10 Halloween Accessories You Can Wear Instead Of A Whole Costume

My only two complaints with Halloween: 1) That it only lasts for one day, and 2) That it’s not acceptable to walk around in full costume all day when you’re older than thirteen. For those of us who just can’t swallow our Halloween pride, however, there are some subtle ways to show off our SpOoKiNesS in the real world. Here are 10 adorable pieces of jewelry that you can wear instead of a costume!

1. Vampire Bat Necklace

From far away, it just looks like you’re taking Portlandia‘s advice and putting a bird on your wardrobe to make it extra cute. Up close, everyone will know that you’re a bat out of hell. A total vampire– and decidedly not the kind from Twilight.

2. Vampire Knuckle Ring

Not gonna lie– I would wear this ring all year round. I want to send the message to everyone around me that I’m poised to suck the blood out of their neck at any given time. Keep everyone on their toes.

3. Human Heart Necklace

If someone old and cranky asks what you’re up to by wearing this necklace, just say you’re a “hopeless romantic.” That will distract them long enough for you to cast a spell on them like the all-powerful witch that you are.

4. Vintage Ouija Board Necklace

Pay homage to those days when you used to freak out your slumber party guests by deliberately spelling out the name of whatever ghost was supposed to be haunting your hometown.

5. Black Rose Earrings

I mean, these are just straight-up cute. These are 365-days-a-year-cute. But if “cute” isn’t what you’re going for, then rest assured: they’re also terrifying. Very scare. So spook.

6. Skeleton Earrings

Do you ever just randomly remember that there’s a skeleton living inside your body? And get weirdly concerned about that? And suddenly think about the position of your bones with every movement you make? No? Then don’t wear these.

7. Pumpkin Necklace

Omg, cute. As someone who has actually taken steps to dress like a Pumpkin Spice Latte just for funsies, this is pulling at my heartstrings more than I care to admit. Pumpkins will never stop being adorable.

8. Bloody Scissors Earrings

These would be the perfect gift for Edward Scissorhands (if you happen to know him), or your friend who works as a hairdresser in the kind of salon with less squeamish clientele. I think they’re funny. Others might not. Keep that in mind.

9. Ghost Ring

Aww. Look at this little ghostie, on its way to casually haunt someone with its itty bitty cuteness. He’s doing the best he can to be scary, but he’s just too damn charming. I kind of want to cuddle him.

10. Saucy Witch Ring

I relate to this. I relate to the woman in this vintage pin-up witch painting. She understands me. I get the feeling that she understands you, too.

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