13 Cool Ways To Wear Scarves During The Fall
13 Cool Ways To Wear Scarves During The Fall. (Photo: Rory Hutton/Instagram).

Hooray! It is finally scarf season! While I am definitely in favor of wearing scarves in hot weather, one cannot deny that the scarf season really begins with the fall, and that’s fantastic. Scarves are one of the best accessories. You can use them to add a pop of color to an outfit, they’re cool and still unusual enough to be quirky and interesting, and they can be had by the handful from vintage and secondhand stores.

There are more ways to wear scarves than just looping them around your neck to keep warm. Here are cool ways to wear scarves this fall.

1. As a bow

How do you make a scarf into a bow?

This has all the coolness of those twee little blouses with the giant neck bows, but as cozy outerwear. Definitely try this one with a blazer or a slim winter coat.

2. As a DIY infinity scarf

DIY infinity scarf

Infinity scarves are pretty cool and extremely easy to wear. This is a convenient way to wear a regular, flat scarf like an infinity version.

3. As a pair of wings

How to tie scarf as pair of wings

These wing-print scarves from Melbourne-based Shovava Clothing are the first must-have accessory for fall.

4. As a vest

Infinity Shawl Sewing Pattern

I’ve been wearing scarves for years, and this hack genuinely never occurred to me. It seems like an excellent way to add a scarf to fall’s layered styles.

5. As a weave

How do you make a weave scarf?

If you have a regular, long, knit scarf, don’t just wind it around your neck. A cool tying technique like this will make it look less haphazard, and people will stare at you and think, “How is she doing that?”

6. As a break from all black

scarf As a break from all black

Wearing all black with a big scarf makes you look rich as heck, even without the Birkin. As a plus, this outfit requires no thought at all. Just slap on your blacks and add a big scarf and run around saying, “I woke up like this!”

7. As a cheat sheet

Scarf cheat sheet ideas

I’m not saying you should cheat on tests, but if you have one coming up, this accessory will help you.

8. As a napkin

How To Tie A Scarf As a napkin

If you are the type of person who never spills on herself, go ahead and go scarfless this season. For the rest of us, the scarf is a convenient napkin. This one would be great to wear while eating mustardy hot dogs. Be sure to get a few coffee-colored ones for your morning commute, too.

9. As a necklace

How do you turn a scarf into a necklace?

A long scarf is an unexpected place to hang a big pendant.

10. As a headscarf

Can you wear a scarf on your head?

These styles are really, really pretty.

11. As bracelets

Which scarf is used in summer season?

Man Repeller Leandra Medine’s scarves look like Wonder Woman’s bracelets, and it’s excellent. Everyone should be doing this immediately.

12. As a hood

How do you wear a scarf as a hood?

If you want to wear a hood but your jacket doesn’t have one, and you don’t want to wear a hoodie, just layer this scarf/hood hybrid under your coat.

13. As a handle

How do you put a scarf on a bag handle?

This looks cool, and it prevents wear and tears on your bags. (Your bag does not have to be Hermès for this to look cool.)

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