cannot miss when making our choice.

In this section, we will talk about some tips to take into account when choosing what to buy and how to wear our accessories.

  • Seek to know what your skin tone and undertone are to find the right jewelry. Depending on your skin type, silver or gold will look better on you. Similarly with warm and cold tones.
  • As with basic clothing, provide yourself with basic accessories. It is important to have at our disposal some basic accessories to combine at any time. Examples: pearl earrings and necklaces, a fine gold or silver chain, and gold or silver bracelets.
  • Where you wear the accessories is the area that you are going to highlight the most. If you plant to have some great rings and bracelets, then attempt to take care of the hands and groom them accordingly.
  • Quality versus quantity: for clothing, this is one of the golden rules. For accessories, it is also something to take into account, specifically for the accessories that we use at night. Those for the day can be in materials that are cheap.
  • Choose an eye-catching accessory. A necklace, a bracelet, a ring, and at least one pair of on-trend or statement earrings. In addition to your basic dowry, this will add style and personality to your outfit.
How to Wear Crop Tops

Wear a crop top all year round:

It’s all a matter of choosing the right clothes to combine it, here are the keys to wearing a crop top 365 days a year.

1. In spring:

Your best ally? A boxy blazer and high-waisted jeans. And not only because they give you a great body because they are also really the best friend of all your crop tops.

2. In summer:

First of all, opt for a very fresh top or the typical basic t-shirt in its cropped version. Then, combine it with all your freshest clothes. Long sleeve crop top going out outfits take over celeb looks. They look especially good with high-waisted baggy jeans, but you can really wear them with anything.

3. In autumn:

Say hello to the coolest way to wear a crop top: with a velvet suit and chunky sneakers. Well, the truth is that they are 10 with any suit and give it a carefree and relaxed touch.

4. In winter:

Your mantra: layers, layers, and more layers. Just because temperatures drop doesn’t mean crop tops are out of the game. Add your favorite blazer or coat to the equation and you’ll be ready to face any cold front.

Now yes, take advantage of the fact that the heat is already with us and take flight with your favorite crop tops with elegant accessories. With these tips, you won’t have to put them away when summer is over.

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