Not everyone understands how important is the ability to create a harmonious image, placing the right accents! Often a pair of earrings or a pendant can radically change you, emphasize your sense of style. Well, the neglect of details can make any look insipid and boring, even if you are wearing the most fashionable, expensive things! So, it is extremely important to learn how to correctly select accessories, play with them, emphasize the advantages, and hide the flaws.

Use your headphones as an accessory

Our favorite things are multifunctional items that can be accessories at the same time. Headphones are my favorite. Wonderful headphones with white trim can become a true accessory for a stylish girl.

Put on classic glasses

Glasses are probably the easiest way to make your outfit stand out and the most unique accessory. Glasses come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, and prices vary widely. However, there is nothing better than classic aviators and wifiers.

Wear a strap

You won’t believe the difference a belt makes around your waist. Especially with dresses. Some items of clothing make your figure shapeless, and that’s where the belt comes to the rescue. It will accentuate your curves in no time. Especially variety in the image can add Leffler belt buckles.

Try on a hat

The perfect solution for all of us, right? Hat! Just think, you can not even wash your hair! Just put a matching hat on your head and you’re ready to go (and looks like you’ve even wasted your morning on this).

Add color with bright lipstick

Sometimes when you leave the house for work and look in the mirror, all your thoughts are about how boring you look, but there is a really easy solution to this problem. And it will require very little space and time from you: lipstick. Try painting your lips with a bright lipstick to make your look more interesting. A bonus – it looks like you spent the morning doing makeup!

Mix prints

If you don’t have accessories to spruce up your look, there’s an easier way by simply mixing pieces from your closet. Instead of wearing the usual stripes and colors, try finding two pieces of the most unusual print in your closet and wear them with each other. But be careful, make sure they fit together so you don’t look like a Christmas tree.

Layers in clothes

The reception of layers in clothes works not only in winter. When you want to make your outfit more sophisticated, throw a light jacket over your shoulders, then you can tie a light flannel shirt at the waist. There are many ways to dress beautifully in layers, but the most important thing is that you can change them depending on the weather and preferences throughout the day. For example, if it gets hot, take off your jacket and put on a shirt!

Placing  accents

If you need to divert attention from an imperfect waist and emphasize the neckline, put on massive beads or a large, noticeable pendant. Owners of long, beautiful fingers should wear catchy rings and bracelets, a bright clutch will also draw attention to their hands.

Creating a Style

To look always different and stylish, it is not at all necessary to have a huge amount of clothes. A few high-quality basic things are quite enough, which with the help of accessories can be endlessly changed. For example, a simple black dress combined with elegant, laconic earrings and a pendant, complemented by a thin bracelet, is a ready-made business look.

The right combination

So, precious jewelry (gold, diamonds) is worn with exquisite evening dresses, and jeans, linen sundresses, and other simple, casual clothes can be combined with inexpensive jewelry and plastic jewelry. Colorful outfits with multi-colored jewelry do not harmonize at all. For complex, multi-colored clothes, you need to choose simple, not too catchy accessories, and it is appropriate to complement a modest, plain outfit with massive, bright elements. By the same principle, you need to pay attention to the cut: if straight, geometric lines dominate in the image, you can afford to diversify it with elaborate, complex details and vice versa.

Knowing of limits

Even if you have three fur coats in your wardrobe, you don’t wear them all together?! So accessories, even the most beautiful and stylish, should not be worn at the same time. There is a golden rule: there should be up to three accessories in the head area, otherwise your individuality will simply be lost. Earrings, glasses, and a scarf – enough! A fashionable hairpin or hat is already too much. Also, do not wear more than five rings at the same time or combine massive bracelets with a catchy belt in one look. It is especially difficult to learn how to create a stylish image today when the line between vulgarity and bold originality is increasingly blurred. That is why it is so important for every girl to find her own, individual, unique style and not be afraid of experiments, not forgetting the sense of proportion!

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