I Want To Wear Statement Earrings And Statement Glasses

Today’s installment tackles how to wear big glasses and big earrings (at the same time), genuine leather bag care, and re-styling scarves and bandanas.

Statement earrings and statement glasses: Can you do both? I think you cannot, but I’m open to hearing if you think otherwise because I basically don’t wear earrings anymore. (And not because I don’t love wearing them.) —Brianna

Good news, Brianna: Yes, you can wear both! And Ali Galgano and Jamie Rutenberg, the founders of online designer jewelry boutique Charm & Chain, suggest turning to none other than Jenna Lyons, J.Crew’s president and executive creative director, for inspiration.

“Jenna’s a wonderful example of someone who flawlessly pairs the two accessories,” Galgano and Rutenberg explain. “She usually wears thick frames but isn’t afraid to throw on statement earrings with them and adjust her hairstyle accordingly.”

And therein lies the secret: the balance between your glasses, earrings, and hairstyle. “If your look consists of bold glasses and bold earrings, pull your hair back to let your accessories shine,” the duo advises. “Keep your hair down to round out the look if your glasses and earrings remain on the tame side.”

In terms of what to look for in stores, here’s a quick cheat sheet: Shop for long, linear earrings with curved or circular embellishments to partner with thicker frames. Shorter, geometric, or multi-stoned styles do well with lighter frames.

What’s the best way to care for a genuine leather bag? How can I get the most use out of it without being too hard on it? —Christine

“Don’t overstuff your bag,” Cortnie Elizabeth, a Florida-based handbag designer, suggests. “It puts a strain on the straps, which could cause the leather to wear down faster.” Another tip: Give your leather tote an occasional break since genuine leather will naturally stretch over time.

A good day to carry another bag? When you wear dark denim. “Crocking [a term used to describe when dye rubs off the fabric and onto the skin or another fabric] may occur, which could definitely turn the back of a lighter-colored bag blue,” Elizabeth says. And care for your tote even when you’re not carrying it by keeping it stuffed—a safeguard that prevents the leather from creasing—and in a dust bag.

I have so many bandanas and scarves leftover from my summer hair looks. Is there any way I can style them into my fall outfits? —Shelby

You can definitely re-purpose those accessories, Shelby. All it takes is some creativity. Turn smaller scarves into bracelets by wrapping them around your wrist and tying them in a knot (or a bow, for a more sophisticated result). It’s a nice change-up from jewelry that makes an unexpected statement.

Another option is to wrap your scarf or bandana around the strap of your favorite top-handle bag. First, fold the scarf in half by length until you create one long strand of fabric. Then, tie it to one end of the strap and wrap the scarf around it until the entire strap is covered. Finally, tie the loose end of the scarf to the other end of your bag strap. And if you’re looking to expand your collection, here are my favorite skinny scarf styles of the season.

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