Scarves are the best accessory, and they’re not just for winter. Here are 17 cool examples of how to style a scarf for summer.

Maybe it’s because my mother was a flight attendant in the 70s, but I adore scarves. They’re just the best accessory. I love the feel of the fabric, the bright colors, and the myriad ways to wear them.

Scarves aren’t just for winter, and they don’t have to look preppy. Here are a few excellent ways to wear a scarf this summer without looking like a 1970s flight attendant. (Unless you want to look like a 1970s flight attendant, which is actually a pretty cute look.)

1. As bracelets

Which scarf is used in summer season?

Man Repeller Leandra Medine makes everything look badass, including a pair of scarves worn like Wonder Woman’s bracelets. They might not deflect bullets, but they will definitely deflect boring.

2. Tied to a bag

How do you tie a scarf on a bag?

The ladies who carry Hermès do this sort of thing all the time. Tying a scarf to your bag adds a bit of color, and if you wind up needing a scarf later, you have one handy.

3. Wrapped around a bag’s handles

How do you put a scarf on a bag handle?

If you are carrying an Hermès bag, or another super-fancy designer bag, wrapping the handles with a scarf is pretty, and it protects them from wear. That’s probably a good thing if your bag costs more than a house.

4. As a halter top

Scarf As a halter top

This is perfect for summer.

5. Like a cowboy

How do you tie a scarf like a cowboy?

I actually used to wear a scarf like this all the time when I lived in a city with really, really bad pollution problems. Most of the time, it was just a cute accessory, but if I was walking home and the Air Quality Index had spiked, I’d just pull it up over my nose. It worked in a pinch, and it didn’t look that weird, considering how many other people were wearing surgical masks for that purpose.

6. Tied in a knot

How to tie long narrow scarf around neck

I love this scarf-as-necklace look.

7. Tied in a bow

How do you tie a scarf into a bow?

I’m certain there’s a way to throw a scarf over your shoulder like a Continental soldier, too.

8. As an ascot

Can you use a scarf as an ascot?

Ties are great accessories. So are scarves. This is a scarf that thinks it’s a tie, which is the best of both worlds.

9. As a choker

How do you make a scarf into a choker?

This even works tied over the hair.

10. As a hair ornament

How do you rock a scarf in your hair?

This is perfect festival wear, no?

11. Just tied in a knot

How to tie long narrow scarf around neck

I love the flowy length on this one.

12. Backwards

How do you wear a backwards scarf?

Tied this way, it’s sort of a faux turtleneck or the 2014 version of the 90s choker.

13. Casual kerchief

How to wear a neck scarf

Styled like this, even your grandma’s Hermès scarf would look super arty.

14. Pose with it on the beach

Pose with Scarf on the beach

Lea Michele recently proved that your vacation photos desperately require a sheer scarf to look their best.

15. As a belt

Can you wear a scarf as a belt?

16. Under a belt

How do you wear a scarf with a belt?

This is unexpected and not at all bad-looking.

17. Twisted kerchief

Cool Ways To Wear Scarves During The Summer: Twisted Scarf

This just goes with everything.

(Photos: Instagram/ManRepeller, Pinterest)

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